Due to the popularity of our Marvel vs. DC post, we have decided to stoke the fire even further by pitting individual characters from the universes against each other. After all, most of the debates have boiled to individual characters.

So we decided to start with the two characters we feel are most evenly matched: Batman and Iron Man. Both are geniuses. Both are billionaire playboys who love their tech. Both are mere mortals. For all the comic noobs, here is the skinny on their histories, strengths, and weaknesses:


Alter ego: Bruce Wayne

Synopsis: This child of a wealthy doctor saw his father and mother gunned down by a street thug and vowed to become a scourge to Gotham City’s criminals. He is trained in martial arts, criminology, and engineering.

Strengths: Batman is a master of multiple fighting styles, a legendary escape artist, and the world’s greatest detective. Over the years, he has amassed a formidable array of weaponry, from Batmobiles to batarangs to robot suits.

Weakness: Batman has no superpowers. He is as vulnerable to injury and death as any human being.

iron man, dc comicsIRON MAN

Alter ego: Tony Stark

Synopsis: Tony was the reckless, genius  son of a wealthy military weapons inventor until he took shrapnel to the heart during an attack by terrorists. He created a robot suit and generator to escape from the terrorists and, in so doing, found his life calling as a one-man army.

Strengths: Tony has been able to create technology to overcome nearly every obstacle that has come his way. His array of suits and their weapons technology makes him a formidable foe for even the highest-powered beings in the Marvel universe.

Weaknesses: Tony has been prone to injuries, addictions, and health problems throughout his career. Ultimately, he is a mere mortal protected by technology.

So now it’s your turn. Vote on who would win below. Tell us why in the comments below.

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122 comments on “Who Would Win? Batman or Iron Man

  • Really? You’re serious? Well, popular demand (rabid fanboys) will probably have ironman winning. Unfortunately for my team, I’m not sure if batman could take down ironman. Unless we give him prep time. No matter how you look at it, batman is a far greater tactical genius then ironman is, and when it comes to researching you’re enemies to find out their strengths and weaknesses, which one seems more likely to do it? Batman. Ironman mostly makes stuff up as he goes along. If something happens, he’ll go there and have a slugfest with the villain. Batman, on the other hand, might know about whatever happens like, months beforehand, giving him time to take down the baddie before he can come close to causing an incedent. Now if they just met in an alley, or some other remote area, with no prep time… it might give ironman an advantage, but it wouldn’t guarantee anything. If any of you saw ironman 2, that whiplash guy who attacks ironman at the race gets pretty close to beating him, even when stark had the suit. Batman is much more agile then Ironman. Also, if we allowed Batman’s tactics, then he would probably pull a whiplash and attack stark when he’s not wearing the suit. Stark wouldn’t have a chance at that point. He has no martial arts skills, and he has no bodygaurds. If someone quickly tried to kill him, not giving him a chance to even get near the armour, then he’s doomed. Bruce trained with the greatest of the great, and is considered to be either the most dangerous (or second) man on the face of the earth. Batman would only have to pick one of the public speaking places stark’s at, (I mean, it wouldn’t be too dificult, everyone knows) and take him out. If they just met, then it would be an interesting fight, with most of the advantage going to stark. If there was enough cover, and buildings and stuff, batman has a chance. He also has a robotic suit of his own in some series, though he rarely uses it. I can’t really say much more for the fight. You’ll have to clarify on what the competitors have. For instance, is there prep-time? What suit does stark have? What weapons is bats allowed(vehicles, special weapons, etc.). Please clarify that, and this might be easier to answer.

  • btw, this is a really good idea for a fight. At first, someone might think it’d be ironman curbstomp, but when you really think about it (without being biased) it would be really interesting. While batman is more mysterious, lurking, questionable, and creepier, Ironman is more obvious, and down-to-earth(a trait many Marvel haroes share) and relateable. One is a rich reckless, achohol-addicted generally good-hearted guy, the other is a rich careful, quiet, deadly, and so good, he’s almost evil. If people aren’t biased, then this fight could go anywhere.

  • i think it would be a fairly even match up but at the end using every weapon, car etc they have batman would beat the shit out of iron man hands down.

  • Honestly, the fight could go either way, depending on the situation:
    If it was a fist fight, Batman would rape hands down…
    If it was a no-prep time fight, Ironman would have the advantage, and depending on the point in time in which they fought, Batman could destroy Tony’s ark reactor (using one of his various gadgets) disabling the suit and causing Tony to die within minutes.

  • batman definitley winz
    Batman is so good he seems like he has super powers
    he would definitley find a way t obeat ironman worlds best detective for a reason
    and plus he also has a suit
    you guys should put
    superman definitly winz i think

  • This fight is hard to call, as long as technology is involved there is a way to thwart it. Batman is too smart to let Iron Man get the drop on him. Tony Stark is also a genius, but as long as his suit depends on technology, I think Batman wins after taking a few lumps. Technology superheroes will always have a deficit against really smart heroes like Batman and Reed Richards. I am a Marvel diehard but I think Batman takes this match up in the end. Alright all you homers look at the matchup logically and take the emotion out of it. This round belongs to Batman, now against Captain America, different story!

  • Iron Man shoots at Batman with his limitless supply of weapons until Batman gets hit and (being a mortal without a suit that can block lasers or any projectile that is not simply metal) dies. Batman had a better movie, but let’s be honest, if the two fought all out Batman is firing his weapons at someone with a metal suit, lessening the damage given while Iron Man is firing what is essentially energy bullets and lasers that can vaporize almost anything.

  • Batman has an ironman-like suit too, you know. He could use it. No one really clarified what they were allowed. Also, batman is way more of a schemer than stark is. He doesn’t just attack people hoping he’ll win. He uses specific weapons that his foes are weaker against. Also, bruce could just suddenly attack and defeat stark while tony doesn’t have the suit.

  • Batman would destroy Iron Man. All it would take is a well placed bat-a-rang to the arc reactor and Iron Man stops working. But then again, I don’t believe we will ever be lucky enough to see an official Iron Man Vs. Batman comic, no matter how much all of us fanboys want to see it. Now who would win, Green Lantern or Silver Surfer?

  • Don’t use that fight. Everyone knows that surfer beats lantern. It wouldn’t even be a good fight. Surfer is just too broken for almost anyone to defeat him. If you said surfer vs green lantern corps, it might be closer.

  • batman could use an emp. or he just stalks iron man till he finds out who he is, then kils him when he’s not in the iron man suit. (lets face it, stark is nothing in fighting without his suit).

