College can stretch beyond your human limitations. But what if you were more than human? What if you were, in fact, super-human? Granted you had the right superpowers, you could definitely make a mark as a student-athlete or become the most brilliant person on campus. But which power would be the most useful? To help… Read More

I love starting with a generalization, because they’re mostly always true. It seems today that almost everyone reading comics has a “getting back into comics” story. It’s no secret that the Nineties weren’t the Shakespearian era of comics, and so everyone except those who collected gatefold covers got out and didn’t look back for about ten years or so. I have one such story…… Read More

The end of the 2010 Summer Blockbuster Season is fast approaching and the time has come tolook back and meditate on Hollywood’s most recent offering of entertainment meant to amuse the masses during the hottest portion of the year (in the Western Hemisphere, that is).What better way to commemorate this event than with a “Best of” list celebrating the highs and lows in cinema released over the past few months? … Read More

We put out the challenge and you responded! The ideas were great, the voting furious. Now begins the tournament. The bracket below outlines the matchups for Round 2. To vote on each matchup, click on the links below! This round will wrap up at 11:59pm on Thursday, August 26, 2010. So get your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers voting for you!… Read More

The new semester is approaching fast and as tuition rates are starting to climb all over the country, there is a constant need to save every penny you’ve got. There are dozens of ways that you can save some money and make more out of a semester. Here are 5 of the easiest ways to save money at school
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When you’re dealing with superheroes, their pesky consciences will always prevent on all-out, to-the-death battle. Villains, on the other hand, have no qualms about slaughtering one another. They’re bad guys, after all. And what badder villains are there in the two universes than these: Darkseid, supreme monarch of the hell-planet Apokolips, and Apocalypse, the Forever Walker? … Read More

Continuing ourMarvel vs. DC series, we’ve decided to pit the two titans of these comic book universes. I’m talking about limitless super strength. I’m talking about nigh invincibility. Yes, fanboys and fangirls, I am talking about the Hulk versus Superman, the Irradiated One versus the Man of Steel. I am talking a battle that could potentially leave our planet in pieces, collateral damage like we’ve never beheld.
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Few series had so much potential of filling the Lost-sized void that would soon fill ABC’s primetime lineup. It had an entirely intriguing premise. The science fiction was plausible enough. The characters were, well, good enough. It promised to give us that sci fi/drama fix so many of us seem to crave. And it was named after a plot device made famous by Lost. But, despite its season twin V (which, I would argue, is inferior) being renewed, Flashforward has been cancelled. Where did this promising show lose its way?… Read More