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You've heard that we're giving away a Play Station 3 to the funniest Christmas video. However, we figure that all willing participants should have a chance to win something, and everyone has a funny memory about Christmas time. Whether it's a story from the front lines of holiday shopping, the misadventures of caroling or relatives coming over for various holiday get togethers we've all had our share of comic mishaps.

We want to hear your funniest Christmas story, and we're willing to put some gifts under your tree for it.

Enter your story in the comments section below for a chance to win a Nintendo DS or a $50 gift certificate. For extra entries, link back to the contest on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter. You must leave the URL of where you bookmarked us in order for the extra entry to count. There is no limit for extra entries.

We'll pick a random winner on Christmas Day. Consider this our way of making Christmas extra merry. 

You must be 18 or older to enter. Please leave a quality story or link in order for your entry to count. Best of luck to all those who enter and Happy Holidays to all!

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  • Well, there was this Black Friday a few years back. My sisters and I coordinated that we would each hit the same retailer, but at different locations. We have 3 nephews that we wanted to get the same gift for and they would be in our price range if we got these Black Friday deals. I MADE my husband come with me at 4 a.m.. We got in line behind tons of other people. Doors finally opened and the rush was on. I FINALLY located the display for my desired object…oh, it’s sooo close. A shopping cart is shoved in front of me. I dodge left and jeez, it’s a cart gridlock between duelling customers. I dodge right and a giant box with a video rocker chair is thrust into my path. Five more steps and I’m there. Only there’s a 5 year old kid standing right where I need to be. Just standing there. All alone. Can you imagine? So, of course, I merely reached over and around him for my prize. To this day, my husband tells everyone how I “body-checked” a kid to get a Black Friday deal. ( BTW – that was the one and ONLY time I ever went shopping on Black Friday.)

  • I am a church organist, and have a TON of work at the holidays. I do much free-lance work, and last year played in over 75 churches! I’ll never forget the Chistmas Eve I had 6 services in 5 different churches.

    One was in St Anthony’s. I always confirm with who hires me which TOWN the church is in, since their are many named the same.

    Imagine my horror when I fought the clock and the traffic getting to my third gig to find out that the nincompoop priest who hired me told me the wrong town.

    I realized his mistake when I got to a locked church, their service was to be held in 3 hours. I immediately called on my cell, and frantically GPSed my way to the next gig. I was very late, and felt like a complete moron walking in late.

    At least the priest publicly apologized.

    Joy to the World.

  • This happened a few years back, while visiting my exmother-in-law on Christmas Day to exchange gifts. She is a great woman that I’m glad I still am in contact with but not the easiest to buy for so I had gotten her a gift certificate to a local department store that I know she shopped at. As we exchanged gifts we both discovered that we had given each other the exact some thing. She also said that I wasn’t the easiest to buy for and we both couldn’t contain the laughter between us. We still laugh about it to this day and always can’t help but wondered what will happen the next Christmas when gifts are exchanged.

  • I woke up as a kid one Christmas morning. I look out the window and walking down the street is a man in high heels and fishnet stockings.

  • The video contest is now separate from the story contest. If you have a video, just submit it before Dec 12 and you’ll be entered.

  • My story is similar to McDuffy’s but about 2 Christmases ago when the little 8 and 4GB video ipod nanos had come out, we all gathered on Christmas Day to open presents. So we each took turns opening up our gifts and it was super funny because everybody received ipods. It wasn’t even planned, it was just something that happened. We literally couldn’t stop laughing. After 3 people had opened up their gift we just knew what the next person’s gift was going to be. It was even funnier because some people were given more than one ipod!! That day was titled “The Christmas of the Ipods”. 🙂

