At the, representative in our inbound call-floor get to talk all day with people looking for more guidance on how to go back to school to get a degree. Recently we had our call-floor reps give us 17 random responses throughout the day. The most telling questions were:

  1. What is motivating you to get a college degree?
  2. How will this degree help you with your future and your goals?

We found the responses to these questions to be interesting and worth publishing here. Our goal:  to better understand the needs of future students and help online universities create better curriculum and opportunities for these people to achieve their goals.

Donovan (21), Business Management

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: My future, family, and myself. I really want a good life in the future to take care of my family; take care of myself.

Q: In what ways do you feel like earning your degree will help you build a good life for you and your family in the future.

Response: It will give me more stability, more focus, more confidence and determination. I’ll know for myself that I was able to acquire this degree and I can do something with it; not just sitting on it.

Q: How do you feel getting a degree would change the way an employer would view you as a job candidate?

Response: It would change their view because they would see a more stable person, more qualified. I don’t really have strong qualified job background, but with this, they will start looking at my degree, what I did, what I can accomplish, and what I will do for them. What I will bring to their company. Then later on, take from what I learned there, and improve myself in my own company.

Linda (46), Health Care Administration

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: Been out of work for 2 years and I really want to advance my skills, change careers. I want to get back in the work force. I love doing that kind of work. Last couple of years I worked in a rehab hospital working with people and patients. I just want to get back and work and advance more, learn more.

Violetta (23), Culinary Arts

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: I love to cook, anything that has to do with cooking. So to me, it’s like if you are going to go to work, you might as well do something that you are going to enjoy. I want to further my education in culinary and maybe, sooner or later, open up my own business.

Tabius, (23) Music Production / Music Business

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: Everybody in my family has pretty much gone to college. My sister is leaving in a couple months, my other little sister is also leaving. I’m just stuck at a low end job. I want to better myself, so I can get something better… I feel as if I would be able to do more. I can’t do much now, there’s more job opportunities available when you have that college education.

Penelope (22), Healthcare Administration

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: Self achievement. I do want to eventually become a nurse. I want to start by doing healthcare administration. Having an associate in healthcare administration, I’m able to have a step up in the ladder and become more familiar with the healthcare department. By the time I do complete my nursing degree, I’ll be familiar with everything pretty much.

Christie (28), Business

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: The income I know I can achieve with that, and I have a 4 year old…  I want to SHOW her everything that I’m teaching her. I want to be able to show her how to do those things, not just tell her. I definitely want to have those things in place. It will allow me to get a job that is more stable, move up in a company. Be able to accomplish some dreams that we once had, but we will have again. A stable home, I will be able to provide for her through that.

Alicia (34), Early childhood development

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: I’m Looking to go into the Daycare field as a teacher or possibly a behavior health specialist. Studying the development of the brain and their social skills will definitely help me further my career and better understand the kids… I’ve been looking for employment in the daycare field and a lot of them want you to have the childhood development certificate or previous experience.

Cecil (33), Computer Technology

Q: How do you feel going back to school is going to help you?

Response: With the way of today’s society, education is the way to go to advance in opportunities in the job force. So I know that with me being interested in computers, and that is something I’ve always done and had as a hobby, to have a job to do that type of work would be satisfying. To be able to retire in the place that I would like to and have a job I’d like doing.

Angela (24), Medical

Q: Besides having more money, in what way is you furthering your education going to influence your children?

Response: It’ll let them know that education is important and no matter how late you do it, or how, you know you can always further your education. And that’s a very important lesson.

Margaret (27), MA Health Care Administration

Q: What’s motivating you to go back to school and get your Master’s degree at this time?

Response: Honestly it’s to put me in a different pool of individuals for job candidacy. Just looking for different jobs, I feel that my next level in my work experience would be to go ahead and complete my master’s program in that specific field because that is a long term field. I feel like I could go different directions in that one field with that program.

Katherine (31), Business Management

Q: How will this degree help you with your future and your goals?

Response: It’s going to provide a beautifully great life for my children once they’re older. My life revolves around my children.

Jada (25), Medical and Business

Q: Tell me about what’s motivating you to go back to school.

Response: It would be my kids, and just me wanting to better myself. See myself be better. To invest in my children’s future so that they can go to school and do things. That’s a big motivation for me.

Jeffrey (30), Networking and Information Technology

Q: How is your child a motivation to you, how is family a motivation to you?

Response: I just want to give my son everything that I didn’t have when I was growing up. I just want the best for him, just wanna be the best dad I can be, and a big part of that is providing for him.

Michael (51), Business Management

Q: How will a degree help you get a career rather than just a day-to-day job?

Response: Studying business management, the next thing would be looking to get an MBA from there. But first things first. I really think that that training and the information that I learn will assist me in being able to supervise and manage very well to where I’ll be able to get into a corporation.

Charles (38), Business Management

Q: How do you think getting a degree in Business will benefit you?

Response: You can get a job anywhere with a Business degree. Because you’re going to have that financial experience to back it up, too. So with a business degree, it’ll open up a lot of business opportunities for you.

Serita (33), Business Management

Q: What’s motivating you to go back to school in the near future?

Response: It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. And it’s for my kids. I have children so I want to show them, if I can go to school and go to college, they can do the same. I’m trying to be a positive role model for my kids. I want to learn some more, you’re never to old to learn.

Kayla (22),Psychology

Q: What is motivating you to get a college degree?

Response: There’s a lot of things. First of all, no one in my family has a college degree. I eventually want to have a family one day, and I kind of want to have a degree so that if I have a child one day, I can say I have a college degree to kind of push them to go to college and get their education. Because your education is the most important thing that you could have… So I mean there is a lot of things. But I want to have a career and an education. To me, that’s just the most important thing.

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