Christmas Comedy Contest
Everyone has a funny memory about Christmas time. Whether it’s a story from the front lines of holiday shopping, the misadventures of caroling or relatives coming over for various holiday get togethers we’ve all had our share of comic mishaps. Enter your funniest Holiday memory into the comments for a chance to win a free Nintendo DS or an Gift Certificate. … Read More

So Tiger Woods gets in a car crash at quarter to three in the morning and now the entire world can’t shut up about it. Every blogger and journalist in the world is speculating on why that event happened. So we figured we’d get in on the fun. Here are our top five explanations for the accident.… Read More

It’s official people. New Moon had the third largest opening weekend in history, raking in almost $150 million. People all across the country are now caught in a heated debate: Should Bella hook up with Edward, her star-crossed, vampire lover or the hot, young, shirtless Jacob? I have had enough and I am ending this discussion once and for all.… Read More

Christmas Comedy ContestWe’re looking for a fresh, funny take on the holiday, and so (like the rest of America) we’re starting Christmas early. Whether it’s a spoof on a familiar Christmas tale or a new spin on a classic carol, we’d like to see your hysterical take on Christmas lore. The contest will be open for submissions until the week before Christmas.… Read More