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Have you ever gone out with someone just to fill your empty stomach? Have you ever given blood just to get the punch and cookies at the end?

College brings out the resourcefulness in everyone. If you've ever been a starving student, you've had to apply that resourcefulness to foraging for food. You may have discovered methods sneaky, ethically questionable, and even despicable… and we want to hear them all!

We want to reward you for your guts, determination, and lack of shame. Tell us how you kept yourself fed during college and you could win one of the following:

1st Place
One (1) $100 restaurant gift card
One (1) $200 Wal-Mart gift card
One (1) case of Top Ramen

2nd Place
One (1) $200 Wal-Mart gift card
One (1) case of Top Ramen

3rd Place
One (1) case of Top Ramen

267 comments on “Student Scavenger Contest 2009

  • My parents pay for the smallest meal plan and every time I go to a dining hall I leave with a lot of extra food shoved into my bag. Just today I took 2 zuchinnis, a green pepper, 2 oranges, 2 grapefruit halves, and 2 muffins. The dining halls just leave everything on display, so instead of letting it go bad, I take it home and eat it. I’ve also gone to a dining hall and eaten dinner and gotten a sandwich and fruit to go so I get another complete meal while only paying for one.
    I also go to every event that offers free dinner. Residence hall events always have food or cookies and a large number of club events offer dinner or lunch so just by going to these events, you are being involved which looks good on your resume and you’re getting free food. It’s a win-win.

  • My friends and I once accepted a dinner invitation over at the local Hare Krishna compound just to get a free meal. The food was actually really good!

  • I was pretty desperate for cash in college, and I took part is testing sunscreen on my back. I would go to a testing clinic to have different potions and products applied to my back, then I’d sit there like an embarassed dope while it dried, then I had to sit in front of a sun lamp for designated periods.

    I also got take-home products to test, and always dumped them down the toilet because I was afraid to apply them to my body. I mean, what if I got burned or maimed, would it really have been worth $25 bucks??

  • my roommates and i enrolled in an online dating service. for $19.99 a month, we booked as many lunch and dinner dates as we could fit into our schedules…we eventually stopped calling the dates “dates” and just referred to them as “meals”.

  • oh my word. i would always just go to my grandparent\’s house for sunday dinners. grandma\’s are such great cooks. i would also eat whatever i could at the dorm cafeteria… unlimited marshmellow maties, wraps, fruit, soft serve, and everything else you could imagine. i guess that food wasn\’t necessarily free, but it was def. cheaper than trying to buy it all at a store for just one person.

  • The best way to get free food is definitely to go to Whole Foods or Costco for the samples – especially on weekends!

  • Um. So we purposely talk about foods we would not normally buy because they are outside of our normal budget around my husband’s parents. Every time we go visit them, they take us to the grocery store to buy those special items. We also bring an empty cooler with us every time we go visit for the sole purpose of bringing home foods we know my MIL will put in there for us!!

  • In our area there is a local farmers market that puts out food samples at many of the venders. You can go there and literally have a full lunch by visiting all the venders. The best thing is the variety changes daily 🙂

  • Ok this is going to sound really bad but you can get awesome great free food from the food pantries at local churches.

  • I never am lucky enough to get free food. ( out of 10 times that I go to a fast food place and through the drive-thru, I get ripped off and someone in my family is missing their lunch/dinner!! No joke!

  • I get free food mailed to me by signing up for samples at different websites. Something shows up about twice a week. There are websites that will give you great tips on how to find these things (I use heyitsfree). I’ve gotten packages of cereal, cookies, energy bars, coffee, and spices and coupons for full size frozen entrees, crackers, and cereal.

  • I was so broke in college I got a second job waiting tables. The tips were lousy, but the the free meals were about the only thing of real substance I ate.

  • Wait until your roommate finishes eating, and then ask for their leftovers. Costco has lots of free samples, and you can fill up on all of the samples. And of course, make sure your invited to Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house!

  • You’re right- that does sound really bad. Did you have to show proof of hardship or did you just have to show up?

  • You just have to love all the free food they give out there, especially if you have children that could use a quick snack!

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  • My sister goes to group therapy once a week and I go sometimes only because I am really hungry and they have cookies!

  • For a great, all-you-can-eat free breakfast, just stop into a local hotel that offers free breakfasts. If you act like you belong there, no one will think you don’t.

  • My friends and I once ate dinner at the local Hare Krishna compound near our university to get a free dinner. I didn’t appreciate their brainwashing techniques, but the food was good!

