kevin feige president of marvel studiosYou would think since I was chatting with the Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, I would offer my film resume in hopes of landing an ideal job with Marvel Studios. But it is not a blogging matter. It’s a profound, incredibly unfair advantage backed by almost 70 years of Marvel comic book material.

“All of which has been revamped and refreshed over the decades in comic book form. Our job is to look at the rich history of these characters and pick the best stories to tell,” Feige certainly has proved Marvel’s worth.

Over the past decade, Feige has played an instrumental role in a string of blockbuster feature films adapted from the pages of Marvel comic books, including the hugely successful Spider-Man and X-Men trilogies. In his current role as a producer and president at Marvel Studios, Feige oversees all creative aspects of the company’s feature film and home entertainment activities.

Feige most recently produced Iron Man 2, which was released in theatres on May 7, 2010, the sequel to Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow as well as new cast members Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson and Don Cheadle. To date the film has earned over $620 million in worldwide box office receipts.

iron man robert downey jr gwenyth paltrowReturning from the UK after three and a half months of working on Captain America, he is now working on the editorial process of Thor in Los Angeles while promoting the release of Iron Man 2 Blu-ray and DVD September 28, 2010. I was lucky enough to catch him for an interview:

Kenna: What’s it like to orchestrate such a large group of talent and personalities?

Kevin Feige: While it can be challenging at times, it is ultimately extremely rewarding and the only way I like to work. The more talented people you’re surrounded by, the better the product turns out.

Kenna: How important do you think a character having a flaw is? How big should that flaw be?

Kevin Feige: When it comes to larger-than-life characters like our Marvel super heroes, a flaw is what makes them human and is their most important aspect. We can push that flaw as far as we can, just short of puking into a toilet. (Kevin is referring to the alternate opening that is included in the release.)

Kenna: What was the decision process that made you decide against that alternate opening?

Kevin Feige: That’s a good question. We debated back and forth for a very long time. While we liked the notion of starting off with our hero in an unexpected manner, ultimately Jon felt it was best to see Tony first revealed on the Stark Expo stage.

Kenna: What were some of the avenues and challenges the final moment of the first film setup that were different from what we’ve seen in other super hero films?

Kevin Feige: The ‘I am Iron Man’ moment at the end of Iron Man 1 was intended to be the perfect finale to that story, whether there was a sequel or not. We knew we were locking ourselves into avoiding any secret identity plots in subsequent movies, which we were okay with because the secret identity trope was never part of what made Iron Man interesting.

iron man 2 tony starkKenna: Have you guys been influenced by the look and feel of mobile devices interfaces such as the iPhone or Palm’s webOS when designing Tony’s gadgets and tech interface, as well as the extras on the discs?

Kevin Feige: All of us involved in the Iron Man franchise are early adopters when it comes to those kinds of gadgets. After Iron Man 1, I think the influence went both ways, which we see as a high compliment.

Kenna: Comic-Con proved very fruitful for the Iron Man and other Marvel franchises. Can you offer a flavor of what to expect from Marvel at the next Comic-Con San Diego?

Kevin Feige: We were very pleased and proud of the booth and panel we had at this year’s Con. It’s too early to start thinking about it, but we are trying to figure out if we can get the Aircraft Carrier stationed down there to hover above the convention center.

I sure hope Marvel Studios pulls off the Aircraft carrier at Comic-Con SD because I will be wearing my cyber-flight gear.

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