  • another good fight would be silver surfer vs dr.manhattan (i know we’ve talked about this before, luke, and you don’t like him, but it takes a broken person to beat a broken person)

  • In the DC vs. Marvel Crossover, Gren Lantern was detroyed by the Silver Surfer too easily; now Dr. Manhattan may be a more formidable foe for SS, who would still win in the end. I still need you guys to look up the battles between Cap and Batman, you will find that Cap has the edge in strength and stamina, and Batman himself has said that Cap would beat him. They were trained in the martial arts by the same masters, Cap has the edge uin strength because of the super soldier serum. And did you see how Cap beat Bane, it was much easier than Batman, who struggles with Bane all the time. Bring it DC’ers. One last word if Amazo is the shiznit why has he not disposed of Superman yet?

  • Spectre might be able to beat surfer, he has pretty much the same powers, if not, the moniter or the anti-moniter would, though I agree with you as much as surfer would probably beat manhatten in the end. Yes, captain america could beat batman, if batman faught him with h2h (hand to hand) combat. Captain America is just like batman, inasmuch as he is a relativley good plotter, and he has nearly unmatched fighting skills. Add that to the super soldie serum he’s on, and a supposedly unbreakable shield, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good character. However, consider where captain would be without his serum. To tell you the truth, I might like captain as much as or (dare I think it) better than batman, but for the serum thing. Bats doesn’t use any sort of drug to make him stronger. He could, but he chooses not too. He fights dudes like bane, I’m sure he could come with something as good as or better than whatever america’s got. Batman has been, and always will be, a mere mortal, no powers, no enhancements, just a guy smart enough to make some awesome tech without even using any form of firearm. If america did not have the serum, half the stuff he does would never be possible (taking at least one hit from the hulk without dying). Batman uses more skill than cap needs too. Anyway, batman is smarter than america, he doesn’t need to just try to hit him, he has a dozen different ways of effectivly killing him without even coming into contact with him. Fighting skills mean practically nothing to a smart mind. Lastly, Amazo doesn’t waste supes because, first, he’s a hero, and second, he is barely ever on earth, he always is cruising around the universe, looking for ways to better himself, and helping different alien species. You know how those cosmic people are. Your move, Marvelite!

  • Ihe serum is what makes this argument viable, if not for wwII Cap would not even be around just like if Bruce Wayne’s parent’s were never brutally killed there would be no Batman, correct? There has to be a need for these heroe’s to make these arguments worth while. Cap is a master tactician, as is Batman; Batman has his technology, without it would he be worth a damn, I think not. Cap has his unbreakable sheild, which is a tool of his but he can still do what he does without it, would Bats be bats without his wonderful toys, hmmmmm? Straight and to the point, your move rook to A5!

  • Oh sure, captain can still do what he does without his sheild… unless his enemy has a gun of some sort! Especially a reapeating one. Captain America is utterly lost without his shield. But if you take away both competitors technology, would that not also take away cap’s super-soldier serum? Captain is good because he is on a drug a special drug, but a drug. Batman trained with the worlds top martial artists and is like, number one/two of the worlds deadliest person list. He is also super rich! He makes his own decisions, he is not just a tool shield waves around. Batman is shrouded in mystery. Captain America has his unbreakable shield. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see America surviving without his shield. Batman at least wears bulletproof clothing as well as his more bulletproof cape and cowl. Think about it this way. If the skrulls or some other alien species are on their way to earth, who would have a better chance of stopping them? Batman. Because of his “lame weaponry he would be powerless without”, he can adapt to situations, discover weaknesses for his enemies during the fight. Captain America is in deep if he cannot hurt whoever he’s fighting with his shield or fists and none of the smarter Marvel heroes are there. A master tactician Cap may be, but he is no genius. Dark Knight takes shields pawn!

  • I see you need an education here, Cap has survivved many fights without his sheild. If you remember Cap was the only hero who stood up against the HulK in Ultimate Avengers the animated movie, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, and the Wasp were all taken out. And, oh yeah, Cap did this without his sheild most of the time. Cap and Batman were both taught the most advanced martial arts by the same Masters, and Batman himself sadi in the crossover mag, “You may very well beat me but it will take some time.” If you use the argument about Cap without his sheild what happens when Batman does not have his utility belt? You forget, when it comes to fighting Cap and Batman are very much on par, so there is no advantage here. In a past magazine, I forgot which one, Cap was beating Batman until Bats went to his utility belt to take the victory. Straight up Cap has and will always beat Batman; the utility belt is his advantage only is Cap does not have his sheild. Cap’s sheild cannot be broken by anything on Earth, therefore, Batman would really be in trouble, so Sheild trumps utility belt, if they have their weapons. Fighting skill and agility are equal with the strength factor going to Cap because of the SS serum. Your move Knight to B6!

  • In the animated movie, Cap DISTRACTED the hulk until someone stronger got up. He just got smacked around, barely landing any blows on hulk. It also helps show how weak the hulk really is, if some guy with a shield can harm him. Second, your comment about how batman beat captain america using his utility belt and would be nothing without it only proves my point. America fights with his fists and shield, and uses whatever the circumstance gives him to try and defeat the supervillain. While this is valiant and admirable, sometimes you won’t find the hulk antidote lying around in the street nearby. Batman, on the other hands, would be able to defeat many different enemies on his own, simply because he will have their weakness on him. Mr Freeze is causing trouble? He’ll have antifreeze. Clayface is commiting a crime? He’ll have his electricity batarang. Superman goes rouge? He’ll have kryptonite. In a lead-lined compartment of course, to avoid the cancer it causes humans. Cap will just get beat up by the villains, then get his sheild buddies to get him some weapon he can use to beat them, relying on his super-soldier physique to see him through the first encounter with the guy. Batman fights with his head, that is why he wins this. Cap is simply out of his league. Lastly, it’s a lot harder to lose a utility belt that will electrocute whoever isn’t supposed to use it than a low tech shield.

  • batman would destroy ironman. batman doesnt need no fancy suit to fight he could fight naked and take him out. batman could take him out before he puts on the suit. and if he gets the suit on batman could just wait in the shadows till ironmans powers down

  • Only thing Batman needs is electric disrupter like a Electro-Magnetic Pulse. (EMP)
    Game over.
    Suit fails, heart fails.
    Im sure he has one in his utility belt no?
    Im sure Batman would think about carrying one?

