The end of the 2010 Summer Blockbuster Season is fast approaching and the time has come tolook back and meditate on Hollywood’s most recent offering of entertainment meant to amuse the masses during the hottest portion of the year (in the Western Hemisphere, that is).What better way to commemorate this event than with a “Best of” list celebrating the highs and lows in cinema released over the past few months? … Read More

This infographic is dedicated to you, Chewbacca– the true star of Star Wars (if you understand it and can quote verbatim the scene from which it comes, you are a true Star Wars disciple)…… Read More

Ah, the Eighties was a time of real men, real violence, and real action. No decade since has done real action. And The Expendables, hitting theaters on August 13 like a calloused fist of pure gristle, may be the closest we get to the Eighties at the cinema. Now, to get you ready for the explosion of testosterone and napalm this film promises to be, we have assembled our list of the 15 baddest action films of the Eighties. … Read More

Last week, out of nowhere, God gave us a present- a giant sinkhole straight down into the depths of Hades. But what can Guatemala City do with a giant hole? How do they monetize it and turn these lemons into lemonade? We’ve come up with 9 suggestions that we think will be perfect for them.… Read More

It’s Prom Season! Do you ever worry that you’ll look back in 10 years at your prom photos and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Well-fitting dresses will never be out of style. It’s all about dressing for your body and doing it well. For the formally challenged, here are three tips to help you pick a prom dress you can live with… forever… Read More

We decided to investigate this phenomenon in popular culture. Interestingly, the concept of good-looking vampires is not new- that is how they lured in their prey. The concept of sparkling vampires is, however, as is the concept of good vampires. The most insightful finding is highlighted in the infographic below. Click here to see the full-size infographic.… Read More

Star Wars is about the battle between light and dark, good and bad, hot and not. In fact, for the cultural touchstone that the saga is, it has really given us a mixed bag. Empire Strikes Back: sweet on multiple levels. The Phantom Menace: please don’t make me watch that again. The Jedi philosophy about the Force and controlling your feelings: awesome. Anakin’s whiny descent into evil: meh. Padme fighting alien beasts in her white catsuit: spectacular. Padme as Queen Amidala: not happenin’. Nowhere is this duality more obvious than in the hair of Star Wars. The coifs of our heroes in a galaxy far far away zigzag from hideous to hubba hubba.… Read More

dc vs marvel comicsWhat nerdier, more controversy-inducing question is there out there than this: In an all-out brawl to the death, to the very last man, who would win: the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe?… Read More

It’s official people. New Moon had the third largest opening weekend in history, raking in almost $150 million. People all across the country are now caught in a heated debate: Should Bella hook up with Edward, her star-crossed, vampire lover or the hot, young, shirtless Jacob? I have had enough and I am ending this discussion once and for all.… Read More