It’s safe to say that American Idol is one of the biggest television phenomena ever. Week after week for 9 straight years, this show dominates the rating getting millions and millions of people to tune in every single week. After almost a decade, you’d figure there’d be lots of great facts and statistics compiled already. But go ahead and try to find out any cool American Idol statistics- you’re hard pressed to find anything. So we’re going to do the Internet a favor and give you all the best statistics and an awesome infographic here.

    Here are some quick facts:

  • Did you know that 1/3 of the 90 top 10 finalists have been in their early 20’s?
  • Jordin Sparks was the youngest player to win American Idol at age 17. Taylor Hicks, on the other hand, won at age 29.
  • More men have won American Idol, but women have outsold men 6 albums to 1.
  • The two most successful men from American Idol, Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken, weren’t the winners of the season. In fact, Chris Daughtry took 4th.
  • Jennifer Hudson is one of the most successful former contestants, winning an Oscar, a Grammy and starring roles in hit movies despite a 7th place finish on American Idol.
  • Your chances of winning are greatest if you’re from the south. Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama have all had multiple Top 2 finalists.

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American Idol Demographic Facts

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Success Statistics

American Idol Statistics Infographic

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States With The Most Top 10 Finalists

American Idol Map

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14 comments on “American Idol Infographic

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  • Your album sales numbers are wrong.

    Some Hearts – 6,968,000
    Carnival Ride – 3,081,000
    Play On – 1,467,053
    TOTAL: 11,516,053

    Thankful – 2,740,000
    Breakaway – 6,138,000
    My December – 809,000
    All I Ever Wanted – 855,000
    TOTAL: 10,542,000

    daughtry – 4,660,000
    leave this town – 1,024,000
    TOTAL: 5,684,000

    Measure of a Man – 2,783,000
    Merry Christmas With Love – 1,411,000
    A Thousand Different Ways – 530,000
    On My Way Here – 163,000
    TOTAL: 4,887,000

    Soulful – 1,786,000
    I Need an Angel – 451,000
    The Return – 240,000
    TOTAL: 2,477,000

    Free Yourself – 1,732,000
    Fantasia – 519,000
    TOTAL: 2,251,000

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  • At the time I compiled the information these numbers were accurate.
    Also, some fo your numbers are also wrong. For example, My December has been certified platinum in the US, which requires at least 1,000,000 albums sold. I’m glad that you’re fact checking, but our numbers are not that different and it’s not that big of a deal.
    Also, Fantasia, Rueben, Kelly, Chris, Clay and Carrie are all going to release a new album this year, which is going to change the numbers again. But thanks for the input.

  • I am SO not a numbers person. However, I recently found myself wondering about the numbers for the 2011 American Idol. It seemed like there were more people auditioning AND more people “going to Hollywood” than in years past. Today I heard that this year’s count doubled the typical number of golden tickets. I’d be interested to learn just how many people showed up for auditions, how many actually got to audition, how many golden tickets were passed out, and how many were cut at each phase. That along with some demographics and odds of winning at various stages would be very interesting. Maybe even contrast the success of past Idol winners/contestants to comparable successful artists that gained fame and fortune through a different route. I can’t seem to find this info on the internet and didn’t think to jot down the numbers when watching. I kind of get the impressiont that AI doesn’t put these figures out there because they are in the business of dreams, not reality (a.k.a. numbers). Just a curious word nerd.

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