Today, when the announcement flashed across my Twitter feed that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and that a new Star Wars VII would be released in 2015, it completely took over my mind for the rest of the day. Of course, the biggest questions in my mind was, “Now that Anakin Skywalker’s story is wrapped up, what would a new Star Wars movie be about?

Based only on my rabid fandom and my surface knowledge of the expanded Star Wars universe found in video games, comics, and novels, I have a few ideas for where the lucky filmmakers could start:

1. Go back to the Old Republic Days

These storylines, set thousands of years before the events of the Phantom Menace, would be pretty much setting a brand new universe of characters but with the familiar Jedi and Sith to hang a story on. Like most Star Wars history, however, even this part of the Star Wars timeline is well-documented, and filmmakers might have a hard time creating an original story (as they are wont to do) that can fit in the established canon. To get a flavor for what this could be like, check out this game trailer:

2. Continue the story with the Thrawn Trilogy

This series of book picks up a few years after The Return of the Jedi with Luke, Han, and Leia working to establish the New Republic while the remnants of the Imperial fleet stage an attempt to overthrow the fledgling democracy. Filled with vivid characters, political intrigue, and epic battles, this story definitely has enough fodder for another trilogy. Again, however, sometimes this amount of material can be counter-productive to filmmakers trying to come up with their own original vision.

3. Create a concurrent story

We often forget that the Star Wars movie storyline is just one strand happening in a much larger galaxy. This means that filmmakers could easily create another story that happens concurrent with the existing movie series. This story might brush up against or even intersect with the existing story. Personally, I think this would be boring-I’m more interested in seeing them actually advance the story, instead of constantly filling in the blanks.

4. Skip ahead to the New Jedi Order

In what could be an awesome change of format for our favorite Star Wars characters, this series finds the Skywalkers facing an alien invasion of the galaxy two decades after Return of the Jedi. If that doesn’t hook you, the first part of this series features the death of Chewbacca. Now there’s something to chew on.

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