That All-Important Degree

While earning a bachelor’s degree is a great accomplishment, some people think it is not enough.  With the status of the present economy, it is hard to spell out stability.  You may have a good job at the moment but there is no way to tell future advancement, or at least, whether you would be able to keep your job for years.  The job market is getting tough, and your best solution is to equip yourself with the necessary skills and credentials to stand out from the rest.

From Personal Experience

Kristine, a special education teacher at Wichita Public Schools revealed her worries about the recent budget cut.  Lots of certified and non-certified staff lost their jobs.  “I usually look at the brighter side, but I have to be honest with you, I’m not really sure if everything will get better soon.”  Although thankful that she has kept her position to this point, her mind is not at rest.  “Yes, I was saved last school year, but we don’t know who’ll be next in the row, I guess we just need to be prepared,”  she added.

Aside from attending training and seminars this summer, Kristine also makes use of her time pursuing her master’s degree in education.  She claimed that having a master’s degree will allow her to be an expert in her area, and schools need experts to uphold the quality of education and produce better graduates.  “I have been teaching in this school district for 5 years now, and when it comes to performance, I am confident that I have given my best.  But good work performance seems to be not enough.  I need to boost my credentials as well,” she shared.

Kristine is just one of many other professionals who paved their way back to the academie.  Every year, more people choose to pursue a post-graduate degree and their reasons vary.

Anna, who got laid off from Cessna Aircraft Company, has decided to be a freelance accountant and at the same time, pursue her MBA this year.  “Having an MBA will bring better opportunities for me.  Going back to school takes a lot of effort and dollars, but it will pay.  I know it will.”

Deciding to Go Back to School

Despite the fact that tuition fees are too much, more and more professionals decide to go back to school. Some of their reasons are tangible, like a promised raise or promotion upon completion of the degree. Others are intangible, like pride for your achievement.  Having a post-graduate degree will indeed yield many benefits.

  1. Better Career Prospects
    In this day and age, education is everything. Experience matters, also, but more and more employers are viewing the education credentials of candidates with a sharp eye. Those who have the highest level of education have an edge over those candidates with less formal education. The demand for master’s degrees has risen over recent years.
  2. A Chance to Change Direction
    If you got a degree in a field that you don’t enjoy, getting a post-graduate degree will allow you to pursue a new direction while adding the benefit of more education. While a bachelor’s in accounting and another bachelor’s in early childhood education look nice on a resume, having the accounting BA coupled with an MBA in early childhood education looks even better.
  3. Promotions and Financial Advantages
    Some companies offer job promotions for employees who are “expert” in their field and those who have the appropriate credentials for the job.  Taking post-graduate courses in your field can help move you to the front of the line when the next promotion becomes available.  A raise also means more money to bring home.
  4. Self-Employment
    If you have been dreaming of starting your own business, getting an MBA can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make it a success. MBA holders who start their own businesses are more likely to succeed in the venture, according to research.
  5. Networking
    Teamwork is a large part of many post-graduate degrees. In addition to learning more about your field, your degree will make you become a more valuable employee.  You will enjoy countless new networking opportunities that could lead to bigger and better things.
  6. Status
    Having an MBA is a resume-builder, not to mention a confidence builder. It will feel great to earn it and sharing it will feel even better. In addition to the feel-good quality, having a master’s degree can also help you meet the requirements for entry to different clubs and organizations.
  7. Credibility
    Earning a post-graduate degree shows that you are both interested in the subject matter and it demonstrates that you are well-versed in it. When discussing different situations with peers and customers, you will have more credibility because you have a valid and reliable credential.
  8. Better Preparation for Handling Problems
    When you earn a post-graduate degree you will learn more aspects of your field and you will go more in-depth into different aspects of it. With this additional knowledge and training you will be better prepared to handle problems that may come your way. You will have an excellent grasp of the language and the various terms that are used in the industry.
  9. Change the World
    Knowledge is power, and post-graduate degrees can provide you with the knowledge you need to make positive changes in the world around you. Take the skills from your MBA and apply them towards political changes in your town or environmental improvements in your area.
  10. Confidence
    Post-graduate degrees aren’t easy to earn. They take hard work and dedication. Successfully completing a program will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Knowing you have the skills that are required in a field will help you do your job better or lend you a stronger presence in interviews.

You can never have too much education. Improve your skills, expand your knowledge and give yourself a brighter future by investing in yourself with a post-graduate degree. Take advantage of tuition programs your employer may offer to help pay for the degree, or make good use of your time if you are laid off by returning to school and getting the degree. Having a post-graduate degree will boost your self-confidence and self-worth.  It can also earn you more respect from your peers.

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