The last installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, “Mockingjay”, came out on August 24th to rave reviews and massive sales. With an initial print of 1.2 million copies, the book has found its way into eager hands all over the country. Lionsgate has optioned the film for production and now the world wants to know who will play the young heroine.

Many people think the role should go to a tried and true tween star that could sell tickets, like Kristen Stewart or Demi Lovato. But many fans of the Hunger Games believe that the role should go to an up-and-coming actor that naturally has Katniss’ tenacity and spunk: Here are 4 of our favorites lesser-known actresses to portray :

Emma Stone

If you missed Emma Stone in Zombieland, then go find a redbox and rent the movie right now. After you see Wichita ruthlessly take down hordes of undead, you’ll have no problems picturing her as the Mockingjay. She’s a great action star waiting to happen, and not hard on the eyes either. Add a little black hair dye and we should be set with our Katniss.

Kaya Scodelario

The only person on Entertainment Weekly’s post that I would agree with casting, only because she looks vaguely like what people think Katniss should look like. Though her big screen resume is a little, well, sparse, Kaya was in Moon, a fantastic indie thriller and Clash of the Titans, a less fantastic, less indie balk. But still, she fits the description, and has the chops to be on the big screen.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Winstead is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. She’s cute, quirky and can throw a convincing punch as we learned in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. She has the spunk, the spontenaity and the vicious chops to go into the arena and still plays a great teenage girl. Or could. Plus she’s an unbelievably great actor. She would no doubt be one of the best choices for Katniss Everdeen.

Alison Brie

I’ll see your Demi Lovato and raise you Alison Brie. She’s got the innocent youthful look down and is really, really attractive to boot. Though I have a harder time picturing her out in the woods hunting than the other girls, she’s probably the one I’d like to watch the most.

There are at least a dozen young women who would fit this role- a role that could easily make a superstar career.

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