  • The craziest Christmas I can remember happened on Christmas Eve at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house when I was 12 years old. It was tradition for us to get dressed up for the Christmas party at my Grandparent’s house. Cousins, aunts and uncles and a second cousin and great aunt were always there. My great aunt Vanessa would always arrive wearing her mink coat, but would also arrive a bit tipsy from opening her whiskey a little early. The crazy Christmas Eve began with Aunt Van’s arrival. She pushed open the front door and was wailing as she nearly fell in. We immediately suspected that she was a bit drunk and we kids started to snicker. A few minutes later and it was revealed that she had gotten mugged as she got out of her car in front of the house. Police arrived and took a written report and Aunt Van recovered after a few more drinks. Soon, it was time to open the gifts. With wrapping paper flying and excited kids comparing gifts, lots of chaos and distraction. My grandpa had placed his empty gift box on the buffet perilously close to a candle. Someone must’ve noticed and pushed the candle stick away. What they did not notice was that the candle was now too close to a curtain. Within minutes, the curtain caught fire. My aunt Mona shouted and pulled the curtain down from the rod. As she stomped on it,the lights went out and Grandpa discovered that a fuse had blown. Eventually, everyone calmed down. My dad ended up getting drunk on Black Russians. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  • The day that every parent dreads finally arrived, my 6 year old son asked me the question “mom, is there really a Santa Claus?”. For about 20 minutes I attempted to distract him and give him vague answers like “do you believe?”, “the Christmas spirit always exists”, etc. Still, he would not be distracted and yet again the question “mom, I know you always tell me the truth, is Santa real?”. Now he did it. How could I not tell him when he pulled the truth card. Ugh. With a heavy heart, I proceeded to tell him the truth. He sat silent for a few moments then looked at me and began to laugh. I asked him why he was laughing and he said “You and dad can’t afford to buy all those presents”.

  • One Christmas many years ago brought my ornery younger brother and me closer together. We were typical kids. My brother being four years younger always bugged me and I constantly yelled and kicked him out of my room. On that special Christmas Eve things changed. We bonded as a team as we never had before.
    That evening we were more anxious than usual to see our gifts. Excitement was in the air and it was hard to get to sleep. The anticipation drove me crazy. All I could do was lie in bed and wait. I suppose the Christmas spirit entered me and I approached my six-year old brother with a marvelous idea. Let’s open the packages now! We could rewrap them and no one would ever know.
    Do you know how hard it is to open a tape bound package without making a sound? The folks were in the next room. We had to keep it dark and quiet. It wasn’t easy but we did it and kept our mouths shut. It was the one time he didn’t try to blackmail me over something I had done wrong. I just hope I still had a look of surprise the next morning when I opened my most favorite present ever, a pink princess dress trimmed with sequins made by my mother. They never did find out until I told them many years later.

  • My Christmas ‘coming of age’ happened to me at the ripe old age of 6. After hearing all the scuttlebut from the other kids who said that Santa wasn’t real, I spent some time pondering the subject and sought confirmation from my older brother by telling him that I didn’t believe in Santa anymore. He quickly reproached me with the advice that ‘once our parents discover that we don’t believe, all the presents from Santa would disappear. I took his advice and kept mum about it from that point on.

    That Christmas Eve, well after I should have been asleep, I heard a lot of commotion and my father’s angry voice coming from downstairs. I thought about creeping down to see what the trouble was, but thought better of it. In the morning, I found that I was the proud owner of a 1970’s metal dollhouse and some other toys that my non-handyman dad had difficultly assembling. That Christmas gave me an appreciation for the ‘magic’ that my parents created for us on Christmas morning along with the realization that maybe my dad wasn’t Superman afterall.

    I didn’t take long after that to realize that if I wanted a broken toy fixed, I would have to learn to do it myself. Any broken toys I produced to my father would either receive a poor patch job or a quick trip to the trash can. Not only had I learned to hide my disbelief, I learned to hide any broken toys I still wanted to keep. Wisdom and resourcefulness at such an early age. All children should be so fortunate. 😉

    Years later, my mom told me that she had once told her parents that she didn’t believe in Santa anymore and her Santa presents had stopped that year. I’m still not sure if she would have done the same to us or not if we had spilled the beans, but it was nice to be “on the same side” with my brother that year in a rare moment of collaboration. Santa still comes here for my kids and my youngest is now 6. We’ll see how much longer it lasts.