  • ‘What do I do to get free food” – I have learned to become a sparkling dinner guest that friends enjoy having over for a meal.

  • Volunteer to start a birthday club at work, and then once a month have a party (full of food people bring in) for everyone who has a birthday that month. It’s a great way to get a diverse table setting, and there’s always leftovers for tomorrow.

  • A suggestion I told my neice who is in college was to sign up for restaurant promotions and their birthday clubs to get free food or discounts.

  • I know it sounds bad but between tuition and books I was tight, lots of restaurants have surveys on the back of their reciepts and if you do them it would give you a code for free food, so all you need is a keen eye for recipts people drop, and hey I was helping with litter too!

  • I’d pay a visit to the local red cross food pantry when I was really super broke and couldn’t afford to buy groceries.

  • Okay, I have never raided a red cross or food pantry for free food but one time when I was in my first year of college I used to buy those frozen toaster strudels and loved them. I ate so many of them I became obsessed with buying them every week when I did my shopping for food (usually Sat. night because that is when it was cool to roam the grocery store and check out all the hot college babes). Anyway, one time I was so poor but craving the strudels so I called the customer service number on the side of the box and told the agent I had a problem. It said 100% satisfaction guaranteed if you don’t like it then we will refund your money or replace them at no cost. So I called in a couple different times under a different name and told them that my son (are you kidding me I didn’t have a son at that time in my life) wanted these for his birthday and since I was too poor to buy him or bake him a B-Day cake that I bought these for his birthday. Anyway long story was that I told the cust serv agent that when I bought them and took them home that inside the box the cream cheese packets were missing and that he was so disappointed he started to cry. The guy felt so bad on the phone that he sent me a bunch of coupons for free Toaster Strudel boxes and I was loving life eating free strudels for the next two months. To this day I feel bad that I made up a false story, but now that I have kids they love them and I still buy boxes of them, so hopefully I have spent enough money to that company that they have made money off of me in the long run. I guess it still doesn’t discount the fact that I was dishonest. Anyway, crazy the things we will go through when we are poor and hungry.

  • The absolute best free dinner food is found at the happy hours at trendy restaurant/bars. Go light on the liquor consumption, or eliminate it entirely and just order a coke. Then graze from the fabulous selection of mini sanwiches, cheeses, fresh fruit, shrimp, chicken nuggets,tacos, egg rolls…you get the picture.

  • My church has a tradition of having “refreshments” i.e., cookies and brownies, at the end of most functions. My roommates and I definitely got our sweet tooth filled by attending many such functions.

  • I worked the concession stands at basketball and football games. The leftover hotdogs were ours to take home most of the time.

  • i remember closing a hot dog stand and that is what my family ate for weeks,, just hot dogs.. couldnt afford anything else

  • OMG I am addicted to Ramen noodles
    i add an egg, and kelbasa or
    polish dogs, or hot dogs for
    quik dinner while cramming.

  • In 1993 I was lucky enough to go to Cancun Mexico. My budget was very very tight for a number of reasons but I had listened to other people complain about the high pressure timeshare sales people that “flocked” outside of the motel doors in the morning luring tourists to their respective venue. I took along a wedding and engagement ring and a checkbook for a minimal account and they “hooked” me every morning for free breakfast a tour of some beautiful hotel/resort areas I was nowhere near financially solvent enough to purchase. On several occasions I got free woven blankets and a couple bottles of booze. Didn’t leave with the love of the salespeople, but my belly and suitcases were full

  • I can totally one-up you on this one. I lived off campus, but I had lots of friends who had surplus funds on their meal plans. I would wait in the food court for one of them to come by and then find subtle ways to bring up the fact that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast the previous day. They would insist that I use their meal card, and I would get enough to stock up for the next couple days. I am simultaneously ashamed and proud of this. But, hey, it kept me fed through the famine that was my freshman year.

  • Wow. I have to admire your pragmatism and honesty. Blunt honesty. Blunt like a 30-pound sledgehammer.

  • When my parents would take me shopping, I would grab armfuls of meat. I may not have had the four food groups, but I did have enough steak for every meal for the next 3 months. I probably should have picked up some prunes too, come to think of it.

  • I ate at my girlfriend’s house almost every night. One night she confronted me about not paying for the food so I decided to start pitching in. You would think this would put a damper on the relationship, but she actually ended up marrying me.

