Lately there’s this little thing called “surviving nursing school” that’s been giving you nightmares and making you have second thoughts. Well before you kiss your future career good-bye, take a look at these ways that will lighten the stress and make nursing school a positive experience.

When Possible, Reschedule Major Life Changing Events

Have you got any big plans coming up? It’s a good idea to get major events over with or put them on hold while attending nursing school. For example, getting married in the middle of the semester or having a second child may cause unneeded external stress. Nursing students need to look for ways to decrease outside stress. By rearranging or rescheduling weddings, non-essential surgeries, and other stressful inducers, it may make those life changing events easier and happier ones that won’t make you drop out of school.

Get Support From Family and Friends

Try to get support on board before you start school by educating family and friends about what’s involved with school and how your schedule will work. You may need to ask for extra help. If you have the support of family, friends, and other loved ones, you will have a much greater chance of succeeding in nursing school. Don’t forget to thank family and friends and be there for them when you can be.

Taking Care of You

It’s important to stay focused on the right things while attending nursing school. You need to take care of yourself first.

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Exercise
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Don’t forget to get a flu shot
  5. Take time to do something you enjoy, besides going to school

Get Ready to Focus and Study

“To be prepared is half the victory,” a famous quote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra has everything to do with being successful in nursing school.  Successful nursing students show up for class ready and prepared to learn. Take a look at these nursing school success tips:

  1. Show up for class on time. No skipping class in nursing school. Its college. They don’t care if you don’t show up, but you’re the one paying for it. You’ll pay even more when you flunk the exam and have to re-take a class.
  2. Be awake during class and clinicals and ready to focus.
  3. Take good notes or get a recorder and then write or type your notes later. If a teacher says something will be on an exam, take note of that. The best way to learn stuff is to hear it, write it, and read it again.
  4. Complete assigned classroom reading and additional reading when you’ve got the time, preferably before the class and write down any questions you might have.
  5. Be part of the class. Let your instructors know you exist. If you participate, you retain more information because you’re actually paying attention.
  6. Study for exams. Go through notes after class and again before tests.
  7. Show up on time for clinicals. Know where you are going. Make sure your uniform looks good and have the right attitude.
  8. Listen to your teachers and try to respect them. They have real ‘nursing world’ experience and want you to make it through nursing school successfully.

Don’t Get to Your Burn-Out Point

Avoid hitting your burn-out point. If you start feeling frayed at the ends, see what you can do to reschedule, revamp, and rework things. Don’t let your stress take over your life. You don’t want nursing school to make you a patient. If you start feeling overwhelmingly anxious, depressed, fearful, or otherwise unwell, talk to a faculty advisor and get some help. Nursing school will test your mental, emotional, and physical abilities, but you are up to the challenge if you can put the stress in a positive place and move forward one step at a time.

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