Getting Attention Through Blogging

Harper Reed to join the Obama 2012 campaign as chief technology officer. He will focus on helping field operators improve voter contact.

Why Reed? What work experience does he have in politics? Absolutely none. In fact, the only real experience the 33-year-old “hipster” who wears thick, rectangular glasses and gauge earrings and whose oft changing wild hair style ranges from mohawk to pompadour has is BLOGGING. has allowed him to create such a high profile presence for himself on the web that people from Venture Capital Firms to the president have come calling over and over again.

And blogging might just be your secret weapon too because it is fast replacing archaic tools like resumes and work histories. Especially if you don’t have a lot of experience, the blogosphere can be the perfect place to convince prospective employers that you have something to offer. Even if you do have experience, blogging is the single best way to show what you know about something you like, are good at, or both.

Do you like playing video games? Then blog about it. That’s what Matt Casamassina did until the big boys at Apple came calling and hired him as global editorial games manager for the App Store last year.

Corynne Steindler, editor of the media gossip blog Jossip was hired to write for the New York Post’s Page Six and Gawker’s Jessica Coen was hired to be deputy online editor for Vanity Fair.

An Australian blogger, Steven Wade, who loved writing about Saab cars was recently hired by the Sweedish automaker after Saab board chair Victor Muller said he “played a key role in saving Saab.”.

Now obviously everyone who writes a blog is not going to snag a high profile job like these, but there are literally thousands of others great jobs out there that blogging can help you get.

That’s because social media marketing is the new buzz phrase in fields ranging from journalism and public relations to politics and pet grooming and everything in between. In a world where publicity is often more important than productivity, even industries as conservative as the legal, medical, and government fields are seeking young entrepreneurial types with some subject matter expertise to attract new business and new traffic to their websites. Other companies are hiring bloggers to analyze and predict customer trends like Casamassina above. And some companies simply use the blogosphere to find out how much you know about their industry before they hire you.

How to Get Started

Find a Topic You Love

Steve Rubel, executive vice president of Edelman PR, says blogging is the keystone to “uncovering the hidden job market.” Identify the thing you know better than anybody else, he suggests, and then work it. Write blog posts, preferably on a service where others can find and share your work, like Tumblr. Write for other sites, Rubel says, and point to your own blog address, and use graphics and video when possible. Create your own brand around the thing you want to do, and then attend industry events where you can capitalize on your online presence with real life relationships and with key decision makers.

Set up a Blog

You can start out by opening an account with a free blogging service such as or Title it with your own name or give it a catchy title that includes your name so prospective employers find it easily when they search your name.

Keep the Conversation Going

Keep your blog entries short and conversational – around 500-1000 words. You can post as much or as little as you want but the most effective blogs are like TV series – they keep going so that readers can tune in each week for more.

Use Popular Keywords

Make the blog as visible as possible by including as many heavily searched key words or topics. A quick check of the top yahoo or google searches of the week is a good place to start. Referring to Kim Kardashian or Lil Wayne is not always easy in a blog about stock trends but do your best.

Know the Industry

Set up a Google news alert to receive e-mails about stories with keywords from your industry. Link to those articles on your blog, and write about whether you agree with them and why. If you attend a seminar or industry trade meeting, blog about an interesting speaker or a topic discussed.

Connect Your Social Media Network

Also make sure you link your blog to your facebook and linkedIn accounts. Then check and double check your posts for spelling and grammar. And don’t say anything you will ever be ashamed or embarrassed about a prospective employer reading.

Blogging can be the route to a new job or the career of your dreams. And if they don’t come looking for you. You can start looking for them.

Here are a few sites where employees are actively looking for bloggers to hire. Good luck and good blogging!

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