  • It really depends on where in the Iron Man comics you’re taking him out. In civil war, Iron Man sort of acquires quite extensive powers. Firstly, he has something called extremis, which basically makes his brain into a giant computer that can communicate with any other form of tech and control it, secondly his suit is sort of stored inside of his body and can be retracted at will. Thirdly, Captain America uses a emp on Tony and it only temporarily weakens Tony. But i think extremis is where Tony would get all his advantage from. He shares the knowledge with Spider-Man that he actually mimicked Spider-Man’s spidey senses, and in the fight with Captain America he shares that his suit collects Cap’s fighting styles and sort of learns from him how to fight him. If batman was to ever beat Tony, in my opinion, it’d have to be with prep time. In a chance encounter where they just happen to fight, Tony has quite a big advantage. I still feel that Batman would have a difficult time if they both had prep time because let’s face it, Bruce Wayne isn’t exactly difficult to determine who he is. Who lives in Gotham that can both afford to do what Batman does, and is physically capable of doing what batman does? It’d be a solid fight forsure though… but i’m going with Tony on this one.

  • I agree with Nick, Extremis Iron will mop the floor with Batman, read and weep Batman lovers:

    While the armor is not on Stark still has some powers, due to the Extremis Virus.

    Psi-Shields: Due to new S.H.I.E.L.D treatments, Stark’s mind is shielded from even the strongest telepaths.

    Direct Cybernetic Interface: Extremis has fused Stark’s armor to his body, allowing him to store the inner layers of the Iron Man armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses, and use some of its powers while not on. He has direct control over the communication devices, scanning equipment, and recording devices located in his helmet.

    Wireless Communication: He is also able to remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers throughout the world.
    Superhuman Reflexes: The Extremis virus grants him super speed reactions and movements.
    Regenerative Systems: He has the ability to heal himself and repair the armor.
    Iron Man Armor
    Iron Man’s primary powers come from his armored suit.

    Support Powers
    Suiting up the Iron Armor: The armor used to require several machines to put on the suit, in a lengthy process. Later, this was changed to having it in a suitcase, which shortened the suiting up time, but was not very effective on the battlefield. However, recently, it has been shown that Stark can hold the armor within himself, and use it when needed, and spring into action in mere seconds.

    Superhuman Strength: He is capable of lifting up to over 100 tons when wearing his armor.
    Superhuman Speed: Even when not traveling for extended distances, the armor enables the wearer to move and react at high speeds.
    Flight: The armor can typically reach speeds in excess of Mach 8, in recent comics however Iron Man has been depicted as able to reach orbital velocities (5 miles per second) and up to speeds that can outrun black holes. Use of the jet boots provide enough power to lift a load of about 500 tons.
    Power Cells: The armor is powered by a combination of solar converters, electrical batteries and an on-board generator that uses beta particle absorption as a fuel source. Not to mention the arc reactor that also powers the suit.
    Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is also able to convert nearby or fare away energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy or energy from the planet itself into electricity, or even drain energy directly into the batteries for recharge.
    Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation.
    Energy Absorption: The armor is also able to drain multiple forms of energy for its own use.
    Magnetism: The armor can use magnetism to pull or push metal objects at will.
    Artificial Intelligence: An internal artificial intelligence operating system that provides strategies, background information on opponents, and on surroundings and the current status of the suit, and prevents a lock on from targeting systems.
    Sensor Systems: Known sensors include radar/lidar, night vision, and physiological/medical scans that allowed Iron Man to take the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans and monitors. These scans also provided Stark with real-time personal physiological data. An all-environmental scan for atmospheric content or life forms–including astral energy projections–often came in handy. It should be noted that the armor scans, radars, and environmental sensors were running at all times, recording everything Iron Man came in contact with. A magnometer was installed in the left wrist, while both gauntlets had atomic-force microscopes installed in the thumbs and index fingers that were capable of seeing to the nano scale.
    Invisibility: Advanced composite ceramics, fused with a kevlar-like polymer are backed by optical fiber networks, that, working in synch with an array of poly-carbon head hologram generators cause the armor to be invisible to any form of detection, including night vision, infrared, and enhanced super-human senses. To further thwart detection systems the suit houses an active noise-reduction engine for silent stalking. And to achieve total silent running, the armor even stores the CO 2 produced by the wearer–releasing it through small vents only when circumstances are right.
    Holographic Decoys: Untraceable holographic duplicates of himself that are generated from the suit. They are projected in a way to look real, and show no trace of their origins.
    Spider-Sense: Tony made a built-in neural net that replicated Spider-Man’s pheromone-based defenses, creating his own Spider Sense.
    Override: When required, armor systems including strength amplification, durability amplification, and repulsor
    Iron Man lifting a 16,000 Ton Nuclear Reactor
    Added by Tezehaniintensity can be greatly increased, by bypassing safety circuits and limiters. However, there is a chance that this can result in a complete system failure of the armor. An example of this mode is when Iron Man easily lifted a 16,000 ton Nuclear Reactor, and flew into the sky and threw it into the sea. The range of the Override can be controlled as only reaching his very limit and staying at it for a long time will cause a system failure. This range goes from a safe 800% to 3200%, up to a very dangerous 5000%.

  • Nice info, andre. It just goes to show that Ironman is pretty strong. Unfortunately for Stark however, is that he has a massive Achilles heel. Two actually. Beer, and Women. Even the greatest mind can be brought to state of massive stupidity by drunkenness. Batman has never touched any beer of any type. He has a focused mind, and is far more calculating than Ironman. He may spend weeks formulating a strategy. Also, since he trusts no one completely; he is not going to be sleeping with anything in a skirt like Tony no doubt will. His crazy rich guy lifestyle is all an act to throw any people trying to figure out his secret identity. Ironman’s crazy rich guy lifestyle is totally true. That dude is so messed up right now it’s almost pitiable. Ironman is practically a villain at this point comicwise. His sense of justice is incredibly flawed. Also, Stark is totally open about everything. He has no secret identity, the whole world knows who he is. If he wants someone out of the way – er, I mean if there is a dangerous supervillain on the loose that must be stopped, he attacks them in his battle armour, totally direct. Wayne, on the other hand, will have ten different plans going into the fight, may not even go himself, and is basically totally opposite of Stark’s technique. Barely anyone knows who Batman is, and he knows about all of the the few that do. Wayne is trained in the art of secrecy and stealth. He fights with his brain as well as he does with his fists. If not, he never would have been able to defeat the flash, or superman twice( a feat Lex Luthor, a guy ten times smarter than Stark has been trying to do for decades). He has also beat several similarily sun-powered kryptonians all by himself.Ironman couldn’t even deal with Hulk, he had to toss him to a different planet so Hulk wouldn’t curbstomp him. Just because Stark apparently has powers now doesn’t mean much, since Bats beat people way more powerful than Ironman. It all comes down to the fact that with prep-time, Batman can beat ANYONE.

