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Make a Living and Still Be a Performer

While the idea of a struggling artist may be romantic, it’s not financially appealing over the long haul. But creative types, worry no more: Income-producing career opportunities abound for the performance artist looking to go from starving to successful. Here are just a few of those career choices.

1. Public Speaker

Performance artists with a gift of gab and a passion for a specific topic can cash in using their silver tongues. Learn how people in the performing arts started their career as professional public speakers.

2. Artrepreneur

Artists are natural entrepreneurs because of their creativity, passion, and determination. Identify a content or product business that you would like to start, and then treat your business development like one big art project. Need some motivation? Read about other successful performers that made it happen and how they launched their own creative business.

3. Voice-Over Talent

Reading audio scripts for commercials, documentaries, training videos and even animated movies can bring healthy paychecks for performance artists with a talent for interpretation. Performance artists are especially well-suited to voice over work because they have strong interpretation skills. But just how do you become one?

4. Corporate Trainer

Training corporate employees is a natural fit for the performance artist who enjoys speaking in front of a live audience. As America becomes a knowledge economy, the outlook for corporate trainers is strong, and can be a stable, yet creative career option. Learn more about becoming a corporate trainer, you may be surprised at how much you like the idea.

Do What You Do Best

So the best way to be a successful artist is to be what you are naturally: a rebel. When everyone is telling you you’ll never make money as an artist, prove them wrong. Do it. And do it bigger and better than you thought possible.

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