Should You Forget About Getting a Career in Real Estate?

With the economic drop, the  real estate market has changed drastically and the idea of selling a home has some people panic stricken. while the old ways of doing real estate may be going out the window, agents who have been rolling with the punches have found new opportunities in the housing market.

If there is a passion. there is a way, and real estate agents are proving success despite the economy and enjoying the sweet lifestyle of the self-employed.

A New Outlook

Author and Entreprenuer Seth Godin gave some great examples of finding your own niche opportunities in real estate. He said, “Become the expert in what you do. Which means micro-specialization. Who is the single-best agent for condos in your zip code? Or for single family homes for large families? Who is the one and the only best person to turn to if you’re looking for investment property in this part of town?” This is just one example of the thinking behind agents who are fighting their way back to the top.

Opportunities in the Field

Even though real estate careers revolve around commercial and private properties, the business isn’t just for people who have a knack for sales. Here are other great opportunities in the industry:

  • Broker: There are more than 400,000 agents in the United States who help buyers and sellers make real estate transactions for both commercial and private properties. In return, brokers get paid commission for the property.
  • Appraiser: If you have a keen eye for potential and value of properties, a career as an appraiser could be a perfect match. Appraisers are hired by companies or banks to determine property value for refinancing homes or new sales.
  • Advisor: Since real estate can’t be put in an envelope to give to a bank, properties are a big investments that constantly need to be looked at. Advisors take a look at the market to help investors pick out properties likely in increase in value.
  • Entrepreneur: Real estate investment isn’t like buying a car or computer;  value of properties don’t decrease over time, especially if you put effort into making small improvements. So by investing in properties, renovating run-down homes and using your business skills, you can join the ranks of some of the biggest fortunes made in real estate.
  • Property Manager: Many people buy properties and rent them out as long term investments because, over time, the properties begin to rake in quite a bit of money (i.e. apartment and condo owners). Managers simply handle these properties and take care of the tenants, while looking into long term care of the property.
  • Construction and Development: You have to be a hard-working handyman to get into this branch of real estate, but in the long run you can start your own business handling small construction and development projects.

Why People Love the Industry

Real estate is a great industry to get into if you like to work around your own schedule. Not only can you do the required certification classes on your watch, but most of the time your schedule is as flexible as you want because you are essentially your own boss. Another advantage of the real estate business is you can do it as a side job to make a few extra bucks or even as a hobby. Since the hours are so flexible, you can work them around a full-time job.

“The lifestyle is truly what you make it. My lifestyle is absolutely fantastic,” Micah Lauchtman, a realtor in Pasadena, Calif., said in an interview with “Being a realtor really allows you to design your own life and your own schedule. If you’re not a morning person, that’s OK. If you’re a night owl – fantastic. Really, you can make real estate work for you.”

Things to Consider…

Real estate jobs are oftentimes slaves to the housing market. Since the economy crashed and the end of home-buyer tax credits, property sales overall have been down. There are still people buying properties, but less are buying additional properties to turnover or rent out. Another disadvantage of real estate is the sometimes dicey paycheck. When you make a huge sale, it often comes with a huge commission. But if you’re in the middle of a dry spell, there may not be much income.

The Final Sale

Overall, the demand for jobs in the real estate business grows daily and, according to Realtor magazine, the housing market has become more and more promising over this last decade, despite the housing-market crash. But regardless of the market, there’s always a need, especially in larger cities and growing communities where people are constantly searching for new homes and properties.


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