  • While Batman is using his ‘prep time’, Iron Man can take thirty seconds to fly into space, override America’s nuclear weapons systems and destroy the planet. Or he can level Gotham city to the ground with his laser systems. In the Civil War versions of this guy, even EMPs hardly slow him down, IF Iron Man even lets Batman get close to him, which why on Earth would he. Honestly, I love Batman, the dude can do so much without any powers, which is awesome, but there’s no way he wins this fight.

  • Touche` Luke,

    Bats can and never will be able to beat the Hulk, no weakness, even if Bats uses Betty, he still loses. What can Batma do to the Hulk to come close to beating him? Remember one of the hUlks powers is his ability to “brawl” his way out of any situation. Remember when the Hulk beat the unbeatable Onslaught and The Maestro? There is no end to the green behemonths power. And Bas better hope he’s not battling the Professor Hulk; way to strong and way to smart.

  • Batman could try one shotting Banner before or after a hulk transformation, but he could still figure something out. I don’t want to say for sure, but i’ve heard of a villain in the marvel universe whose only power was making hulk turn back into banner, if he exsists(and I’m about 70% sure he does) Batman could find a way to replicate it. Also, hulk does have a weakness to magic, and one of Batman’s friends/love interests is Zatanna Zatarra, one of DC’s most powerful magicians. If you say it wouldn’t be fair for her to fight with him, she could furnish him with some of her hundreds of magical items she owns. Also, since Batman has many allies (being one of the founding members of the justice league probably helped), he could use them to stall hulk for a pretty long time, even possibly defeat him. But, since having other people helping out probably isn’t fair, thisoption will probably not be used. Finally, adamantium also has shown to pierce hulk. If batman got a hold of some of that, and managed to liquify it and shove it in hulk’s mouth, that would be that. But, obviously, without any time to prepare, there is no way batman could win, but, should he could escape his first encounter, then he could whip something up. This match up may lean steeply in hulk’s favor, but Batman has always shown an uncanny way of beating the odds.

    P.S., although Batman and Ironman are very different, there are many similarities as well, Batman has robin, Ironman has rhodie, Batman has Vicki Vale, Ironman has Pepper Potts, Batman has the Justice League, Ironman has the Avengers, Batman has Wonder Woman, Ironman has She-Hulk, Batman has Alfred, Ironman has Jarvis.

  • Luke,

    If you read the Hulks powers he has been the only hero alive to shatter adamantium and vibranium, so those won’t work. If the Hulk is Prof Hulk, there is no transformation, so Bats is toast. Remember Batman only beat Superman because of his weakness to kryptonitw; also Superman has too many opportunities for Batman to exploit his weaknesses; no yellow sun, magic, and kryptonite. One of the Hulks strenghts is his ability to shutdown magic used against him, look at Doc Strange. I agree they are quite similar; don’t forget that Tony Stark is just as smart or maybe smarter than Bruce Wayne with just as much money. So, they are evenly matched,unless Iron man is in the Extremis mode. Iron Man is on the levels of Thor and the Hulk with Extremis.

  • If this were a mustache riding competition Iron Man would win hands down, however this competition is PROBABLY regarding combat so here’s my two cents:

    This would be one of the best one-on-one fights between Marvel and DC, in terms of popularity. They may be similar in terms of wealth, knowledge and hi-tech gadgets but their personalities are completely opposite – I would find this very entertaining to see.

    In the end I pick Batman, he can fight with his fists as well as his gadgets. Iron Man can only fight with his gadgets.

  • @ Jones
    Dude, Ironman may be a major jerk, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t stoop to destroying earth. Even destroying a city would probably make thor or one of the other avengers put him down. Also, Ironman wouldn’t “let Batman get close to him.” The key term with Batman is stealth. What you guys don’t get is that bats won’t just run up to Ironman and throw a batarang at him. He could penetrate Stark’s house, poison his liquor supply, rig some explosives, hack his computer systems, and all sorts of other tricks.

  • batman will won with no hand down. cause of the batrobot and if he aim for the heart of iron man then he could win.

  • Luke,

    Nice point, don’t forget that Tony Stark has just as much tecnological security in his house as Bruce Wayne has in his.

  • Okay, for the Iron Man and Batman debate I would like to point out yes that Batman may be stealthy. However Iron Man has tools against that, he can pick up the faintest sounds along with life detectors. Another thing, with the new Iron Man the Nano-Technology one, he is far greater and better than the Extermis version of himself. The nano-machines can adapt for him without him having to do anything, so whatever Bat-man cooks up for him the nano-machines would pick up on the damaging effects and adapt. Another thing is the fact that WITH the nano-machines he is not prone to harm, so he also has a regenerative factor with him. Along with the Nano-Machines increasing his strength, thinking ability, and movements there’s nothing that Bat-Mans got on him now. Along with him being able to hack into anything with the bots inside of him he could easily find out who Bat-man was and just go over have a nice talk and tell him he was Bat-man leaving him stunned and not wanting to fight him anymore.

  • Yes, but I’m just saying that Bats could have an easier job in penetrating it stealthily, knowing stark, he’d just bust through a wall or something. Also consider that, while Bats knows exactly who Ironman is, Ironman has no idea who Wayne is. This gives bats the edge. We talk about them fighting, when probably the easiest solution for bats is to just attack him while outside the suit.

  • Yeah however the problem with that is that he is the suit, if you haven’t heard the saying already it goes ‘Tony is Iron Man, and Iron Man is Tony’. Even if Bat-Man where to lets say sneak up on Stark. The suit is inside him so whatever danger there is the suit will alert him to it. Than all he would have to do is pull the suit of out his bones and there we go a all ready Iron Man to fight Bat-man. Like is said the new Iron Man with nano-machines he’s way smarter now than Bat-man ever was so he could see that coming.

  • Iron Man because unlike batman he would kill him without a second thought, in a fight batman MAY beat him but in true fashion he will turn his back and walk away. THEN WHAM he is looking down to where his chest use to be and iron mans on the ground laughing saying what an idiot.

  • Iron man tech is about 20 years or more over batman’s tech.
    When you can build power armors from scratch, one could say that Tony Stark is a whole lot smarter.
    The Extremis Armor, and the lates Bleeding Edge Armor, bats would be a bloody stain before he can even draw a battarang.
    And I believed that Iron Man has control of a sattelite laser. Batman has what ..a jet ?