  • So this is Christmas, tree decorating, cookie baking, Christmas competitions throughout endless American neighborhoods… who will win and who’s power is going to be shut off in the process? Then we have the over festive, the under festive, the gift givers, the gift takers, presents abound, presents not found, stocking stuffers, or just families getting together to stuff their faces… So what is it about Christmas that makes it so memorable? Is it Nana’s fake Christmas tree that she bought in 1970, and displays proudly in the center of her living room? Or is it Papa’s obsession with stoking up the fire, so that everyone in the house is red faced, and has sweated off those Christmas pounds by the end of the party? Is it when Uncle John tells you his daughter has bosoms and asks you to give him a smooch under the mistletoe? Or years later, when Aunt Kim announces she and John are separated, and she is shacking up with another woman? Maybe it is Uncle no show Joe, who can never seem to hold down a job, and comes to the Christmas party in hope that other family members have pitched in to buy his kids some winter coats? Perhaps it is most memorable when Aunt Jan plays Christmas songs on the piano while Aunt Robbie (the cougar) massages her paramedic boyfriend’s stinky feet. Or perhaps it is the abundance of bon bon’s and chocolate mint grasshopper cookies, turkey, ham, candied yams, and then a line of family members who after binging, purge in Nana’s bathroom toilet? And I thought the wrapping paper was a mess to clean up… Well this is Christmas as I remember it, a once a year get together (that should, at most, happen once a year), a festive gathering that reaffirms my sanity and reminds me that I need to have a few more rum balls and mulled wine before I attend next year’s Christmas bash.

  • it was my honeys and my 1st x-mas and we wanted a traditional one,so we went out and got us a real x-mas tree but it was cold outside and so we just grabbed one when we set it up the main stem was so crooked we had to stack books under the one side to make it even and since it was real the cat whod never seen one inside climbed it and you could see it swaying.

  • I like to keep things a mystery at christmas so one yr I didn’t label the gifts but thought I had kept things straight in my head … snowman wrapping for ty, wreath wrapping for meg and so forth .. My plan went arwy when I found that I had hadn’t kept things straight at all and Ty opened a pkg with a girls robe . Things got worse when the girls opened presents of boxer shorts and men’s wallets. We all ended up laughing and remember that Christmas with fondness

  • I am not going to be funny.This is something I will remember forever and know what freedom is. It was on A Christmas Eve and I was in a port in the Persian Gulf. Instead of snow blizzard we had a sandstorm. Our dress blues became dress browns. I went to a Christian Christmas Eve service and we had to go underground to do it as Christianity was not known as we new it. We encircled buildings, went this way and that and finally come to a dark home (it was because of the black drapes), inside was lit up like most homes in the states. Christmas songs and bible reading were had but a guard(guards) were posted at different places so we would not get caught celebrating the birth of Christ.
    Having to hide to what everyone here can do anytime, WOW!!

  • We thought it would be hilarious to take a dummy we had created from a mannequin. We dressed it up in jeans, a coat, a hat and gloves. We placed it hanging from the roof with christmas lights half strung around the house. We put a ladder next to the house half falling over. It looked like he was barely hanging on to our two story roof and the ladder had fallen. We had SO many people stop and tell and pick up the ladder to place under him yelling for him to get on the ladder before he fell!! Unfortunately, the lawn was pretty much trampled on and it took alot of our time to go out and tell the 50 or so people that it was a dummy! I called it our Christmas for Halloween story!

  • My 62 year old father is like a little kid on Christmas morning. He delights in shopping for crazy gifts for all the kids. He surprised all the girls with identical pairs of white ear-muffs and the boys got little air whistles with little plastic balls that you had to catch in the baskets. It’s always fun to see what he comes up with each year. About 5 years ago when it was a novelty to be able to get gift cards at the grocery stores, my dad gifted my brother in law with a $50 gift card for Home Depot. After a few beers he winked at me and confessed that the store neglected to ring it up so he didn’t have to pay for it. You should have seen the look on his face when I had to tell him that that meant the gift card wasn’t activated therefore there wasn’t anything on it! He ended up slipping my brother in law $50 in cash but we still won’t let him forget the free gift card Christmas.

  • My son was due a few days before Christmas. My husband, not quite up on the whole baby thing, was concerned the new baby might be jealous of his older sister getting all the cool toys. Then he realized it might not be a problem. Afer all his eyes probably would not be open yet!! After my hysterical laughter subsided I told him we are having a baby boy not a puppy. Somewhat defiantely he insisted “Well, when you see newborns their eyes are always closed or squinting.” Can’t really argue with that logic. When our son was born a few days later he was born wide eyed and wonderful.

