College can stretch beyond your human limitations. But what if you were more than human? What if you were, in fact, super-human? Granted you had the right superpowers, you could definitely make a mark as a student-athlete or become the most brilliant person on campus. But which power would be the most useful? To help… Read More

Below is a list of 5 games for the PS3 you don’t wanna miss playing this winter… especially if you call yourself a “gamer.” And if you’re hanging out in your apartment between classes this winter, might as well stay warm and game it up with your friends. Uncharted 3 Release Date: 11/1/2011 – Link… Read More

Yes, this started off as a joke post, but the farther we got into our list, the more we realized these would actually be really cool to see. Good job, Hollywood! Once again, you’ve taken the lead. Now take note: here are the ten unlikely cross-genre pairings we want to see next…… Read More

Due to the overwhelming fan reaction to our zombie outbreak infographic, we’ve decided to give you more of what you want… ZOMBIES! To go with the NCAA basketball season currently underway, we start with the number one-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.… Read More

In the history of superhero comics, there have been a multitude of superhero fights. You could argue that these have become overdone, written into comics mostly to boost sales. Let’s ignore that for the moment, and instead, let’s check out the five best superhero fights…… Read More

Kicking off four weeks of intentionally and unintentionally terrifying movies this weekend are two big releases: Let Me In, which examines the horrors of adolescence through the lens of a vampire tale; and The Social Network, which confronts the horrific truth that socially inept geeks were the masterminds behind the digital powerhouse that is Facebook. Let’s dive in, shall we?… Read More

Directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) Let Me In is a remake from the 2008 Swedish romantic drama/horror Let the Right One In. Even though I usually frown on remakes, Reeves film looks solid. In the clips and trailers, it is obvious the acting is good and the visual effects are stunning. So much so that it scares me.… Read More

You would think since I was chatting with the Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, I would offer my film resume in hopes of landing an ideal job with Marvel Studios. But it is not a blogging matter. It’s a profound, incredibly unfair advantage backed by almost 70 years of Marvel comic book material. “All… Read More