The Ability to Adapt to Change

Chameleons have been a successful species in the wild for ages because of their color-changing skin. At any given moment, they are flexible enough to camouflage themselves to match the environment around them, hiding them from predators. A similar ability is needed to be successful in business. The ability to adapt to change.

A solid business degree can open up your career opportunities to a wide variety of fields. The principles you learn in the degree (such as analyzing, organizing, and managing resources) can be applied across the board. Not only that but this solid background and understanding of management and financial analysis, can give you the advantage you need to work in just about any field you are interested in.

Traits of Effective Business Leaders

Many business degree holders go on to become managers, supervisors, corporate vice-presidents, CEOs, and successful entrepreneurs. But you won’t get to the top of your career field without the right degree training and personality traits. Here are some traits that make up successful business gurus:

Business Degree Pros and Cons

Solid basics: Although you never have to take a single business course to work in the corporate world or build your own company, earning a business degree helps. One of the great things about a business degree is its flexibility. Through your coursework, you’ll get a solid understanding of good business practices, management, finance, and marketing.These will help you become a great job candidate for many business careers in HR, sales, financial analysis, marketing, human resources, and more.

Better Pay: In addition, business majors will generally make a larger salary than business professionals who never completed a degree program. With a degree in business, your earnings potential is limitless. As an entry-level business professional you’ll earn about $30,000/year, but as you work hard, gain promotions, and move into management positions, you could earn a salary in the $100-200,000/year range. And if you decide to go into business for yourself as an entrepreneur, you could make money like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

Risky Business: Although becoming a self-made millionaire sounds great, the business world can be full of risks. Many business start-ups fail and most never come close to reaching the level of Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, or McDonald’s. In addition, broad versatility can come with its drawbacks.

With a degree in business, you’ll have a lot of competition in the job market from people who may have more specialized training in specific trades or fields. And you may have trouble finding a new job if you are ever laid off. When you do find a new job, you may have to start at a lower level than you were previously and will have to work your way up again.

Looking Outside Yourself to Be More Valuable

Warren Buffet once said, “I tell students to do work for an organization you admire or an individual you admire, which usually means that most MBAs I meet become self-employed.” What Buffet is poking fun at is that many business professionals are only out for themselves, but good business is never built on the success of one man.

Instead, Daniel Pink, Author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, says that good businesses are focused on principles that are bigger than themselves. He notes that business practices that remind owners and employees about the benefit they will provide to society through their actions often outperform their self-interested counterparts.

The Business Challenge

This is your challenge as you go out into the world as a business degree holder. How will you use your drive and vision to improve the world around you using the principles you learned through your business degree?

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