incredibles, pixarForgive me, but I have a difficult time imagining that the Pixar Brain Trust, being the unfailing factory of ingenuity and creativity that they are, made the decision to make a Toy Story 3. We had already gotten two Toy Story movies. The second clearly resolved the whole fear-of-abandonment issue. No more story was needed. Toy Story plainly was the most easily marketable, merchandisable franchise in the Pixar portfolio. And this, I think, is where Disney execs crept in and convinced Pixar to do Toy Story 3. It was purely a money-driven decision.

Rather than dwell on the apparent growth of commercialism in the Pixar shrine, let us consider what would have been a much better choice for s Pixar sequel. Hmm, which Pixar hit left an open ending? Which one made mad amounts of cash? Which one would appeal to an audience of adults, teenagers, kids, and even comic book nerds? Why, they’ve only had one film like that, and that would be The Incredibles (2004).

It boggles my mind that we have not seen a sequel for The Incredibles, but here are the top 5 reasons why Pixar needs to get their act together and get a sequel made soon:

toy story, pixar5. Toy Story already had a sequel – There will always be a fondness for Toy Story. It was the franchise that pioneered the whole CG feature film thing. It continues to be the poster child for Pixar. Toy Story was a flat-out great movie. Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of its quality is that it didn’t need a sequel. Childhood is the land of toys. Toy Story 2 tried to ask the question of what would happen to a bunch of toys as they anticipated the end of childhood. Really what we got was an obligatory mish-mash of toy-specific one-liners and pop culture references that veered dangerously close to Dreamworks territory. It was a sufficient sequel to the great Toy Story, but hardly more than that.

4. Superheroes are money – Never have superheroes been so well-received in the marketplace. If you slap superheroes on any movie, it’s going to make money. The first Incredibles did an amazing job of capturing the dynamics and spirit of comic book heroes while adding some mild satire. The completely CG world allowed Pixar to give us superhero action as we’d never seen but always imagined.

mr incredible, incredibles, pixar3. It’s been 6 years – All the goodwill and fan support The Incredibles generated won’t last forever. Neither will the public’s appetite for superhero material. Before people forget what The Incredibles was, they need to get a sequel into theaters.

2. It has the backstory – If you’ve seen the bonus features on the Incredibles DVD, you know that there is plenty of background to go around. A sequel could easily delve into the relationships between all of the past superheroes that are only hinted at in the first movie.

1. The Underminer is destroying the cityThe Incredibles ended with the Underminer smashing up through the parking lot and declaring war on humanity. The Parrs get suited up and then it cuts to credits. This was the easiest cue in all of film history. You have a smash hit in which the ending presents a new villain. And then you don’t do anything with it? Seriously? We have been waiting for six years to see the Parrs put the smack down on the Underminer and any other villain that comes their way. Give us what we want.

About the Author: Marcus Varner writes articles and blogs for Classes and Careers and numerous other sites. He earned a BA in English and a MBA in Marketing from Brigham Young University. He loves trivia, especially regarding comics, movies, books, science, and history.

4 comments on “5 Reasons Pixar Should Make The Incredibles 2

  • The sequel to the movie was the video game in which Mr. incredible and Frozone fight The Underminer and take him down.

  • I know, but a movie would have been so much better. They might as well have given us one of Disney’s third-rate, straight-to-DVD crap piles. Sigh.

  • I love the movie and i’m 15. I remember watching it for the first time when i was about 10. Loved it. I definitely think Pixar should consider a second movie. It may be just the big hit they’re looking for. I for one would buy it and im sure i’m not the only one. Considering that they have there backstory and as far fetched as it seems, they should totally go for it. They have all the aspects to make a sequel. The final step is to create the story board.

    Fingers crossed they make one!

  • I had an idea for an Incredibles sequel. Just listen. Jack-Jack is a rebellious teenager now. Dash and Violet are the world’s greatest superhero due and Jack-Jack is feeling upset that he isn’t living up to his sibling’s standards. A new, anonymous villain convinces Jack-Jack to “join the dark side” so to speak. Now the Parr family must come together to defeat one of their own.

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