  • This Funny Christmas Story happened more than 30 years ago during my dad’s office Christmas party. Together with some 20 plus kids, I participated in a parlor game called “PAIRING”. The mechanics of the game was simple. The participants will take off their shoes, place them in the middle of the room (which was later “scrambled” by the game master), and the fastest to find and wear (laced up if needed) his or her shoes after the signal wins. I easily won the game because my shoes then were the slip on type. The prize was 20 pesos which is already a fortune for a kid like me in the 70s.

    We were already walking back home when I noticed a little tightness in my left foot. After an investigation by my dad, we learned that my left shoe was only size 4 and my mom bought me size 4 ½”. It was only after my dad’s Christmas vacation that I got my left shoe back from an officemate whose son spent the rest of the holidays wearing slightly oversized left shoe.

  • One year was an extremely peaceful Christmas, everyone got along so well, and my mother even commented that she wished every year could be like that one. Well, we later found out that the fudge my aunt gifted us with was the reason of the “peace on earth, goodwill to men” Christmas we had. She and my adult cousin were making their famous peanut butter fudge. My aunt had an open bottle of nerve medice near the stove, my cousin’s arm bumped it and it fell in, dissolving. My aunt said she didn’t want to waste a good batch of fudge so instead of giving the fudge to someone else, she gave it to us.

  • About 25 years or so again. My pop portrayed Santa Claus at the local American Legion. He snuck ou to get dressed before my son arrived. Well Jason visited HO HO as he called them and we figured out with a sigh of relief that he didn’t recognize his poppop. Well imagine our surprise when on the way home, he said Mom did you know that Ho Ho has the same shoes that Poppop has. What a close one, Santa wore shoe covers the next year.

  • A few christmases ago my mom was very sick and could barely get out of bed to open presents. Unfortunately this was the year that my dad had purchased her a brand new car, and had been planning a huge reveal for months. Well when he led her outside and drove up in it she had zero reaction! We all screamed, “MOM it’s a NEW car!!!!!!!!” it took a few minutes to sink it but eventually she snapped out of her fog and was like “WHAT oh! It IS a new car!” It was pretty funny!

  • My in-laws host a game night on Christmas every year with all their family and neighbors. One year my mother-in-law’s friend brought homemade Chex mix. My brother-in-law wandered over to the snack table, downed a handful of Chex mix, and nearly gagged. He started yelling “Mom, this stuff is totally stale! Did you taste it before putting it out for people? I mean, it’s really gross!” He went on and on until her friend piped up, “Um, I brought that.” My brother-in-law looked like a deer in headlights. He took another bite of Chex mix and forced a smile. “Oh, well, that bite was fine. Maybe there was just a burnt piece or something in my first bite.” He was so embarrassed, he felt obliged to keept forcing down gross Chex Mix all night. After their friends had left we had a good laugh at him!

  • Once as a child, I remembered going out to our family land to find a good-sized tree and bring it home as our Christmas tree. Everything went perfectly- probably because my dad, grandpa, and other relatives actually knew what they were doing. Not like when I attempted the same feat for my fledgling family.

    I am a city boy, raised mostly in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles County. But I do love the country, the peace and quiet, the slower pace of life. When my wife and I moved to Northern Virginia, we had the opportunity to visit her family down in the country frequently. Her mother owned a piece of land in the middle of the woods outside of Charlottesville. When Christmas rolled around, we thought, instead of paying upwards of $30 for a Christmas tree at a lot, why not just go cut one down ourselves. What could go wrong?

    We didn’t have a real saw, but we did have a hacksaw. So we took the hacksaw and drove 3 hours down to the woods. To our surprise, once we arrived we could not find a single, substantial pine- nothing that could pass as a Christmas tree (you know, with the inverted cone shape). Finally, we found a little tree, shaped like a oval. We figured we could just trim the tree into a cone-ish shape. Oh, and the tree was covered with little barbs. But it was all we could find, so we would just make due.

