Twitter is exploding as one of the fastest growing Web sites in the world, increasing its size 1600% in 2009. Everyday millions of tweets go up linking to sites and providing information about every topic on earth. So who’s providing the best information about college life? Here’s our list of the top 7:

College Prowler

College Prowler is a information service out of Pittsburg that provides university guides written by students, for students. Links to different sites with great information are constantly being updated.

7 Great College Experts to Follow on Twitter

Win Scholarships

Though at times a bit spammy, Win Scholarships often does have great links to great scholarships that can help you pay for your college education. Even though a ridiculous amount of the scholarship competitions will either not interest you or not apply to you, it’s worth checking out for the simple fact that you might actually stumble upon something that’s perfect for you.

College Fashion

Zephyr runs a popular blog that is produced by and for college students that gives great fashion tips, provides links to coupons and great buys and teaches how to be fashionable on a college budget. A great follow for a fashion savvy dorm dweller.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins is one of the leading medical schools in the country and simply due to that fact, provide some of the best health information in the world. They often post tips on how to stay healthy and happy in college and is a great follow for anyone who is interested in going to Medical School.

Dorm Delicious

Dorm Delicious is a blog that is focused on helping students become their own interior decorated on a budget of zero dollars. They have great tips on how to decorate, arrange and plan parties. If you’re sick of the way your dorm room or apartment looks, Dorm Delicious is the resource to explore. 7 college experts to follow on twitter

The Campus Buzz

The Campus Buzz is a college news aggregator that is constantly updating their page with new information about college and education. They go out of their way to find blogs and news articles to help make your college experience more interesting and, more importantly, easier.

USA TODAY College Report

One of the premiere college sites, they systematically analyze and rank every college in the country and provide up-to-date information about college programs and university cultures all across America. If you’re apply to college either for an undergraduate or a graduate degree or your are looking to transfer, this is the best twitter account to follow.

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