With the release of Iron Man 2, the 2010 summer movie season officially started, and, if trailers are any indication, it is looking to be a wonderful time at the movies. Summer is the time when we put away our cerebral inner critic and brings out our inner popcorn-munching 12-year-old. This summer promises lots of action, so-cheap-they’re-great one-liners, and genuine spectacle.

Without further ado, here are the ten trailers that have us counting down the days:

The Last Airbender

So I was just as skeptical as anyone about the return of M. Night Shyamalan after the disasters that were Lady in the Water and The Happening. I was also simultaneously psyched about a live-action of the awesome animated series. Instantly dissolving my misgivings about M. Night, this trailer takes the element versus element action of the series to a whole new level. I think they have nailed it.


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t sit up and take notice when they hear that the maker of The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins, and Memento is making a big budget sci fi pic? This trailer promises two things. First, this movies boasts an original concept- not a reboot, reimagining, or reinvention. Second, by virtue of it being a Christopher Nolan film, it promises to speed up your brain as much as your heart.


Say what you want about Angelina Jolie. She kicks butt like very few actresses credibly can. So if you advertise a film where she may or may not be a female assassin trying to kill the president, hey, I’ll be there. This trailer promises fighting, chases, and intrigue- all the elements of a good time.

The Adjustment Bureau

A romance wrapped up in a thriller-conspiracy theory with Matt Damon to do the heavy lifting is enough to get me to the theater. Men will get their share of suspense and action. Women will get their romance fix. I am detecting a slight hint of brain-bending philosophicality, which only increases this movie’s appeal.


From the beginning of this trailer, you know that the Predator franchise has finally come back to what made it successful. Only this time, you actually have some heavy-hitting actors instead of, say, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. You get a bunch of trained soldiers back in the jungle with a bunch of predators and a host of other alien life forms and you finally have a worthy successor to Schwarznegger original.


Maybe it’s just nostalgia driving this one, but part of me craves those exchanges between BA and Murdock. Who cares about Face and Hannibal? They’re boring. I just want to see absurd plans come together and I want to BA kick trash. This trailer promises all that and more.

Jonah Hex

I’ll be the first to admit that this movie looks dumb (mostly due to the presence of Megan Fox). But the combination of the Old West with modern weaponry never gets old. This pretty much lowers Jonah Hex to the level of a Taco Bell Seven-Layer Burrito. It will leave you feeling ill. But, man, what a burrito.

Knight and Day

I’m not a Tom Cruise-hater. Just seeing the former megastar working the action and the humor at the same time has me excited for this one. The action looks solid. The chemistry looks great. I’ll be there.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Seriously? Another desperate attempt by Disney to turn an obscure property into a franchise? But this one actually looks cool. I’m not buying Nicholas Cage as a sorcerer, but the effects look slick. Here’s hoping.

The Expendables

A cast of this magnitude would not have been possible ten or twenty years ago. Before I saw the trailer, I heard only of the cast. It seemed too preposterous to be true. I thought it must be a rumor. But, no, it was for real. This movie will be big, dumb fun, perhaps a way to bid farewell to all of our action heroes of yesteryear… at the same time.


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