    We cut down the tree with our hacksaw- it took forever. Then we wrapped it up in a tarp and strapped it to the roof of our minivan with bungee cords, ropes, and whatever else we could find. It wasn’t strapped well enough apparently because it kept sliding back and forth across the top of the van. Finally, we got home and stuffed the tree into our little apartment, trying to avoid the barbs. The tree was too short for our ceiling and, no, we couldn’t trim it into a cone-ish shape.

    Even decked out with ornaments and lights, the tree was a pitiful site – a close relative of Charlie Brown’s sorry little tree. Over the next couple weeks, our little toddlers would scream out in pain as they ran past the ugly tree, little barbs stuck in their feet. Instead of filling our home with the rick aroma of a Douglas Fir, it let off a faintly musky odor. We had made a mistake.

    Finally, two days before Christmas, overwhelmed by barbs and depressed by the tree, we stripped off the decorations and put it in the dumpster. Then we went and bought a fake tree at Target on clearance (which I highly recommend).

    I put it on my Facebook page at:

  • Last Christmas my dad decided to dress up as Santa. He wanted to make my little brother happy I guess. Bad idea! When he flung the front door open and said “Ho Ho Ho!”, my bro freaked. He threw a toy pick-up truck at his face. Santa dodged it but tripped over the cat and fell down with a big thud! I couldn’t help but laugh. Lets just say pops will not EVER put that outfit on again!

  • When my sister was 2 she was more into boxes than presents. So my mother put all of her gifts in one big box then we emptied the box out so she could play with it. The box was almost as tall as her so she was on her tippy toes and leaning over to see in it and she fell in head first. you could see her tiny little feet sticking out of the top.

  • When I was younger, my mom swore you could bring on your period earlier if you quickly ran around the outside of the house three times.

    I never had reason to challenge this theory until working my first office job, and planning a big trip over the holidays — which was the same week I feared my “monthly friend” would be tagging along. (and “cramping” my style)

    After running around the outside of the office building three times and coming up dry–so to speak–I shared my feminine fears with my female co-workers. I remembered another method mom shared–she swore that smelling the arm pit sweat of a male (human) would bring it on instantly. Something about pheromones or hormones or something…

    Egged on by my fellow female heard, we entered our boss’s office, giggling like school girls. “Can we borrow one of your gym shirts?” one of the girls asked for me. “A used one,” she continued.
    Luckily our boss had a sense of humor, and was not inquisitive enough to question this innocent, albeit strange, request.

    They tossed me the “remedy” as I maniacally ran around the corner (out of his site!) to smell myself into a dizzied frenzy.
    Needless to say, it didn’t work and I sheepishly returned the shirt to my boss with no questions asked. By the look on his face, he must have thought we were his office groupies.

    My conclusion? I love mom, and her remedies work most of the time, but–smelling my boss’s shirt was the pits!

  • Last year I passed out in my party dress Christmas eve (after being tucked into bed by my little brother), woke up Christmas day at 6am to find I was late for work. I rushed to work before I realized….

    that it was Christmas day, and my store was closed.


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  • One year when we first got our dog, he was a puppy and decided that he liked the smell of the Christmas tree. Well, he peed on it…and all the presents!

  • Growing up my siblings and I were use to getting everything we wanted for Christmas. One year, my mother noticed how ungrateful we all were and decided to not purchase any Christmas presents. We were all upset and my brother decided to be dramatic about his thoughts on no presents- he poured ketchup on himself and walked around the house with a knife as if he attempted suicide.

    My mom and the rest of us just laughed. We still have a good laugh at the scenario to this day.

  • I was always complaining that my boyfriend didn’t listen to me, and never really knew me. On Christmas I opened a gift he got me, a set of 3 cow figurines,dressed as cowboys. I looked at my boyfriend and he said “They’re cows. To add to your cow collection!”
    I had no cows. The only slightly cow-like thing I had was a cow print refrigerator magnet left over from an old roommate. I collect dogs.
    [email protected]

  • (NEED TO ADD, THIS IS A MADE UP STORY, need to say that cause some of it may be frightening…)