  • I’m no expert when it comes to superheroes; I’m just a fan. Like many people have already stated, it could go either way. We really don’t know. In my opinion, if Ironman and Batman went head to head, Ironman would just barely come out on top. However, we have to remember that both these heroes lead double lives. If for some reason Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne were to duke it out, Bruce would reign victorious because he’s been trained and doesn’t rely on a mechanical suit. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see, two billionare playboys getting into a fist fight?

  • If Bane could leave Batman almost paralyzed, I’m sure Tony Stark and his Hulk-Buster Armor would mop the floor with batman .

  • this argument is basically who do you like more. i could find both ways how they could beat eachother but it really depends on who you like more. i like both ironman and batman and they could beat eachother

  • all this talk about Batman being smarter may or may not be true. In what way, exactly, is Bruce smarter than Tony? Tony graduated out of MIT at the age of 15. Most 20 year olds can’t even get into MIT. They’re both equally rich (stark possibly richer). And equally smart. They’re both human. So all it comes down to is gadgets, which Stark has an advantage in. This comment is sort of biased since I prefer Marvel.

  • two words frequency disruptor batman has one of it could probably knock out the connection stark has with his armor and lets face it ironman flaunts his identity all bruce would have to do brake into starks house which he can do easily cause well he is batman and take stark out before he gets to his armor because ironman without his armor is a guy with a huge iq and throws money around

  • All this talk about Bruce planning ahead and going to Tony’s home and getting him without his suit on is ridiculous! Batman wouldn’t go after someone for any reason, so Tony would know what he did to get Wayne after him in the first place. So, he wouldn’t be waiting around for this “great detective” to come and get him without his suit. He too, would plan ahead and figure out where to go and what to do. Also Tony pretty much invented and perfected his suit all on his own. The weaknesses that his suit may have wouldn’t be lying around for just anyone to see or steal. So how could Wayne possibly have any idea what to do to his suit in order to stop it?! Not to mention that Tony may have those two flaws (women & alcohol) the only real woman he cares about which is Pepper, no one would have access too or would bother trying to get her. Since she isn’t your usual heart throb! Iron Man would be smarter than let his love get burned alive helplessly.

  • Are all of the DC supporters so blind to the fact that Iron Man while being mortal, has super strength, can fly and much more of an aerial threat than Batman, even if batman does hit iron man with guns from his various machines, it takes Iron Man one punch and batman dead, for christs sake he can punch through metal and concrete, one shot to the head and batman has none left, let’s not forget Tony’s lasers, not even a contest, put batman up against the punisher and it may be even

  • Also let’s get the fight into a specific scenario, instead of the dc lovers throwing some situation that would no advantageous to batman, let’s go with a domed arena, like two gladiators or fighters, they have time to prep and than fight time, get rid of the crazy scenarios

  • iron man would win.
    first batman doesn’t make his weapons alfred does.
    Tony stark makes everything himself. hand to hand iron man would win easily he could just shoot batman. if batman shot him it would bounce of his suit. And seriously tracking down Tony Stark, hes a billionare with body guards everywhere he would never get close. But bat mans villans are more fun than iron mans, the Joker is awesome and Whiplash is a bit tirering.

  • i like iron man but can anyone see him beating batman. picture it iron man standing batman on the floor, it doesnt sound right in any way. i will give this fight to bfor who hatman simply e is, the dark knight sure the armored avenger is tough but batman is on a whole nother level this is a man who can defeat superman. hes nearly unstoppable

  • batman is way more DEVIOUS than iron man, this guy once threatened a god(darkseid) by blowing his planet to shit so who said batman cant win. also can u picture iron standing victorious over the dark knight. the sight just sounds plan wrong so i give it to batman for being whoo he is the dark knight

  • Iron Man would win. Simply because he has the greater advantages. Plus, he can fly.
    But, Superman or Thor? I’m going with Thor because he is a God whereas Superman is just from Krypton. I am biased, though, because Superman is too good and that annoys me.

  • Iron Man/Tony Stark is a weapons manufacture who designed an awesome toy that’s nearly impossible to destroy. Iron Mans unique suit design keeps Tony Stark alive, against opponents of much higher skill. Batman (like mentioned before), with time, could learn to exploit that suit. The gadgets to do so would be a fun challenge for the Dark Knight. As long as Iron Man suit remains undamaged or powered on – Iron Man for the win.

  • You will never get a Batman fanboy to see reason. I like bats well enough, but on the same level I like the Punisher.
    Yes, with weeks of downtime, unlimted data (freely provided by Stark), on a dark and stormy night, during a power outage, while Stark is passed out drunk, conveniently in a public place (not his secure building) the Batman would totally own him. Cause he is Batman.

  • I’m just a comic and cartoon fan.

    but guys, Batman can beat all superheroes from DC/MArvel [and Disney! yup he can beat the shit out of Mickey Mouse xD]

    Batman can figure out everyone’s weaknesses and take’em down one by one. cuz He’s the Batman [ Read that in Christian Bale’s voice :D]

  • Batman is a good schemer, but let’s not forget that Ironman is a genius, too. Batman comes up with a plan. Ironman invents something to foil it? Let’s say both of them have plenty of prep time and just go at it. I see it as a draw. Anything Ironman comes up with, Batman could find a way to beat it. That’s his MO. But, that’s Ironman’s MO, too! Anything Baptman comes out with, Ironman finds a way to beat it. The fact is that they’re both vulnerable when they’re not prepped, and they’re unstoppable when they are.

  • I think one thing we should pay attention to is Tony Starks only attribute to this fight is a suit of armor. That is a huge disadvantage! And considering Batman fights villains with sophisticated tech on a regular bases, I’m sure he carries something around that would disable IronMan’s suit for at least 3mins. That’s 3 mins alone with a guy that hates chocolate while you have a bad heart.

  • Iron Man would eventually win. He would track down Batman using his “software” and then pulverize him (literally) with his plasma ray thing.

  • The fun thing about this matchup is that Ironman and Batman are essentially the same character in two alternate universes. Tony Stark’s mannerisms are simply what Bruce Wayne pretends to be. What if batman had to fight batman?

    The Extremis Armor is a neat advantage, but dont forget Bats has had some Superpowered armor throughout his storyline. They are both too similar for this to be decided through anything other than a long drawn out battle perhaps over several years, with the victor probably decided by circumstance.

    As for who do I like better, I am actually just happy that the same basic character exists in both comic series. I think they are both fun to read, and give them even odds against each other in a fight.

  • Iron Man would win because Batman is way to much overrated 1st of all who has better gadgets Iron Man. Even though the both have huge companies that affected the world they live in by a lot which is better, Iron Man’s and Iron Man started himself off from scratch but in the Batman movie who had already made most of Batman’s gadgets of course Morgan Freeman lol.

