Job seekers need to use every tool available needs to get their information under the eyes of potential employers. It’s important to think of the job search process not just as looking for a job, but of selling yourself. And everyone knows that anyone with something to sell has to have a corresponding website.

That’s what an HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) resume is—a website selling you to future employers. Some people still do traditional paper-through-snail-mail resumes, but that’s no longer enough. An HTML resume needs to be added to that.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an HTML resume:

1. Everything anyone needs to know about you into one short link

You can send an email to employers introducing yourself and allowing them to click on the link. You can print it on a business card. You can jot it down quickly if you run into someone, and it’s easily memorable to anyone who knows your name.

2. It’s easy for a recipient to share

If the HR manager thinks you’re qualified, she can just forward your link to the head of the department. If someone needs copies of your resume, they just click print. The easier you make life for the people receiving your information, the more likely they are to like you.

3. There are no limits

The rule of thumb for a paper resume is a one-page cover letter, and no more than 2 pages for your professional information. But what can that really say about you? Not much. In an HTML resume, you can make that basic stuff your home page, but then you can put extensive information about different jobs and projects on different pages and link to them from the home page. So, if you list in your resume that you headed a project, you can then link to another page and tell all about your role in heading that project.

4. It makes you look good

It’s such a simple technique, but you look impressive if you locate your information online. You’re up to date, competent in different media, and know your way around technologies that everyone has to learn eventually—and that companies depend on. Computers are the foundation of business in both the present and future, while paper is tied to the past, and older, outdated ways of doing things. Nodody’s going to hire you because you’re good at what they used to do. They’ll hire you for being good at what they’re going to do.

5. It’s always working for you

It’s immediately accessible, and will come up if your prospective employer has automatic searches running for people with your qualifications. You can’t be found by search programs on the internet if you’re not on the internet. If a recruiter or HR rep takes work home, she doesn’t have to have a bag full of files; she can just search for seekers with the qualifications she needs, and she can do it from any computer, including her personal laptop or tablet—or even her Smartphone.

Click here to learn how to start an HTML resume.

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