It used to be nearly impossible for moms with kids at home to go back to college. However, with the development of non-traditional colleges and online schools, moms are finding ways to pursue their career and education dreams while raising a family. Check out the testimonial below.

Rashell Hagler: College Mom with 5 Kids

Video Transcript: I chose an online school because I am a mother of 5 kids and my husband actually got his bachelor’s degree first through an online program. And with him working full time and, I believe, I was working at the same time too. And he had already had his associate’s, so he just went through the two years to finish up with his bachelor’s. But it was amazing. It just went so fast and it’s like it didn’t even really feel like he was in school. I mean, the transition was so easy. And you know for me, being at home with the five kids and stuff, its like I can wake up early in the morning. I can get my run in, you know? I can get the kids off to school. I can be downstairs on the computer for a couple hours getting in my homework in for the day and I can play mom for the rest of the day. I am there when my kids come home. I mean, seriously, why not? I mean I don’t know how anybody could drive to a campus and do it when they have kids or a job. I don’t get it. But everything is there online.</>

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