Sometimes it’s deserved (like if you run over a gypsy’s dog). Sometimes it’s unjustified (you just happen to open the wrong tomb). But you never know when you might become the victim of an ancient curse. If you become the victim of an ancient curse, you’re probably not having a good time. Rather, you could be experiencing anything from shadowy phantoms stalking you night and day to bugs taking over your house to the inexplicable deaths of everyone you know. Which is why it never hurts to know how to get out of a curse.

Thankfully, cinema is replete with advice on the subject, and there are numerous potential ways to kiss an ancient curse goodbye. If you have been the target of an ancient curse, here are five ways to undo it:

1. Pass it on

For the self-interested slimebag, in some cases you can (be a sorry excuse for humanity and) pass your curse along to someone else. Often, this can accomplished by fooling someone else into performing the action that initiated your curse in the first place or by passing on the cursed artifact.

To give some kind of justice to your actually selfish act, you might consider passing the curse to someone who deserves it, like a serial killer. But then, of course, you have to deal with the ensuing moral quandry.

2. Fulfill the conditions

For curses that don’t ultimately require your death, this is a nice little way out. Unfortunately, curses aren’t really made to be easy on you. If you have to walk ten thousand old ladies across the street to break the curse, or gain the love of another person, hey, those are doable, right? But if the curse requires that you kill a thousand puppies and descend into the depths of Tartarus to retrieve the the Sceptre of Suffering, well, good luck with that.

3. Defeat the curser

Sometimes, killing the person who cursed you will end the curse itself. This is easier said than done, since the creator of the curse likely has some sorcery under their belt and you most likely don’t. But a little machismo and tenacity goes a long way, even in the world of magic. Brendan Fraser is a testament to this fact.

4. Find an artifact

The world of magic is a world of balance. For every curse, there is another spell or, sometimes, a magical artifact to counter it. If you can find the artifact, you can put a stop to the curse’s power.

5. Let it run its course

Let’s face it-sometimes you deserve what you got. A la Drag Me To Hell, if you were a punk to other people for your own gain, you only do harm to those around you if you try to escape your fate. It would only be an injustice if you were to undeservingly escape your fate. That’s why, even if it means you going swimming in fire and brimstone for the rest of eternity, it might be better to just take your lumps and let the curse run its course. replica rolex replica Tag

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