  • This one takes it to the next level, from resourcefulness to con game. Scary the things people will do for a toaster strudel.

  • There is a reception hall across the street from my house. There is guarantee a reception every Friday & Saturday night. My husband and I dress up, walk across the street and enjoy the food, dancing, and reception.

    No one has ever asked who we are….

    Wedding Crashers!

  • When I was a freshman I had a super sucky meal plan so I made my parents do a better meal plan for my little brother when he went to college…by that time I was a starving senior and would totally make my little brother use his meal plan to feed me all the time!!! It was great! 🙂

  • Hey I was desperate and in NEED! Just think if I had never called in they would have never sent me free strudel coupons. I became a life long strudel fan and still buy them for my kids today. In the long run both parties won.

  • I volunteered at the local food bank and they took pity on me , a purse poor college student and loaded me up with foods.. also sold my blood and made friends who liked to cook for others..

  • You have friends who work at restaurants. You work also just to get the extra food. The food served to employees. The food that was sent back. The food that is expiring. Any food that would have gone to waste. Now you share banquet style with your friends who also bring their food and EVERYONE eats.

  • My family digs behind grocery stores in the trash bins. You would REALLY be surprised how much good food goes to waste. Not only that, the workers have started putting out fresh food for us.

  • We had a lunch to go program at college so I would go to the dining room and then swipe my card there to get a lunch for my then boyfriend that pretty much lived with me!

  • There were always college kids thinking they were the hot shots because they made lots of money with their pest control or satellite sales, and they would always post recruiting dinners in the school’s newspaper. I would show up every time, scarfing on their pizza or Chinese food while they told me why they would be my best opportunity to work with that summer. They never heard back from me after…weird.

  • I think that is so cool. How creative that you actually got free food without waiting in line or going to grandma’s. It is a little sad that you made the guy feel sorry for you and your false son but nonetheless you were a starving student and I think it is great that you have continued to buy lot’s of strudel….WOW I am impressed. Good job STRUDEL MAN!!!

  • One day while I was rather hungry, I walked into our all you can eat dining hall. Accidentally without paying ofcourse. Naturally after my meal, I decided to stuff my pockets. Other than just stuffing my pockets, I would also walk out with a dozen bagels that were always available in the dining hall. For my next meal, I would go to the local bagel store and purchase my bagel. My bagel shop of choice always puts an excess amount of cream cheese on the bagels, so I decided to find a bowl to scrape off all of the excess and save it for my dining hall bagels that were waiting for me at home. This method of eating provided me with steady meals of bagels and cream cheese for a week. Also, after the first time, I ended up repeating this method on many multiple occasions.

  • I actually schedule when I give blood to coincide with when the best food is being served at the center. I’ve gotten pizza, subs, as well as homemade cookies.

  • When I was single, I’d accept all offers for dinner. Then I would order so much that I’d have left overs to take home for the next day. Sorry, boys, but that’s the way it was!!!

  • Well, I’ve done many things to fill my belly. I’ve dated guys I didn’t really like just for the dinner, I’ve waitressed to eat cheaply, I’ve stopped in on friends “at dinner time”. I’ve eaten at all the school functions, gone to tons of parties just for the food and, of course, taken the extra plate of food at buffets and tucked the goodies in my “doggie bag”. I had the most fun, though, at writing/emailing companies. I just flat out explained my situation and virtually begged for free products. You would be amazed at how many companies actually sent me things in the mail – or at least free product coupons. And I made sure I thanked each of them.

  • If you go online you can find out when a funeral occurs then go to the funeral luncheon afterwards. A lot of good home cooked food. You just tell them you usedto work with the deceased.

  • I like the buy 1 get 1 free coupons that many restaurants offer. A friend buys a meal, and I get a meal, sandwich or whatever for free.

  • I print as many coupons for free stuff as I can. I join survey groups, opinion panels, and sites that send free samples and items to try. I call the customer service hotlines for companies and get product coupons or samples of products sent to me. I constantly look for opportunities to get free or very cheap food products. When I go shopping with my kiddo, if there is a limit one per customer I give him a coupon and make him be a seperate customer from me. I have also made friends with some people and we share or trade coupons and product samples with each other. I host House Parties at my home to get the freebies (and have fun).

  • I AM the sister that feeds all the starving students. i have my own college-bound kids now. Hopefully there is a kind stranger out there that my kids can mooch off of.

