There are many different types of financial aid that students can receive to help pay for college. From scholarships, to grants and student loans, there is no shortage of financial aid available. With the cost of attending college constantly rising, more and more students are needing help in the form of financial aid. Literally billions of dollars are available to help students pay for college, and we thought you’d be interested in knowing some of the facts. Facts like more than 9 million students will receive a Pell Grant for the 2011-2012 school year. Or the fact that there is over $135 billion available in financial aid. You can even get a scholarship for studying the Klingon language! Don’t let not having enough money be the determining factor when deciding to attend college or not. With hard work, federal or private financial aid can go a long way in helping you have a great college experience.


Get in Contact with an Adviser

To be eligible for any financial aid you must be enrolled in an approved university. Classes and Careers helps you make that decision. To get enrolled in a university and learn more about financial aid all you have to do is GET IN CONTACT with an education adviser.

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