Congratulations to Tiffany Bradley of Knoxville, TN. Tiffany did the unthinkable and actually had two apps entered into the fray and both of them survived till the semifinal round. And since a Tiffany vs Tiffany vote would have been unfair as well as masochistic, we’ve decided to give her the prize instead. College Life and their parent company Classes and are excited with the turnout and response to this contest and are very pleased with the results. We’re excited to have an idea that will translate into an interactive application that will help improve college life and experience. (See what I did there? “College Life”!) Congrats again to Tiffany.

Here are her winning ideas:

Class Schedule Map

“I think that an app where you could enter in your schedule and see it on a map would be useful. This could help in schedule planning by making sure your next class isn’t so far away that you cannot get to it in time. Also, this app could work with gps and act as a guide when classes start. This would be helpful to new students by leading them to their classes until they learn where they are. It would also be helpful with large campuses.”

Class Status

“A ‘class status’ app would be useful. Something easy for both students and professors to use that notifies students of class cancellations. I don’t know how many times I have gone to class only to find that it has been canceled and the professor has announced the cancellation by just putting a note on the door or has sent out an email to my school email address or to some other email address I used when I first started college that I don’t check regularly.” –Tiffany Bradley

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