  • BATMAN WOULD SO WIN! hes got his utility belt, the batbot, the batwing/jet, the batbot, the batmobile, his cleverness, stealth, wiles, cunningness, strength and martial arts skills. while all tony has is a suit that if dstroyed hes nothing but a rich inventor. and batman would never kill anyone, yes hes a badass hero that makes hardcore criminals pee their pants and hangs them off the sides of buildings and threatens to drop them if they dont talk but he would never kill them! oh and yes im a batman fan but even if i wasnt i would still say batman would win because BTAMAN IS THE BEST! along with Batgirl/barbra gordon robin/richard{dick} grayson and green arrow/ oliver cromwell are awesome to!

  • oh and ive changed my name from melissa to batgirl well i am so if you see batgirk sayings shes melissa thats becaus e i changed my name from melissa to Batgirl

  • any way yah batman would whip tony starks tin can ass maybe not imediatly but definently. face the fact, if batman can defeat BANE EVEN AFTER BANE BROKE BATMANS BACK HE WOULD OWN TONY STRAKS LITTLE METAL ASS

  • batman has batarangs. the batboat, the batwing/jet, the batbot, the batmobile, a utility belt, stealth, martial arts, cleverness and wiles. plus one nicely aimed batarang could wipe out tonys reactor and what does he have after that. AND batman beat BANE even after bame broke his back!

  • 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 batman 🙂 OMG! you guys want to hear why batman can do allt he things he does? because hes batman! isnt that best description of batman ever?


  • Just take Justice League titles for example.
    No matter how intelligent, classy, humble, strong you think a superhero maybe, they’re all going to look like idiots when teamed up with Batman.

    Need a plan? Get batman.
    Darkseid going to kill everyone? Batman will save ya
    Superman go rogue? Batman is going to kick his ass and give him a moral lesson.
    Justice League gone morally corrupt? Everyone except Batman.
    Green Lantern acting like an asshole? Duh, Batman did it.

    To basically put, Batman has the superpower to:
    1)Make any superhero an idiot.
    2)Make up a perfect murder plan for everyone on earth.
    3)Know everything single cold fact about anyone, including the underwear color of cat woman.

  • 1. Just take Justice League titles for example.
    No matter how intelligent, classy, humble, strong you think a superhero maybe, they’re all going to look like idiots when teamed up with Batman.
    Need a plan? Get batman.
    Darkseid going to kill everyone? Batman will save ya
    Superman go rogue? Batman is going to kick his kryptonian butt and give him a moral lesson.
    Justice League gone morally corrupt? Everyone except Batman.
    Green Lantern acting like an MORON? Duh, Batman did it.
    To basically put, Batman has the superpower to:
    1)Make any superhero an idiot.
    2)Make up a perfect murder plan for everyone on earth.
    3)Know everything single cold fact about anyone, including the underwear color of cat woman.

  • Batman has fought darkseid and superman im sure tony stark would be easy. Not to mention several villians have weaponized suits like stark, fire fly and mr freeze.
    Batman doesnt need prep time hes able to fight formidably with the best of them, because he knows how to make use of what he has, iron mans suit is his own undoing. Its hands down batman.

  • Iron man wins because Luke your the dumbest person i know to say that iron man wont do his research because he does his research on his great opponent which i’m not going to lie batman would be one of then and he will only take a day to learn everything about batman. And if you think it would that easy to go to stark’s house your dumb. I mean iron man is a genius , he took bomb out and made energy out of it yes because his chest repulser is energy.
    so take that Luke and anyone who says batman would win

  • I vote Batman. Ironman fans must be aware that Batman has a VARIETY of weapons that are electricity-based. I doubt Ironman could sneak up on Batman since he’s so obvious, plus Stark doesn’t really think when he has his suit on. He doesn’t think about enemy tactics, which Batman is a master of. In hand-to-hand combat situation is when things get interesting. Ironman is pretty good at slugfesting, but only slugfesting. Anyone see Batman: Under the Red Hood? Nightwing took down a robot targeting it’s ears, Batman could do the same to Ironman in that situation. Also, Batman maybe just a human in tights, but the guy can lift 1000lbs+! He could easily put a dent in Ironman’s suit unless it’s made of some type unique material.
    Intelligence: Fans on both sides may argue that Ironman is smarter than Batman and vice versa, but Ironman is not exactly the cunning detective type. Batman has had training in criminology and is a master at tracking, Ironman flies around waiting for his opponent.
    So, I may not no EVERYTHING about Ironman but my vote goes to Batman.

  • Dudes ok first off i like ironman and Batman.
    iron i have to admit is very smart but your forgetting he only studied mechanical engineering and weapons where as Batman had no limits to Wat he had studied like forensics, weapon development, medicine etc. iron man barely won the fight shouldn’t iron monger the same as Batman barely won the fight against bane. They both ate prey equal but iron man does rush into fights. Batman how’ve takes his time plans everystep whether good our bad. Batman can and did take out every peon on the jl but ironman can Barly beat captain. Batman had his own robotic sit which every onr is forgetting about.Batman would over power iron man and subdue not kill him

  • @Deadpool – Take that energy away and what do you have? A man with no life. Batman can simply send an E.M.P shield that can disable his suit for maybe 10-30 minutes tops, Iron-man will risk running out of oxygen if he doesn’t take his mask of so in the long run he loses.