    Well, this ones a tear jerker, when i was about 5, my love for cats began (story interest starter for you all, kind of moment), (movie fade style into story…), (i’ll stop the parentheses for now, until later, cause its getting annoying) my mother gave me one of her kittens as a Christmas present when i was 5, knowing my mother, she would never do such a thing, they are more special to her than me, but knowing me, that makes sense… (just dissed myself, burn), anyways, this kitten had 9 lives, and all were tested that Christmas night, it was a Christmas Miracle one might add, that this cat is still alive, or at least some of it is, its regaining part of its brian activity back!, the doctor just told me yesterday, good news for the Dinkleberry family! (take me away animal rights activists, im all yours)-Sincerely, Mr. Dinkleberry. (That was completely off topic.) Anyways, this cat, started my life!, he competed me, i own it all to Mr Dinkles (yes after my family’s name i know, original right), He gave me what has been an ongoing life for me, and that is, what i have continued to do ever since that Christmas Day, fight crime as a super hero, this cat, gave me the idea of becoming a cat super hero!!!, Along with the tights, my costume is still in the works of being complete (i am now 45), well real authentic cat hair is achieved for my costume with hours spent grooming each of my kitties, the left over hair from the grooming is used, (shamefully duck tape was used once BUT we won’t talk about that, Mr. Funkles the cat, has since hated duck tape, at the sight of it when i pull it out for use on other things makes him run), anyways, with all the cat hair, i had enough fur to create my very own comic character as a child, CatMan, with my mighty tail whipping and hairball shooting action, i was ready to hit the streets (mistake), my mother has not since acknowledged me as her own, Mr Skittles (her 1 of 34 cats) has taken my place.

    But that Christmas, out of all the horror, i found my love for cats, thank you for reading this, if you were able to get through 1/3 of it, i am amazed, those who got through 1/2, i am in awe, and those who made it all the way through, i am sorry. Im not one to say im by any means a weird man, but from the emails my mother sends me each day confirming i am (why she does that i do not know, because we are in the same house), along with everyone who has my email, for sake of argument, i shall agree.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (for sake of getting people to hate me, this is a made up story)

  • With 3 generations that get together at my parents home every Christmas, there are tons of funny things that happen. Some of the funniest, are when tags aren’t put on presents right & the wrong people end up opening other people presents.

  • My funniest christmas memory is from when I was little… my dad was dressed as Santa and he came down the stairs with the presents. well, he tripped and fell on the stairs and his pants got caught and ripped. my little sister screamed “oh no mom, santa’s butt is out!”. it was hilarious

  • One year in college I bought some chocolate candy gifts for my boyfriend’s family. I put them under the tree, wrapped up, and we all went out to dinner. When we came back, the gifts were torn to shreds and eaten! I forgot about their 2 hungry labradors!

  • I put the wrong tags on 2 gifts. When the recipients opened them, they each said “Just what I wanted”. Thanks for this offer.

  • our funniest christmas story actually happened last christmas. my uncle loves loves loves my red jello dish. he asks me to bring it every year. when i made it my husband accidentally put it in the freezer instead of the refrigerator to set. when we realized it christmas mornign we thought – oh well it will just defrost and be fine – nope – it was a watery runny ugly mess. it was so funny! my uncle actually asked me to bring it again this year – but without my hubbies help.

  • One year from Christmas my father in law brought me a leather coat he had gotten from someone. He said, ‘here’s your christmas gift’ and I proceeded to laugh and laugh, I thought he was joking. When I finally finished, I wiped the tears from my eyes only to realize he had meant it, it was no joke! He couldn’t believe I didn’t want an 80’s looking (not good) leather jacket with shoulder pads, etc. Pretty embarrassing lol!

  • Every year we have a big get together. Everyone shows up and about nine people make dinner. Dinner normally has at least 15 courses well we also have a crazy uncle. He has this realy bizarre relationship with his dogs, they go everywhere with him. Of course they come to christmas every year. last year we went outside to see the holiday lights and take a walk in back woods. When we all got back in the dogs were eating the food!

  • When our daughter was 2 we was opening presents and she was tired. She cried most the time. As she was opening gifts she noticed that one of the presents was open. She kept hitting towards her cat saying keekee mean. Because the cat opened her present on her. It was so precious I did get that on video thank goodness. She would also pick up her one toy (dora’s boots the monkey) and throw it because she didnt like it. The joys of being a momma I wouldnt change it for the world.

  • When I was little, like 5 years old my uncle used to torture me every christmas. He would give me “noogies” and tease me about the color of my hair. At 5 years old I did not realize he was kidding.

