If you’ve seen the new Iron Man 3 trailer, your head has probably been spinning ever since, wondering how it will connect with Iron Man 1 and 2 and Avengers and continue Tony Stark’s character arc (and we don’t mean the reactor). What’s up with the Tony-less armor? What’s up with Tony getting his butt kicked again?

If you haven’t, catch up by watching the Iron 3 trailer here:

My own reaction has been a mix of excitement and anxiety. I’m psyched about the possibilities but worried that the arc seems too familiar. According my expert analysis of the trailer, here are the four things that this next installment in the Marvel movie universe could have in store for us, for better or worse:

1. Another Fall/Redemption Cycle

So maybe it’s just because Tony Stark is such an arrogant punk and we all like to see arrogant punks get cut down to size, but seeing Tony hit rock bottom seems like something we just saw. It seems that way because that’s exactly what happened in the much maligned Iron Man 2. If Iron Man 1 rewarded Tony for being a swaggering but brilliant know-it-all, Iron Man 2 was all about making him vulnerable.

Then Tony was humbled, made a new element, and saved the day. He fell and then rose to earn his redemption.

On top of that, Tony learned how to be a sacrificial team player in Avengers. His arrogance has been tempered and this arc has been concluded, right?

Wrong. If the gist of the trailer is accurate, the team behind Iron Man 3 seems set on making Tony pay again for his arrogance. My question is, is this the right arc for Iron Man right now? Or did the filmmakers just take the easy road?

2. Less Comedy

Tony Stark was a virtual joke machine in Avengers and his previous two outings. Which makes places this new trailer in stark (no pun intended, maybe) contrast with those previous entries. The trailer doesn’t have a single funny line or moment to speak of. So does this portend an unfunny Iron Man?

Not that I mind. I thought Iron Man 2 was a little too jokey in places. But it would be a jarring departure from the character as he’s been established with fans across the globe. Just saying…

3. Another Bad Guy w/ a Weird Accent

So, um, the Mandarin was half-Chinese and half-English, but raised in China. So what’s up with that strange, pseudo-American accent? I mean, I believe in creative license as much as the next guy, but do we really need another bad guy with an accent so strange that it actually distracts from the character (yes, I’m talking to you, Christopher Nolan). This trend in distracting villain accents, I must admit, really has me worried about the future of cinema.

4. Iron Man 2 Done Right

In what might be the flip side of number one, even at first glance, Iron Man 3 looks to blow the pants off of Iron Man 2. After all, the character arc was the right one for Tony. It was the execution that was lacking. So maybe Iron Man 3 is our chance to get the fall/redemption story we really wanted. The stakes look bigger. There seems to be less of Tony moping around and more of him having to fight back from the brink to reclaim the things that matter most to him. In short, it could be everything Iron Man 2 should’ve been.

And aside from everything we’ve seen in the trailer, I’m super-excited to see how the events of Avengers trigger repercussions in Iron Man’s individual world.

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