  • In my area MarketStreet Grocery has great Saturday samples. You can walk through the whole store and everywhere are samples. Last Saturday, for example, I had some trout with really good sauce, red potatoes, popcorn, lots of beverages, salad, pasta salad, bread, crackers, variety of fruits and key lime pie. YUMMY!

  • Find out what conferences are being held at the local hotels. Conferences often put out free food and drinks. Dress nicely. You can meet a lot of INTERESTing people and learn about a new subject while munching your heart out. ( Weddings work too, but it is easier to get caught. Your supposed to know someone at a wedding, but conferences are usually gathering of strangers 🙂 Hope I win !

  • I once lined my backpack with a plastic bag and seran wrap until it was watertight, then swiped into our college cafeteria, filled my backpack full of milk after eating a full days worth of food, and went home with with enough for me and my four roommates.

  • ketchup packets from fast food places – have your friends collect them for you. Mix with hot water, salt, pepper – great tomato soup!!

  • This time of the year, the parks are loaded with free food, trees are dripping with crabapples ( Simmer 45 min, strain), a great substitute for lemonade, also, dandilion roots that are scraped, diced and dried will add an interesting flavor to canned soups. Burdock and Cattail roots can be washed, scraped, diced and dried can be used like potato in any stew- just be sure to get permission from the land owner.

  • I help out at a local Church or Soup kitchen. Not only does it help out many others, but usually I make out with a meal for myself. It’s fulfilling in more ways than you think.

  • There are several University funded functions in the evenings to try and give the freshmen from going out and getting drunk and they always have free pizza or occasionaly some other types of takeout.

  • I went to every school function that involved a free meal (and that meant everything, from a Musical Theater Club pizza party meeting, to Freshman Orientations…when I was a Sophomore) and ate then.

  • Me and my girlfriends
    plan dinner meals that we get to have fun and cook together–
    When it’s their turn to do the dinner::
    i go over to their place and help cook!
    all while getting a free meal
    it’s a great way to spend time together and catch up!

  • I was brought up dirt poor from early childhood- where I come, from dandilions were/ are vegetables, not weeds. There are books in the library on edible wild plants “How to eat the weeds”: If the solar storm flares NASA predicts does hit us in 2012, those “weeds” will be worth their weight in gold.

  • There are some people I would feel bad taking advantage of in this way, but pushy pest control, security, or satellite salesmen do not fall into that group. They make a living preying on the weak and unsuspecting.

  • I would go to any — I mean ANY — speaker, seminar, open house, grand opening, etc., for the refreshments. And, if you stick around afterward, they’ll usually offer to let you take home leftovers (from a buffet/catered affair). Also…don’t forget Sam’s Club or BJ’s for those samples of food. You can usually get in a full meal that way!!

  • I have donated blood and the free food is not that good. I would really recommend going to costco they give the best free samples.

  • My favorite way of getting free food is to frequent the holiday gas station around 3 oclock at night and ask for any expired food. Sometimes they will give alot. Also, 24 hour grocery stores will have free baked goods at night.

  • When the first semester started I discovered that many student organizations offer free food at their meetings and there tons of organizations. So, I got a copy of the schedule and was able to hit almost every free lunch there was and get fed for free for a long time. I would even show up at women’s groups meetings (and I am a male) and nobody ever said anything. It was really pretty cool!

  • I just go to Costco Wholesale and they have free sample stands all over the store. I gather them and sometimes go for second rounds

  • When no one was looking. I would shake the vending machine to see if any snacks would fall out of their slots. Chips are the easiest to dislodge…

  • Babysitting is a great way to scavenge free food. I think it’s pretty much a given that your sitter is going to dig in your cupboards for snacks.

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  • Try throwing in a Kraft cheese slice in some chicken ramen and microwaving for a few seconds. It’s soooo delicious.

  • We bought our first house while I was still in school.. and I was the only person I knew at my very urban university with a big veggie garden and a milk goat at home! We ate well, and would trade our extra produce for home-cooked meals, tutoring sessions, furniture.. anything we could.

    “Momma goat” didn’t like to be milked much. I’ll never forget the morning I had to chase her around the yard and pretty much pin her against the fence to get her milked. I was in my bathrobe, in full view of the kids at the neighborhood bus stop – wrestling and milking a goat, all before my 8AM class. But hey, we stayed fed, saved a ton of money and learned a lot too!