  • Money:
    Batman: As Bruce Wayne, Batman owns Wayne Enterprises. Wayne Enterprises is a major private technology firm that makes billions in profits. Did I mention that Bruce Wayne has a butler?
    Ironman: As Tony Stark, Ironman owns Stark Enterprises. Stark Enterprises makes weapons and sells them to people. Starks Enterprise is a struggling company that is public. He doesn’t even have a butler.
    Winner: Batman. Tony Stark is the shareholders’ bitch. Bruce Wayne answers to no one. Batman is like Goolge. Ironman is like Lycos or AltaVista. In fact, Wayne Enterprises could buy Starks Enterprises without even causing a dent in Bruce Wayne’s pocket.
    Batman: as a child, Bruce Wayne watches his parents gunned down in a hail of bullets by a madman. In front of him!! Filled with rage and anger, he turns to bats and learns martial arts. He then proceeds to kick everybody’s ass! Good or Evil, he doesn’t care. Batman will kick your ass!
    Ironman: Tony starks is a nerd that inherits his dad’s company. While in a warzone, He gets himself captured by the enemy and is almost killed. He then builds a suit to help him kick the ass of his captors. And he doesn’t even build the suit by himself….
    Winner: Batman! rage and anger turning a human into a bat is too cool to ignore.
    Batman: You name it, batman has invented it. He’s got hundreds of Batsuits and Batmobiles. Hell, he even has his own Iron Batsuit which is probably better than Ironman’s. Plus he’s got a kickass utility belt.
    Ironman: As Iron Man, Tony Stark possesses a powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons. Stark has developed several specialized Ironman suits for space travel, deep-sea diving, stealth and other situations.
    Winner: Batman. He’s got the utility belt..
    Batman: Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy. Evry girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him.
    Ironman: Tony Stark is an alcoholic.
    Winner: Bruce Wayne. He could steal your girlfriend. And you wouldn’t even be mad. You would be so happy that Bruce Wayne chose your girlfriend.
    Batman: Unlike the other superheroes, Batman uses his intellect, detective skills, science and technology to defeat his enemies. Rather than simply outfighting his opponents, Batman often uses cunning and planning to outwit them. Batman is physically at the peak of human ability in dozens of areas, notably martial arts, acrobatics, strength, and escape artistry. Intellectually, he is just as peerless.
    Ironman: Ironman is a walking tank that pulverizes everything in his path.
    Winner: Batman. Alhough a walking tank is really cool, being the peak of human ability is better…
    Batman: He’s got a friggin Bat on his chest!
    Ironman: He’s got a friggin laser cannon on his chest.
    Winner: They are both winners. We should combine both costumes to form a bat-shaped laser cannon.

    In the long run, Batman can Basically use an E.M.P and kill him where he stands.

  • Ok, i see it that way: Batman does not have any superpowers? In my oppinion Batmans Superpower is to always have a plan, always find a way, always do what is neccessary and so he always wins. He has beaten Superman several times, he has beaten Darkseid, he also has a way to defeat every single justice league member (towers of babel anyone?) and for those who do not know Batman HAS already beat Hulk in a Crossover! He used some sleeping gas (i’m not sure). I’m more into Marvel but i have to give DC Credit for the Batman. Putting a normal human beeing with incredible skills, technique, tactics and brains

  • I think that this forum is biased in favor of Batman due to his longer time under the spot light ironman being a genius and such knows his fault so he would go the extra leap as to make sure a measly emp wouldn’t shut him down his Ark reactor is also quiet well armored behind the suit if this was a in planned fight iron man hands down a fist to fist fight iron man hands down not because of his skill but bone(Batman) doesn’t do well against metal even if this was premeditated iron man would still win I mean if the man mad a suit to hold up to the hulk(as seen in world war hulk) than he would be ready against Batman

  • Here’s what would (probably) happen: They both fight evenly for a while. Then Batman whips out an EMP and Ironman gets destroyed.

  • If anybody here has seen ‘Dark Kight Rises”, then you know that batman has the technology to beat iron man…. I mean completely shut him down….that thing he uses to turn off all the cameras, and or shut down the lights in the motor cycle scene….. or the freaking tanks!!! If he had that it would be all too easy….

  • BATMAN WOULD WIN HANDS DOWN. if you ironman fans don’t agree then lets a walk down memory lane, iron man is just a suit with weapons-guy inside it is a drunk who usually gets his ass kicked. batman is an ideal/figure that strikes fear into everyone and usually provides the ass kicking.

    P.s. watch theirs movies again and you will see I’m right, iron man movies were more funny than epic, while the dark knight movies made me PISS MY PANTS FROM THE SHEER BADASSNESS. oy yea batman has a fucking emp the permenately shuts down technology around him.

    batman + emp= tony stark get brutally raped

  • Batman would not kill Tony Stark by disabling the arc reactor. One of the biggest points of Batman is that he can not kill or let anyone die.
    Also, Tony’s only help building the suit was a fellow prisoner that was only an assistant. Do you think that Batman created and built all of his stuff on his own. You forget Lucius Fox. He designed the Batwing, and turned Wayne Enterprises from a failing business into the company it is today. He is also the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and manages Bruce Wayne’s private and public finances. Without him Batman would be broke, and not have near as much technology. Also, Batman has Alfred, who takes care of Bruce’s personal and social life, and makes excuses when he disappears to become Batman. All Iron Man has is Pepper Pots, his girlfriend and secretary, she manages the company and his finances. Iron Man wins.
    And Iron Man has Intelligence. He built the armors, he figures out ways to take down superpowered enemies, and outsmarts his foes plenty of times, just like Batman. Iron Man never beat the Mandarin by marching in and blowing stuff up.
    Stark Industries only started to fail when he decided to SHUT IT DOWN AND STOP MAKING WEAPONS.
    A sneak attack, referred to as getting the drop on someone, always gives you a huge advantage. So no sneak attacks.
    Plus we are not talking about Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne. When Tony puts on that suit, he leaves the girls and alcohol behind.
    Tony is able to have no secret identity because he is so strong. Tons of people have gone after Tony without the suits. Guess who lived?
    Iron Man’s REAL ORIGIN: His father was murdered by the co-owner of his company, he was kidnapped by terrorists who were payed by the same man, and built a suit years beyond its time to escape. As well as a new heart. Tony Stark never was a nerd.
    Batman’s suit also augments his abilities, such as increasing his strength and speed.
    Batman does have firearm based weapons and gadgets. His Grappling GUN, his Batmobile has GUNS, his Batplane has GUNS, and etc.

    In a straight up fight, Iron Man would beat Batman. By a straight up fight, I mean they are both in armor with all of their stuff, they are the top one in their continuity, and they are in a situation where no one has an advantage. Batman does not have access to his vehicles, only the gadgets on his utility belt. Iron Man only has the one suit. Iron Man would win, but it would likely be close.

  • Batman would win hands f*cking down. Ironman built suits of power armor that’s all, but batman ALSO has suits of power if you were a kid that watch the old batman series he had the batarmor and on top of that hes a brilliant tactician.

  • bat man would win because batman is smarter. iron man would not be able to over come his drunkness long enough to figure it out so bat man would win

  • For the people comparing the movies, you’re idiots. The movies have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

    Iron man could easily win. Iron man has many suits, he could take batman into outerspace or drown him in the ocean.

    If there was no prep time, then I’d give it to iron man.

    But if there was prep time, I’d give it to batman.

    Batman had his back broken by Bane. Iron Man could do the same, considering He stood a good fight with Thor.

  • Don’t underestimate Iron Man, in the crossover mag, Batman was jocking Tony because he took the efficiency of a ship and improved it in mere hours, were as Batman said it would take him days to accomplish the same feat.

