For most new college students, it’s their first time living with someone who isn’t a relative. This experience can be rewarding, forging friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Or you can be saddled with an ex-convict with some serious trust issues. And if you get a bad roommate, dude, your life is going to be bad until you do something about it.

Even just a few weeks into your roommate-hood, if it is indeed a doomed relationship, you should start getting vibes that things aren’t working out. Some of these signs will be subtle, near undetectable. Others will be unmistakable. To help you decide if you should stay put or start searching (like right now) for some new digs, we’ve provided the following 20 signs that you’ve gotten a bad roommate:

1. He/she sighs–as if annoyed– whenever you walk into the room and then storms out.
2. You catch him/her using your stuff without permission.
3. You find ritualistic symbols burned into your bedsheets.
4. You’re valuables are disappearing.
5. You wake to find him/her standing over you in the middle of the night, breathing heavily.
6. When your family calls, he/she answers, pretending to be you, and curses them out before hanging up.
7. You find him/her making out with your girl/guy.
8. Your bed has become his/her personal trash depository.
9. He/she uses the blanket your mom hand-sewed for you as a towel after his/her bi-weekly sponge bath.
10. With a large kitchen knife in hand, he/she chases you out of the house in the dead of winter, locks the door, and proceeds to sell everything you own on eBay.
11. He/she has fashioned a voodoo doll with an unmistakable likeness to you. You start to experience inexplicable stomach pains.
12. He/she came home the other night splattered in blood.
13. He/she stays up late into the night sucking helium from a tank while singing the entire Johnny Cash Anthology.
14. Every piece of food he/she insists that you partake of sends you to the emergency room.
15. He/she adopts your name, buys a wardrobe identical to yours, and starts stealing your friends.
16. You accidentally walked in on him/her laying strange translucent orbs into some kind of alien cocoon. He/she shouted at you in what was definitely a non-human language.
17. After your last argument, you woke up unconscious on the floor.
18. He/she borrowed your car and parked it in the nearest water reclamation plant.
19. His/her friends’ family stayed for the night five weeks ago… and they never left.
20. He/she hasn’t moved in the last three weeks. At all.

Some of these come from the personal experiences of the College Life staff. Others, well, we’re sure they’ve happened to someone out there.

Now it’s your turn. We want to hear your scariest, most unbelievable roommate stories. Dish in the comments below!

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