College is about learning and taking on new challenges and blah blah blah blah blah blah… Who am I kidding? If you’re a dude, college is really about having the worst diet of your life, consuming mass quantities of caffeine in all its forms, and playing video games. I don’t care how responsible you think you are. If you are a guy, you will waste at least a week of your life in college playing video games.

Understanding the needs of young adult male, I have put together my list of the 5 most potentially awesome games of 2010 (well, the rest of it, anyway). One of these games will consume your life. You’ve been warned:

5. Crysis 2 (release date: 11/2010) – If you’ve seen the trailer, then your inner first person shooter-lover is going nutso. New York is trashed. The military is getting spanked. And your protagonist is just, like, kicking it, waiting for the rumble to begin.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops (release date: 11/9/2010) – Who can get enough of Call of Duty? I know I can’t. It could be named Call of Duty: The Island of the Rainbow Triceratops, and I’d still be there to buy it on release day. The series has that good of a track record. The details on the game are hazy, but just the promise of moving into more specialized stealth missions has me buzzed. Here’s the trailer.

3. Halo: Reach (release date: 9/1/2010) – Almost 9 years ago, Halo landed. Student productivity plummeted. The series that defined next gen first person shooters ended ruined students’ social lives and GPAs- which, by the way, is the measure of a truly awesome game. As if playing one Spartan weren’t cool enough, Reach will give players the ability to play members of an entire team of Spartans, each with different specializations and skills. For the first time, Halo players will be able to, gasp, kick their enemies. That’s right- kick.

2. Project Natal (release date: 11/2010) – Okay, so it’s not a game exactly. It’s just a device that could open a whole new frontier for gaming. The device senses your body movement, voice, and even your facial expressions, allowing you to play without holding any kind of controller. It also claims to be involved with next gen artificial intelligence that will let players interact with onscreen characters via, voice, facial expressions, and gestures. Check out these videos.

1. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (release date: 11/1/2010) – The world’s leaders have actually held secret summits to discuss how they can prevent the release of this expansion pack due to fears that the world’s productivity will drop so rapidly that it will bring on the next Great Depression and even Armageddon itself. Okay, not really. But this expansion pack is going to completely redefine one of the biggest video games of all time. Geographical features and boundaries will be overturned. Alliances will be changed. New races will be introduced (werewolves, anyone?). If you are a WoW acolyte, you know what this means. If you don’t, well, I pity you.

About the Author: Marcus Varner writes articles and blogs for Classes and Careers and numerous other sites. He earned a BA in English and a MBA in Marketing from Brigham Young University. He loves trivia, especially regarding comics, movies, books, science, and history.

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