5 Reasons to Get Your Psychology Degree Online

Can 4.6 million people be wrong? This is the number of students taking at least one course online in 2008. A course here and there is one thing, but an entire degree, you ask? Why not?

As the popularity of internet education has grown, so have your options and the quality of them. Online programs undergo accreditation and offer genuine diploma-granting, employer-acknowledged degrees, just like their physical classroom counterparts. But…an online education offers some advantages. If you agree with the following five statements, an online psychology degree might be for you:


1. You Value Your Time

When I Want – Study and complete assignments at your own pace, on your own schedule. Everything else in your life will not come to a halt because you are getting an education. You still need time for other responsibilities. This often includes work and a psychology career already in the making. While obtaining a degree online, a full-time job, kids, and American Idol can all be worked into your day. Coursework can be completed when it is convenient for you, whether that be during commercial breaks or between your early morning work shift and your evening nap.

Jimmy L. Middlebrook, Ph.D, Program Director at Walden University sums it up, “[Students] are able to complete their academic requirements when and where they choose, within specified timeframes. Therefore, they don’t have to sacrifice their professional lives to advance their education.”

Where I Want – No classroom means less hassle – no time spent driving to and from – no required three hours twice a week in a room with other students who may or may not want to be there. Your classroom is your living room, own office, or favorite Starbucks.

Without the constraints of a rigid schedule, your degree is earned on your watch, not someone else’s.

2. You Like To Save Money

Lower tuition sounds good. This may or may not be the case, depending on the program. However, you will still save money:

  • Nothing spent on extra materials – download lectures, assignments, notes – everything you need
  • No room and board – the cost of “going away to school” is very much inflated by these pricey items
  • No childcare costs for your time in the classroom
  • No commuting expenses – gas tank money and $5 coffee or value meals on the go
  • No full-time enrollment required – if you want to take one class because that is all your wallet can handle right now, go for it. A better payment schedule based on your bank statement can save on loans in the long run.

3. You Want the Flexibility of a Yoga Instructor

The courses you want. The classes relevant to your major. Elective classes are usually not required unless directly related to your psychology major. Traditional schools often want their students to round themselves out by completing courses in bowling, sailing, basket-weaving, etc. An online education will allow you to select more freely the courses that will serve you best. Study specifically what you need to learn for your job. Learn how to make ice sculptures some other time, not on your college dime.

Mix and match. If one school does not offer a course you desire, look for another. Do a bit of checking. You want to ensure the school awarding your degree will be recognizing any credits you are considering pursuing elsewhere. Still, it’s not as if you are commuting to several schools. They are all at your fingertips. You can take advantage of this convenience and make your course selection even more flexible and tailored to your needs.

With the growing number of online degree options, you can also find programs at whichever level you seek. Whether you are starting a career and would like a bachelor’s in psychology, or desire to further your career with a master’s, Ph.D. or Psy.D., all degree levels are available online.

Whichever degree level you complete, psychology paves a road that can lead to myriad directions. Specialties available through online degree programs include:

  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology

4. Location Location Location

Programs otherwise unavailable due to distance are right in front of you. Travel or possibly even a move need not be considered. Are there no good psychology programs nearby? Or maybe no schools at all? Not a problem. Get a degree from whichever school of psychology you wish, from the college down the street or down the continent.

Because the location is pretty much wherever you are, not where the school is, commuting to class is also improved. By avoiding classroom visits, you avoid weather worries, class cancellations, car trouble, and other commuting concerns.

5. Keepin’ It Simple

Life is complicated enough. Make college as simple as possible.

Class availability. Classroom size. These are no longer a concern. Psychology is a popular major, creating the potential for competition for a spot in the classroom. Virtual classrooms have no physical constraints.

Registration – click. Tuition payments – click. Professor contact – click. Everything is simplified by completing it online. No required visits to an administration office.

Submit assignments – click. Receive assignments and grades – click. As long as you don’t lose power, things should not get lost. Turning in a term paper is no longer a hassle. An email at midnight gets it there on time, and you could be in your pajamas when you submit it.

Go For It!

Online education is not just for those looking to learn Microsoft Excel for Teachers. It is a legitimate route to furthering your career, your finances, your time, and your world. You will need certain skills to navigate this route. If these are in place, and the above reasons sound appealing, an online degree could be your answer.

Take advantage of the shortcuts and payouts offered by an online education. Many respectable psychology degree programs are awaiting your click now.

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