Kicking off four weeks of intentionally and unintentionally terrifying movies this weekend are two big releases: Let Me In, which examines the horrors of adolescence through the lens of a vampire tale; and The Social Network, which confronts the horrific truth that socially inept geeks were the masterminds behind the digital powerhouse that is Facebook. Let’s dive in, shall we?… Read More

We put out the challenge and you responded! The ideas were great, the voting furious. Now begins the tournament. The bracket below outlines the matchups for Round 2. To vote on each matchup, click on the links below! This round will wrap up at 11:59pm on Thursday, August 26, 2010. So get your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers voting for you!… Read More

You may have heard buzzings of a Facebook exodus on May 31. People are upset, and Facebook refuses to listen. Mark Zuckerberg is useless and greedy and powerful, like always, but now there’s an option. So many people are talking about leaving, and for the first time there is an effort to move from the Pharaoh-ruled desert to the promised land. But who will lead us there and where is the promised land? … Read More

If you are a guy, you will waste at least a week of your life in college playing video games. Understanding the needs of young adult male, I have put together my list of the 5 most potentially awesome games of 2010 (well, the rest of it, anyway). One of these games will consume your life. You’ve been warned… Read More

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone can live in some of the small dorms featured at college campuses across the country, let alone turn it into something enjoyable. But those of us unlucky enough to experience it know it can be done. While difficult, someday you may even consider it a home away from home – but you’re going to need some help.
The gadgets and appliances listed below may not be able to help you with your midterms, but they’ll certainly make the rest of your college experience more enjoyable.… Read More

onlineedthumbIf you’re a modern college student, there is a good chance you’re taking a certain percentage of your classes online, regardless of the school you’re attending. In fact, the odds are that you’re probably going to take at least one online-only class before you graduate. We did some research and found these facts about the growth and future of online education and put them into a cool little infographic for you. … Read More

Twitter is exploding as one of the fastest growing Web sites in the world, increasing its size 1600% in 2009. Everyday millions of tweets go up linking to sites and providing information about every topic on earth. So who’s providing the best information about college life? Here’s our list of the top 7: College Prowler… Read More

iPadthumbnailThis talk about the “Apple Tablet” that has been going on for months has had me digging through blogs for months, desperately trying to figure out anything I could about this mysterious device. The promise was the world, and then my proverbial ice cream cone fell into the dirt. I don’t see the value of the iPad for someone like me. However, I do think that it can be a game changer.
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Best Inventions of CES 2010A whole array of new technology was unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas during the weekend of Jan 7-10. Among the hundreds of booths and vendors thousands of gizmos were presented, but these gadgets are our favorites of the show.… Read More