Smart Thinking Designers Whose Pockets Aren’t Empty

One of the biggest myths about a design career is that there’s no money it in. This is not entirely true. There is money in the “right” design careers. According to a survey of design careers, experienced architects earned an average income of $100,723 and interior designers as much as $97,800.There are avenues in design that people don’t realize are money makers for the creative guru. So don’t close out of photoshop just yet; new career options may be opening up that are just your style. Literally.

The Design Career

You might be surprised at the huge variety of careers that are considered to be part of the Design industry. Businesses of all kinds need creative people to design everything from a small website logo to large corporate buildings. Designers are asked to make a vision for new products and designs and to bring sketches to life in a functional and comprehensive way.

Successful Design Industries

The fields with the most design oriented careers include the computer and information technology industry and the construction and design industry, and there’s lots of money to be made in both.

For example,  did you know American’s spent over $13 billion dollars just on the interior design of their homes?

Take a look at the following list of growing design careers that are found in the computer and information technology industry and the construction and design industry:

  • Digital Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Interior Design
  • Drafting CAD Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Landscape Design

Designing Personality

Designers that do well in the industry often have a better  head on their shoulders than people people give them credit for. A great designer has the following attributes:

  • An ability to identify style and fashion trends
  • Detail oriented while staying focused on the big picture
  • Very time-driven and money conscious. Able to complete projects by deadlines and stay within budget
  • Excellent communication skills and with an ability to understand and meet  customers needs and expectations

In a study where 65 different designers were asked to take a personality test, the results indicated that the majority of designers are “less akin to the stereotypical touchy-feely artist and more like engineers who always keep the big picture in mind.

Designing In the Recession

Like all careers, design professions are impacted by the economy. The “Great Recession” has impacted many design careers, but as the economy begins to strengthen, jobs are coming back.

For example, the building and architectural industries were devastated by the recession. But with or without a  recession, people still need spaces to live and work and the designers who create them.  Mathew Lynch, a Senior Consultant at Woods Bagot predicted,” Steady and sustained growth will continue throughout 2011 in the architectural industry, helped by personal and commercial consumers who are expected to take advantage of eased credit markets, moderately priced property and a competitive construction market.”

Many design careers in the information technology and computer industry have remained strong despite the recession. “Many Web designers are finding that their business is booming or at least holding steady during this recession. While some clients pull back their Web spending during a recession either because they are nervous about spending or because they are simply running out of money, many others are investing more toward their online resources, making Web design an attractive industry,”

Not All Design Jobs Are Coming Up Roses

A very popular design career that is currently facing less than ideal prospects is fashion design. Its predicted job growth will be only 1% through 2018 according to This highly sought career field attracts many young people with dreams of money and fashion runways, but it’s impossible to make it big in this strained industry without incredible patience,an extraordinary work ethic and talent.

With jobs like these designers need to evaluate their options. Is it impossible to succeed in this industry ? No. But it may not be the smartest avenue to pursue.There aren’t a lot of big dream breaks in fashion. However, if you really love it and are willing to work hard with very little money in return, you may be able to climb up the ranks.

Getting Design Jobs in the Recession

There are design jobs to be had even during this recession. Designers are creative people who can use their creativity to keep a paycheck coming in.

Freelance: Some designers are becoming freelancers and doing project based worked. This can also be a great time to strike out on your own and start your own interior design or web design business. This also helps build your network and portfolio in the industry.

Networking: It’s important to network as much as possible and maintain relationships that can lead to more work. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Sweet Portfolio: Keep a great looking portfolio of your design work updated and ready to show to clients at any time. People are starting to display their design capabilities in new ways far beyond the standard resume. Check out this link that shows how to vamp your design image in social media and other channels. These are great new ideas to market yourself as a designer.

One Last Word

Don’t lose hope. Your talents as a designer don’t have to go to waste. If you play the game smart, there are plenty of avenues to make money and be successful in this industry.

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