We know that Thor 2, releasing November 2013, has been announced as the second of the next round of Avengers films, following Iron Man 3. However, we know relatively little of what it will be about aside from rumors that have been swirling around the Internet for the last couple months. These rumors include talk… Read More

Watching Item 47, you have to assume it was built to sell the idea of a SHIELD TV series. If this is the case, it does its job quite effectively. If it wasn’t, well, the short doesn’t really seem to fit anywhere else. [SPOILER ALERT: Yes, despite my attempts not to give anything away too… Read More

The athleticism of college football players is a wonder to behold. They can run at incredible speeds, move tremendous loads, and explode like dynamite. Even carrying 25-plus pounds of gear, they can perform full forward flips and even hurdle other players. But just when you thought they were amazing enough, consider what would happen if… Read More

We’ve already tried to imagine an alternate world in which Marvel’s Avengers met in college and then tried to decide what their majors would be. Well, we are an equal opportunity publication and we don’t want you DC fans to feel slighted. This got us thinking about the Justice League, the nearest approximation to the… Read More

I love starting with a generalization, because they’re mostly always true. It seems today that almost everyone reading comics has a “getting back into comics” story. It’s no secret that the Nineties weren’t the Shakespearian era of comics, and so everyone except those who collected gatefold covers got out and didn’t look back for about ten years or so. I have one such story…… Read More

It’s not easy for me to talk about, but I’m going to take you back to a traumatic time in my life. Perhaps you’ve shared this experience. I was innocently going to the movies. It was 1998, and I had no idea what awaited me. I stood in line, carefully concealing my box of Mike… Read More

Continuing ourMarvel vs. DC series, we’ve decided to pit the two titans of these comic book universes. I’m talking about limitless super strength. I’m talking about nigh invincibility. Yes, fanboys and fangirls, I am talking about the Hulk versus Superman, the Irradiated One versus the Man of Steel. I am talking a battle that could potentially leave our planet in pieces, collateral damage like we’ve never beheld.
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