We all know Robin Hood. Different versions of him, at least.

There’s the dashing, green tights-wearing Robin Hood, immortalized on film by Errol Flynn. There was the Kevin Costner version, a noble Crusades veteran known mostly for his puzzling American accent, his ability to shoot flaming arrows in slow motion, and gunpowder-fueled explosions. Then there’s the new Russell Crowe version, which hits theaters tomorrow, all high-definition grit and palpable discontent.

In fact, there are so many different Robin Hoods that we felt prompted to clear up who he really was. That was where our infographic comes in (information courtesy of Wikipedia). Click on it to see it in all its full-sized awesomeness:

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And just to stoke your appetite for some Sherwood Forest, archery-fueled action, here’s the latest trailer:

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