We know that Thor 2, releasing November 2013, has been announced as the second of the next round of Avengers films, following Iron Man 3. However, we know relatively little of what it will be about aside from rumors that have been swirling around the Internet for the last couple months. These rumors include talk about Lady Sif, Dark Elves, the return of Jane Foster and her assistant Darcy, the Nine Realms, and even an appearance by Doctor Strange.

With so much talk going on, although the film is already in production, we wanted to throw in our two cents. Marvel, we’re talking to you. Here are the five things we hope to see in Thor: The Dark World:

1. Thanos’ Introduction

Out of Captain America 2, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Ant Man, Thor 2 seems the most likely place to introduce us to that purple, wrinkly-chinned guy that showed up at the end of The Avengers. While us fanboys were wetting our pants with joy, most moveigoers probably scratched their heads with a collective “Huh?” Well, if Thanos, the death-loving Titan, is going to be the major bad guy for Avengers 2, then he needs a proper intro in an earlier film, as Loki did in Thor 1.

Because Thor will be presumably participating in some interplanetary adventure in The Dark World, he seems most likely to run into Thanos, who is an interplanetary kind of guy.

2. Justice for Loki

Loki fell into a wormhole at the conclusion of Thor 1, so he really didn’t get his comeuppance for plotting with the Frost Giants and getting Thor booted out. In Avengers, he got beat up by Thor and was generally the Hulk’s plaything. However, at the end, Nick Fury implies that Loki will receive a trial for his crimes in Asgard. We need to see this. We need to see Loki get punished Asgard style. Which opens the door for…

3. More Asgardian Intrigue

Although the Earth stuff in Thor 1 was amusing, we all know the extraterrestrial stuff was the real meat of the story. With almost Shakespearean levels of drama and intrigue, Thor 1 pleased most when it was about a selfish prince, his benevolent father, and his treacherous adopted brother. Hopefully, Thor 2 will expand on this kind of drama and power struggle in the kingdom of Asgard.

4. Less Earth Time

Thor 1 made a fun, fish-out-of-water story, but, again, the best parts of Thor 1 took place in Asgard and in the battle with the Frost Giants. Thor is a big, epic character and he can’t really be as big and epic as he needs to be on modern-day earth. Inevitably, on Earth, Thor is the object of ridicule because of the way he talks, dresses, and generally doesn’t get humans. That was funny for one movie, but now we want to see him really let loose. We want to see…

5. More Interplanetary Action

Put Thor in massive battles against gods, giants, dragons, enchantresses, demons, and elves, and we’ll get to see Thor tested to his limits and at his very biggest and best. Fortunately, it looks like the guys at Marvel are already headed in this direction. Rumors that Thor 2 will go to all nine of the Realms are especially promising.

So what would you add to our list? What should Thor 2 deliver? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • dr. strange becomes juggernaut and causes the fear itself storyline which in turn cases the thanos imperative

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