Star Wars is about the battle between light and dark, good and bad, hot and not. In fact, for the cultural touchstone that the saga is, it has really given us a mixed bag. Empire Strikes Back: sweet on multiple levels. The Phantom Menace: please don’t make me watch that again. The Jedi philosophy about the Force and controlling your feelings: awesome. Anakin’s whiny descent into evil: meh. Padme fighting alien beasts in her white catsuit: spectacular. Padme as Queen Amidala: not happenin’. Nowhere is this duality more obvious than in the hair of Star Wars. The coifs of our heroes in a galaxy far far away zigzag from hideous to hubba hubba.… Read More

Jay leno vs conan obrienMaybe it’s because I’m a twenty-something guy that grew up watching shows like The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live back when it was good, but I find myself so deeply entrenched in the “Coco Camp”. So much so that I have a hard time trying to even defend the position of Jay Leno. I can’t really even be civil about it, but I’m a professional. So I’m going to try.… Read More

So Tiger Woods gets in a car crash at quarter to three in the morning and now the entire world can’t shut up about it. Every blogger and journalist in the world is speculating on why that event happened. So we figured we’d get in on the fun. Here are our top five explanations for the accident.… Read More

It’s official people. New Moon had the third largest opening weekend in history, raking in almost $150 million. People all across the country are now caught in a heated debate: Should Bella hook up with Edward, her star-crossed, vampire lover or the hot, young, shirtless Jacob? I have had enough and I am ending this discussion once and for all.… Read More