It’s Prom Season! Do you ever worry that you’ll look back in 10 years at your prom photos and wonder, “What was I thinking?” If that hasn’t occurred to you, you may be doomed to regret your prom dress choice for the length of your mortal existence. But fear not. There is still time avert such a crisis.

So how do you avoid future regret? Find a dress that compliments your body type.

Well-fitting dresses will never be out of style. It’s all about dressing for your body and doing it well. For the formally challenged, here are three tips to help you pick a prom dress you can live with… forever:

prom dress, formal dress, prom dress tips1. Body Shape – Here’s the rule of thumb: accent what you like about your body and hide the parts you don’t.

Pear-shaped – Show your best features- always go with a fitted top. Choose from a full or a-line skirt. Ball and princess gowns are a great option for you. Or if you want to rock a form fitted dress to show off your behind, do it!

Slender Create curves: draw attention to bust line and waist with a wrap dress or belt. A belled skirt is a great way to create curve.

Busty – Support the girls: Make sure the top of your dress has full coverage or find a dress that accents the hem to divert attention from your chest.

Petite – Look taller: Go with an asymmetrical hem line or a shorter dress to show some leg. The feminine, delicate dresses are best for your body type.

Hour glass-shaped – Perfection: You can wear whatever you want. Congratulations!
Apple-shaped – Accent your smallest part: It’s all about the high/empire waste. You want your dress to flow away from your stomach.

2. Color – As far as colors go, consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color to make your features pop. For example, if you are very fair-skinned, you probably shouldn’t go for a yellow or orange dress.

3. Size – Hint: Don’t pay too much attention to the size of your dress. Many formal dresses run small, so if you’re usually a 6 and find yourself filling in a 10, don’t worry about it. Just make sure the dress looks great on you; that’s all that matters.

As a bonus, here are the worst prom dresses we could find online. Vote and tell which one is the worst!

ugly prom dress, prom dress, formal dress, ugly dress

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