  • Iron Man vs Batman is the stupidest fight in the history of Marvel vs DC battles. Batman can’t penetrate Iron Man’s Suit and for people saying he would just kill Tony While he is sleeping well that would be Batman vs Tony Stark this is Batman vs Iron Man. Iron Man weighs 425 lbs in his suit so he cant punch him around and his suit is made out of Gold Titanium Alloy they uses that on space stations. If he try’s to punch him hard he will break his hand. A MUCH better fight would be Iron Man vs Green Lantern.

  • ok. look. every single person out there who thinks that batman would win, you are in complete denial. first off, batman rarely uses his armor suit, so STOP making that argument. with prep time, batman could redearch irknman and see his weaknesses, but that doesnt make much difference. lets say that every kne can use any gadget they please, including the batmobile. tony has a major advantage that. PEOPLE keep REFUSING to address. ironman has the capability to fly. batman can glide, but he cant push off the ground and shoot around like ironman. the minute batman and ironman meet up, ironman could shoot into the sky, target batman so the missile will chase him where ever he goes, and kill him. batmans coatume isnt really very reliably when it comes to protection, while bullets and batarangs would just bounce off ironman. even if you aim for the heart, ironman has made sure that is the most protected part of his body.
    here is my picture of the fight.
    ironman flies into the air, while batman stays on the grou d, or tries to chase him, either works. ironman targets batman, and BOOM! ironman wins.
    and remember that batman got defeated by baine after research, and baine isnt nearly as strong as ironman.
    also, when it comes to technology, ironman wins, no contest. sure, batman spices up his equipment, but ironman CREATES his. he has a personal robot, for god sake!
    now, all people who think batman would win, look at the facts.

    by by!

  • by the way, people keep saying ironman will be drunk. HE IS NOT DRUNK EVERYSINGLE MOMENT OF HIS LIFE!!!!!! he has some beer or wine at parties, but do you really think ironman would drink before going out as ironman? the dude can be reckless, but he still has a reputation to keep.

  • This fight really depends on the circumstance, the situation, and well a lot of stuff is batman has prep I might be able to see him pulling out a win, but without prep in a random encounter Iron Man would destroy him fairly easy, the suit just has too many ways to put him down for good and the speed factor it provides alone would allow him a win.

  • The movies aren’t cannon with the comics. Jarvis is actually a HUMAN butler.
    Batman would win, simply because he’s like a boy scout: he’s always prepared. Also, technological smarts don’t matter quite as much when you’re in the battle. Batman is more adaptable. Batman would win even if he didn’t have his utility belt.

  • There was a comparison between Bruce Wayne and Anthony Stark about who had more money, Stark won. Technology is created by both of them but Tony is creating suits of armor that have almost any weaponry you can imagine. Batman has his toys also but Tony wins in that department also. Both are incredibly smart, push in that department. Heck Batman could not be Captain America so, how is he going to beat Ironman? They are both badass and I would not want to meet them alone or if they teamed up.

  • Batman fans are so predictable-

    Batman vs. Spider-Man- Batman has magical gadgets and stuff

    Batman vs. Hulk- Batman has magical gadgets and stuff

    Batman vs. Jesus- Trick question, Batman is god and can’t fight himself

    Let’s face facts, in Iron Man 1, he’s shot by a tank, shrugs it off like nothing, then blows up the tank. In Batman 2, Batman is bitten by a dog and has to get stiches.

    Tank > Dog

    Iron Man > Batman

  • In Iron Man 3, Iron Man beats a genetically modified woman without his suite using a microwave and some gas. So, he can beat people and adapt to situations without his suite. Plus, the emp wouldnt matter because he has a defence against that.

  • Okay look. I’m a fan of both. Batman is admirable for what he does, and tony stark is as well. There both richer than bill gates, smarter than Einstein, and have the capability to be the best of all the superheroes. Batman is a master of prep, while ironman is a master of “get the fuck out my way! Boom!” Iron man, while smart in his field, does not match up to batman who is smart in ALL FIELDS. batman has beaten Darkseid, iron man got his face smashed by hulk. Darkseid>Hulk. However this all depends on prep time as well as which tech there allowed to use. If it was, say, batman from the movies and iron man as seen in iron man three, batman would ass rape him. The comic versions iron man has a slight advantage. In the end there both awesome and about equal when it comes to everything but strength.

  • darkseid>hulk is invalid since doomsday beat darkseid and doomsday and hulk are on the same level. Movie batman could barely handle bane let alone a man in armor so also invalid.

  • Depends,

    IronMan has more than a Hundred armors in Earth-616 alone and were not considering the others Earths.

    For example, Iron Man has atleast 3 HulkBusters, atleast 3 Stealth suits, 1 Asgardian suit, Some space armors etc. with almost any kind of weapon.

    Also, certain suits allow him to control all other armors at his will like the Mark XLII in IronMan 3.

    Of course, Batman can disable armors but then, some armors allows him to generate a forcefield or something that absorbs attacks.

  • Batman would wasily win. Also before i start litsing my reasons i am fans of both iron and batman, and im basing it all iff fact. Batman eould win without or without prep. With prep batman is practicly unstoppable. He id a master stratagist who has figuered out all of the justice leagues identities beforebhe joined them. In that prep time he would most likely have a pretty good idea of how one of ironmans suit works and has a plan for disabling it. Now it time for no prep!!! If it was a random encounter it would be a mixture of luck and skill. We all know of batmans godly utility belt. It allows him to carry numerous amounts of tools including a seemingly infinate number of batarangs. The chances of there being an emp grenade in there a statisticly high. Sure stark suit is most likely imune to military grade emps but has bruce ever settled for military level. While if brue didnt have an emp on him he would draw out the battle. It would be pretty obvious that when bats sees tony’s suit we are all sure that bruc would desuce that it has a power source that would obviously run out eventually, i mean he is the worlds greatest detective after all. So all he would hav to do is deaw out the battle. Batman could easily draw out the fight with his amazing reflexes. Tony’s suit obviously would have a large power source so it would take a long time to drain it but correct me if i’m wrong here but in the marvel dc crossover batman and captain america who were both evenly matched went at it for three days and i dont think the suit could last that long. So that is why bruce wayne tops tony stark.

    Ps bruce has alot more chicks than tony and they’re much hotter

  • you need people like me. you need people like me to point the finger and say that’s the bad guy. what’s that make you? good? your not good you just know how to lie how to hide. me i always tell the truth even when I lie. so say good night to the bad guy.

  • Say “what” again! SAY “what” again! I dare you! I double-dare you, motherfucker! Say “what” one more goddamn time!

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