Did you know that most recruiters only review a resume for about 10-30 seconds? You want to make a good first impression which is why the layout and style of a resume is so important. Below are some simple resume templates to help you lay out your background information in a clean, presentable way. The best part is they are free. To get started download the resume that represents your personality and career-style best and go to town filling in your information.

Resume Template #1: The Creative

If you’re the creative personality that can’t stand the thought of being represented by plain black and white, this is the resume for you. This layout adds a pinch of creativity along with your own jazzed up information to show employers you have what it takes to think outside the box.

Resume 1

Resume Template #2: The Critical Thinker

Problem solving and drawing conclusions is your forte, which is why this resume suits you perfectly. You are all about experimenting and drawing conclusions or should I say “drawing the line?”

Resume 2

Resume Template #3: The Classic

Very opposite of the creative diva, you like the idea of being represented in black and white. You’re approach to the workforce is timeless and does well across the board. You like to get to the point and don’t need anything distracting from it, which is why this resume template is perfect for you.

Resume 3

Resume Template #4: The Bold

You refuse to be lost in a crowd and you aren’t afraid to show it. You are the business entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to speak up, make decisions, and take risks. This is resume bold, but how else would you make your point?

Resume 4

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