    That year on Christmas eve when he got to my grandparent’s house I hid in the living room closet. It was an old house and the mail slot went directly into the closet so I remember being 5 years old, terrified, and spying on him from the mail slot as he came up the drive.

    Of course my family told him where I was, huddled in the closet, and he found me and gave me a noogie… or 20! I seriously think he is the reason for my cowlicks.

  • My brother in law bought some real sexy lingerie for my sister. Christmas when we opened the presents somehow they got mixed up. When my grandfather opened his gift there was the lingerie.

  • When I was little my sisters and I would sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve. Every year we would say that we’re going to stay awake and every year my sisters were asleep within fifteen minutes. I usually managed to stay awake and listen as Santa left the presents. (My parents were Santa’s helpers you know. *wink*) As soon as Santa was gone I would wake up my sisters and we would play with our toys. That was typically between 2 to 4 in the morning. My poor parents…. lol. I remember thinking that Christmas was obviously a special day because it stays dark longer. I didn’t connect that it was dark outside because it was still night. 😛

  • Although I grew up in South Carolina, my sister and I always strained our ears on Christmas Eve, listening for reindeer. We figured that they didn’t need snow for the sleigh. After all, everyone knew they were magical. Why would they need snow? And of course, Santa had to use his reindeer. Everyone knew that! Whenever the wind would blow a pinecone on the roof, we would swear that we had really heard reindeer. We were true believers.

    Now, like any child, we knew that Santa Claus would not come while children were still awake, much less while they were out of bed. But one Christmas Eve, when I was about five years old, I lay in bed, trying to hear reindeer, and watching my sister sleep. Suddenly, I realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth. Well, Santa Claus knows everything, and I wasn’t about to take any chances. I hurried to the bathroom. While I was busy brushing my teeth, I heard someone knock at the door. I didn’t think anything of it. After all, Santa Claus doesn’t need to knock. He comes down the chimney. But then I heard a deep, rumbling “Ho, ho, ho!”

    I peeked out the door. Yes! It really was! It was Santa Claus! Red suit, white beard, round belly – there was no question about it. I was doomed! Santa Claus was here, and I was out of bed! Not even in my bedroom! I considered trying to sneak back to bed, but then my parents called me into the living room. I was caught! Santa told me that he was checking his list one last time before his deliveries, and he wanted to make certain what I wanted to get. He was also checking with my parents, to verify that I had been good, and that I deserved Christmas presents.

    When Santa left, I looked out the window, and saw him drive away in a black car. (This made sense, given the lack of snow. Maybe the reindeer really did need snow after all.) My brother and I looked worriedly at each other, both obviously thinking the same thing. (He must have come in at some time while Santa was there, but I never noticed him. All I was aware of was Santa.) Together we crept into the living room, and felt the stockings. They were empty! Not even a tangerine in the toe! We looked around. The only presents under the tree were the ones that the family was giving to one another. We were certain that we weren’t getting anything for Christmas! My parents reminded us that Santa said he was just checking his list, and that he could come back. And, of course, he did. It was probably 25 years later that I found out that Santa was our next-door neighbor, stopping by on his way home from a Christmas party. I don’t remember what presents I got that year. But it was a Christmas I’ll never forget.

  • The little girls (toddlers) found GreatGrandma’s makeup and came out looking like clowns. The girls thought they were glamorous.

  • When I was about 5 my mom took us all to the mall to have our pictures taken with Santa. When she sat me on his lap he started asking me what I wanted for Christmas. Santa smelled really bad to me (drunk smell) and I made a really loud comment about it. My mom said just to smile so they could take a picture. I saw something in his pocket and decided to fish it out in time for the picture to be taken. It was a picture with me holding Santa’s liquor bottle in it. Merry Christmas LOL.

  • Besides the presents we get from Santa, we buy eah other a gift. One year 5 of us got the same DVD for each other. It was hilarious.

  • One xmas my nephew who is 7 was expecting Santa to bring him her perfect bike. His parents had a little fun that morning and had a present gift wrapped for him. He opened it and there were instructions. They led to more instructions, and he was sent on a wild goose chase to find where Santa hid his new bike. The look on his face when he finally found it was precious

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