A whole array of new technology was unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas during the weekend of Jan 7-10. Among the hundreds of booths and vendors thousands of gizmos were presented, but these gadgets are our favorites of the show.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1


A whole host of tablet PC’s were unveiled during this year’s event in Las Vegas. One of the coolest tablets was actual a Lenovo netbook with a removable screen that converted into a tablet. The computer continues to run Windows 7 while the tablet runs Linux. The computer will sell for around $1,000 and is the best of both the tablet and netbook worlds.

M-Edge Case

m-edge case
If you’re a Kindle fan, this is an awesome new case for the reading device that can be submerged underwater and withstand all kinds of abuse. Who is this device for? Anyone who might consider reading in the tub, near a pool, on a beach. Oh yeah, and everyone who reads.

A.R. Drone

drone CES 2010

Stalkers and would-be spies rejoice! This remote controlled helicopter can be operated with an iPhone and produces it own WiFi zone. It has two cameras and autopilot, which allow you to fly around and see what’s in front and below your, but also allow the drone to hover harmlessly in case the phone dies or you get a phone call mid-flight.

Zomm Keychain

Are you like me and always losing your phone in the couch or in your car? The Zomm Keychain has a button that you push to call your phone. You’ll never lose your phone again, for that long at least.

Tivit Transmitter

tivit tv for iPhone

At a convention that featured some of the biggest, craziest TV’s now available, Tivit brings TV to the smaller screen. This small, iPhone sized device will wirelessly stream TV channels onto multiple smartphones and laptops. Just when you thought that the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler.



HydroFill is a handheld device that extracts hydrogen from water and converts it into electricity to power your electronics. Let me repeat that: It’s a handheld device that makes electricity from water. It’s the future. Hydrogen Fuel Cells in a portable, household package this fall.



For rich people who don’t mind looking like total nerds, 3DTV was the belle of the ball at CES. The glasses are much sleeker and a little more stylish than your run of the mill red-and-blue glasses, but the 3D world still has a long way to go before it can go without glasses.

Que eReader

que ereader

Several companies released ereaders designed to compete with the Amazon Kindle. The ereaders range from super cheap to super chic, but the best in show went to Plastic Logic’s Que eReader. The Que (pronounced like the letter) is for business people and displays books from Barnes and Noble, Microsoft Office documents, email and more and has a touch-screen that can be sketched on.

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