  • religious groups often give free food to get you to listen to what they have to say… in our school there is a Mormon group that visits every Thursday and a lot of students sit in the lecture to get food. Stores also offer free food just to get you in the door hoping you’ll buy something. I hear some IKEA’s give free breakfast on weekends. And i got a free meal from a friend for tutoring him (that was pretty cool of him, i wasn’t expecting anything in return). Also, fund raisers offer food at discount prices (they usually get resources pretty cheap because it is for a fund raiser). Keep your eyes open for those!!!

  • No totally free but close, my son and his friend go to Sam’s club and fill up on the samples for free and then top it off with a slice of pizza and a drink for about $2.50.

  • I joined a lot of clubs that served food at their meetings. I was skinny and tried to look pitiful in the cafeteria line, and the women who served the food would pile more on my plate to fatten me up (those days are gone!!). I signed up to teach a Sunday School class because they served a free pancake breakfast on Sundays! I went to every faculty tea or meeting that served free food!! Shameless!

  • we go to places that offer kids eat free meals. My husband buys the adult entree and I get the kid’s. If I am still hungry I eat some of his.

  • So aside from the 20 lb bag of rice…which goes a very long way on very low cost….My roommates would have a tendency to get tortillas and not use them. So I would (yes it was approved, not stolen) and generally utilize every condiment in the fridge to get by a day at a time.

  • When I was in college, I didn’t have to worry too much about food because everyone was on an unlimited food plan at the cafeteria, hence everyone gained the Freshman 15 and then some. But one way we scored free food was to go to the local bakery or donut shop at midnight, when they would be throwing away the day’s roll/donuts/pastries. We would score lots of free baked goods this way.

  • My most extreme example would be going recently with a friend to Atlantic City for free hotel, free food and free drinks. Needless to say he had alot of comps. Yes, HAD…

  • I grew some of my food! I lived in off campus housing and there was a small garden that had seen better days. I cleaned up the weeds and planted tomatoes, beans, watermelon and snap peas. It sure helped fill my belly when money was tight!

  • I sold plasma for the money and cookies. I was really skinny back then and sometimes couldn’t make the minimum weight at weigh-in, so I would wear baggy pants and stuff the pockets with rolls of coins or rocks. I also started bellydancing professionally and I got free food at some of the gigs.

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  • In terms of free food, I usually go to my friend’s place whenever he or she is cooking. In the middle of them cooking I would say “man, I haven’t eaten all day. You cooking is just making it worse.” Because of that statement, he/she would give me a plate of food without a fuss.

  • My best work for getting food in college was to go to the local college and I was able to stay at home and have my parents buy all the food. As long as I stayed in school, they didn’t make me pay any rent at all.

  • I have three kids and kids are great beggers. No one can turn down a hungry child. They help me dumpster dive and help me carry out bags from the food shelf. We go to fast food places and I’ll buy each of the a dollar burger, then they will complain they are hungry. I look embarrassed and start to herd them out the door, the old ladies usually push a few bills in my hand or give me a sack of food. Street corners are a great place to set the kids up with a hungry sign. Only 2 more years of starving our way through college.

  • My sister-in-law posted a sign up sheet for dates. For the next month she was covered for lunch, brunch, dinner, etc.

  • I always go over to friends houses and/or my parents right around dinner time in order to get a free meal. Also entering contests, like this one, are great ways to win cool stuff – like free food!

  • When I was a starving student I turned to dumpster diving. I was stunned by all
    the food that’s discarded because it was officially outdated. In one night I could
    find enough cheese, bread and vegetables to eat for a week. Once I even found
    a ten dollar bill.

    I don’t have to search the dumpsters for food any more but I’m still thankful that
    the resource was there when I needed it.

    Thanks for the contest.

  • If there is an event with free food I am there! I also work at a coffee shop so I get my free caffeine that way and I don’t go to school more than an hour away from my parents house so I grocery shop there sometimes.

  • I work at a coffee shop for free caffeine and go to every event that offers free food and I have absolutely no shame shopping for food at my parents house.

  • We used to go to the local privately owned grocery stores at the end of the day and ask them what they were throwing away, it was pretty cheap but sometimes got some awesome stuff. We’d also make sure we went to places like Costco at top sampling time (usually 10-12am midweek for all the Moms that just dropped their kids off!)

  • we have a few food banks in our city, based on your zip code deterimes where you need to go, once amonth you can apply, we use that when we dont have as much money as normal, what we dont use we share with neighbors and friends

  • Gosh, after reading some of these comments I has very uninformed! All I ever did, was write companies and ask for coupons for free stuff and use that to buy food.

