The Twilight series has brought the vampire versus werewolf debate to the forefront once again (Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, anyone?). Vampires can suck blood and move really fast and seduce people. They even sparkle sometimes. Werewolves turn into, well, wolves and tear people apart with their teeth and claws. To further stoke the fire, we have created this infographic that compares the strengths and weaknesses of each species side by side. Enjoy!
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Now its your turn. Tell us how you rank vampires in speed, skill, strength, agility, magic, intelligence, and defense. May the best, uh, monster win!

How do vampires rate in the following?

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How do werewolves rank in the following?

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17 comments on “Vampires vs. Werewolves

  • werewolves win. Btw, I HATE TWILIGHT!! A love triangle involving a vampire, a werewolf, and pale-as-a-vampire human is just wrong. They really downplayed vampires too. Vampires can levitate, turn humans into their eternal slaves by biting them, escape locked rooms without a keyor having to break the door, but they almost never had superspeed. Maybe they could run really fast, faster than a human, but they never had superspeed. I meancome on! You have a great story involving a vampire and a werewolf, and you waste it by having them fight over some too pale, retarded girl who looks like she’s on some drug?!?! Really?!

  • werewolves smell and they are idiotic,they dont have anything super,vampires are the best and they can kill million werewolves in one punch.vampires rule!!!
    Twilight saga is the best!!!!

  • i think twilight is really cool, having a werewolf and a vampire but they add that stupid good for nothing girl who ruins the whole movie by her ugliness! wow! even a monkey would have made a great character

  • Werewolves rule because they are animals. Vampires just run fast sparkle and bite. VAMPIRES ARE DUMB!!!!

  • vampires are ugley , and bella should of married Jaccob.Jaccob is so hot and sexy I would love to marrie him. The only things that vampires are good for are killing and races.Wrerwolves are good for everything they do everything that they your biggest fan ever i love you.

  • Jacob is hott anyway watch teen wolf and wolf blood well werewolves are awesomer than stupid vampires
    I love Jacob and Scott and Derek SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love werewolves they are the best.!!!!!! Vampires are stupid exspecially Edward he’s retarted. And Scott off of teen wolf is so cute I love him and stiles and Derek. 🙂 😀

  • I love werewolves. Vampires suck. Btw who would want to be bitten it hurts. And vampires are cold blooded who would want to be that when you could be a warm wolve with all that fur. And we’ll be warm and trust me wolve fur is wwwwaaarrrmmmm. So love wolves not vampires.

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