Some information about college students is easy to get and easy to understand. Other data makes a person scratch their head. Listed below are some statistics that apply to college students which might make the reader feel an itch on their scalp. To become part of the college world CLICK HERE and speak with an education advisor.


Looking for someone?

1. Average Number of College Graduates per year – 1,750,000
2. Average Number of College Students Enrolling per year – 2,350,000
3. Average Number of Male College Students Enrolling per year – 775,000
4. Average Number of Female College Students Enrolling per year – 1,575,000
5. Co-ed College with the highest percentage ratio of Women to Men – Randolph College: 99.58% (Lynchburg, VA)
6. Co-ed College with the lowest percentage ratio of Women to Men – Southern University and A & M College, 62.5% (Baton Rouge, LA)

How many are there?

7. Average number of college dropouts per year – 1,125,000
8. Average number of college transfers per year – 1,250,000
9. Average number of delinquent college student loans – 7.4% of all outstanding loans ($18 million total)
10. Average amount of delinquent college student loans – $16,700
11. Number of college student loans written off each year – 18,345 (Private & Public loans)
12. Number of college student marriages each year – 42,500
13. Number of college student divorces each year – 2,750
14. Number of college student bankruptcies each year – 9,300

What’s it all worth?

15. Average wage of student’s first job out of college – $20/hr
16. Average wage of student job in college – $11/hr
17. Average income of two college-graduate families – $89,000/yr
18. Average income of Associate’s degree graduate – $37,000/yr
19. Average income of Bachelor’s degree graduate – $47,000/yr
20. Average income of Master’s degree graduate – $49,000/yr
21. Average income of PhD. Degree graduate – $51,250/yr

Popular Jobs and their Value.

22. Average income of a Psychologist -$82,386/yr
23. Average income of a Social Worker – $49,573/yr
24. Average income of a Business Administrator – $43,022/yr
25. Average income of a Computer Network Administrator – $52,525/yr
26. Average income of an Artist – $47,596/yr
27. Average income of a Writer – $29,000/yr
28. Average income of a Refuse Transportation Specialist (Garbage Man) – $35,575/yr
29. Average income of a Soil Relocation Engineer (Ditch Digger) – $24,000/yr

Paying and paying.

30. Average college student’s debt after college – $23,700
31. Average college student’s debt payment per month – $432/month

Where are students going?

32. Average number of college students attending Spring Break – 1,125,000
33. Average number of college students arrested at Spring Break – 88,750
34. Average number of miles traveled to get to Spring Break – 934 miles
35. Average number of college parties attended per year – 62


36. Average number of parking tickets per college student each year – 2
37. Average number of missed classes per college student each year – 26
38. Average number of dropped classes per college student each year – 2
39. Average food budget for college students each year – $2,800 (incl. beverages)

Whatcha’ got?

40. Most common car driven by college students – Toyota Yaris
41. Most common scooter driven by college students – GS Motor Works CY50-B – $769
42. Most common item stolen from college students – iPod

What does it all mean?

Whether you are a student in one of the categories listed above or just becoming a student, these numbers reflect what can be expected in and out of college for most students.

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