  • I use coupons at grocery stores that double the value of them–I get quite a few food items for free this way.

  • Im a girl, so I just easily smile, bat my eyelashes, and dig around in my purse for a while for “my money” until someone takes pity on me. But only on days when I desperately need to eat!

  • I was so desperate to eat that I started going to shelters and churches to get free meals. I told them I was homeless. I probably shouldn’t have lied but I wasn’t sure if they would feed me otherwise. I’d park down the block so they wouldn’t see that I drove there!

  • I go to websites and look for coupons and other deals that give me food for free when they have double and triple coupons!

  • Go to all the events that offer free food! Every week there’s some club or some lecture or some call out where they serve the students attending free food…usually pizza! You can get at least a few free meals a week that way!

  • If you go to grocery stores at the right time, they may have free samples out front (usually labeled as such).

  • When I was in college, my two roommates and myself volunteered at the school cafeteria to get free food.

  • The best place to get free food is school. I show up for all my kids parties, and my familys childrens parties and you can get pizza and dessert. Its a great way to support your little loved ones ( since they always want you to come) and feed yourself at the same time. Its a win win situation!

    [email protected]

  • I only get free food when my parents come to visit, and they take me to dinner.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  • I took a job for the University cafeteria. Now I make some extra money and I get to eat whatever I want for free. It’s like getting paid to eat!

  • i go to the promotions they do at apartment complexes with free food, even though i’m not looking for an apartment

  • Working at a convenience store has its benefits. One of which is free refills on a wide selection of fountain drinks, juices or coffee. And for something of greater sustenance, certain foods have a limited shelf life which, upon expiring, become available – most noteably, the prepared sandwiches in the cooler. I’ve actually GAINED some weight from working! 😉

  • Going to Sam’s Club is a great way to get free food. Also be on the look out for events offering free food.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  • I get free food at restaurant deals…like today you can get a free taco at Taco Bell and a few weeks ago they had a free burger at TGI Friday’s, etc.

  • I check out freebie sites and enter sweepstakes. You can get all kinds of samples at weekly. In terms of contests online, I’ve won a month’s supply of Sunkist and, most recently, a week’s worth of Lean Cuisine.

  • There are a few churches near campus that serve free coffee (and sometimes donuts) each morning; also there are many campus organizations that have lunch meetings in the student union each week and you can usually grab a sandwich and a can of soda if you attend…and then slip out.

  • The walmart stores and some of the grocery chains have free samples and drinks for you to try.You can get filled up.I have had pizza.sasuage,littles smokies all piping hot and yummy.

  • I have found free food at the Walmart stores and at the grocery chains.They serve up pizza’a,sasuage,little smokies piping hot for you to sample.You can get filled up on these goodies.
    Free sample sites like has a lot of free food samples to give away.We have even got food (a few years back) at our local food pantry.A bit ashamed of that one but…when you are hungry,What can you do?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • One way I got fed during college was when I had a boyfriend- we would either go to his house to eat or visit his aunt and uncle for dinner. Sometimes I would fill out $5 online surveys and cash the checks and go to the chinese buffet near my school. But mostly I would borrow a lot of food from my parent’s house when I would come home and visit.

  • When I was in college I lived off campus with a family. I got free food by hanging around during their normal meal times. I was always invited!

  • When fast food places had get one free giveaways, I would remove all the fliers from the newspapers in the kiosk and eat from them for a week or more.

  • I washed clothes for food. I’d do a load of laundry and fold it for a pizza. This kept me busy for a couple of hours each evening but I had good food from it.I ate a lot of pizza that year.

  • I became very religious and political in college. Church had a dinner every Wedbesday and voluntating for a campaign alwats gets you access to food.

  • College hits hard, especially on the wallet.
    I struggled along on ramen and free samples until once I splurged on a nice box of chocolates. I bit in to one to find a tiny metal screw. I phoned customer service and after complaining for 15 minutes I gave my address to the manager. The week after I received a huge hamper of box upon box of chocolates. Needless to say the knowledge has not been wasted. Over the past year I have complained about various food products, and almost once per company have received hampers and gift boxes.

    It works almost every time, enjoy your large supply of food.

  • Tch, I grew up around a lot of Mormons and you should see their pantries. Someone is prepared for appocolypse, that’s for sure.

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