Every once and a while, something awesome happens in the otherwise uninteresting world of Womens Collegiate Soccer. All I have to say is that this semifinals game between Brigham Young University and New Mexico might actually have been worth watching, Elizabeth Lambert pulled out all the stops and played some ol’ fashioned prison soccer. Despite… Read More

College (according to wikipedia) is some kind of institution of higher learning. Apparently, a side product of this is self discovery and growth. My mom called them “Phases”. Whether is going through a kissing one of your teammates on the volleyball team or sleeping through a final, we’ve all done the walk of shame and worked our way closer to graduation. Here’s the basic evolution trends of college students as I have seen them. … Read More

I was recently at what many analysts considered “the game of the week”: Number 8 TCU at Number 16 BYU, when I discovered what a true fan is, or rather, isn’t. I was so disappointed with the fans of BYU, that I want to find the craziest, rowdiest, most dedicated fans on the planet.… Read More

Junk food and caffeine keep universities running. When you step onto a campus and see students bustling to and fro, pumping out volumes of writing, grinding through exams, and still having enough energy to hit the bar or party, all of that movement is fueled by junk food and caffeine. So when I see government and other policy-influencing bodies trying to ban or otherwise limit that oh so vital energy supply, I get a little nervous. Here are 5 reasons why we need junk food and why the nation’s institutions of higher learning would collapse without it.… Read More

We are calling for your scariest, most bone-chilling stories. Don’t bother submitting the elementary school-grade stories (i.e. “I am the Viper. I am here to vipe your vindows.”). We want real terror. True stories are even better. Whichever story gets the most votes from users will win an Amazon Kindle. A randomly chosen runner-up will get a $50 Amazon Gift Card.… Read More

To protect roommate privacy and study time, Tufts University recently added a new policy that prohibits students from having sex while their roommate is in the room. In fact, while they’re at it, I can think of a few other acts from which students should be prohibited while their roommate is in the room. Based on firsthand experience, here is my list of 5 things roommates shouldn’t do while their roommates are present…… Read More