We’ve already tried to imagine an alternate world in which Marvel’s Avengers met in college and then tried to decide what their majors would be. Well, we are an equal opportunity publication and we don’t want you DC fans to feel slighted.

This got us thinking about the Justice League, the nearest approximation to the Avengers in the DC universe. Which majors would they be in, according to their own personalities and areas of expertise? Although we hope no one ever does a “Justice League: The College Years” series, this is our best guess of which majors these mighty protectors of Earth would choose:


Big Blue’s first concern is always for the downtrodden and the disadvantaged, although some might consider him better suited for Political Science, because of his natural leadership skills and his larger-than-life presence. But we think that Supes would actually be disgusted with the posturing and underhanded nature of politics. He’s all about taking action on behalf of the suffering, making him a sort of super-social worker.


Criminal Justice
No big surprise here. Bruce Wayne’s focus on his quest to terrify and destroy the criminal element in indisputable. We surmise from this that Batman would have no interest in other pursuits unless they assisted in his crime-fighting mission.


Feminist Studies
She’s an Amazon–you know, that place with no men. She’s confrontational, has little patience with men, and she’s a princess. This kind of makes her an uber-feminist. Our second pick for Diana would be Greek Literature, since she would know many of the mythological characters personally.


Early Childhood Development
The Flash has the speed to deal with hordes of unruly kids and the good humor to take it all in stride. Someone said exercise science, but that felt too easy.

Green Arrow

Community Development
The billionaire who left his high station to stand up for the poor would continue this mission as a future community developer. We also thought, if he had any third-world interests, he might take on International Development.

Martian Manhunter

Not a lot of explaining to do here. Forget the Mars Rover–the Green Guy kind of has firsthand experience with the Red Planet. If he’d had enough of talking about planets, he could also be really good at Psychology, since he has that telepathy thing going on.

Green Lantern

Yeah, he flies over hundreds of millions of light years in seconds. He routinely visits other worlds and he has this weird piece of jewelry that can be anything he wills it to be. The guy’s going to be at least a little curious about how he does all that.


Marine Biology
Um, the guy is the king of the fish. ‘Nuff said!

Black Canary

Vocal Performance
Projecting would be no problem for this diva. She would have no problem winning solos, spots in choirs, or starring in student musicals. As long as they were willing to put up with the destruction she could unleash.

So did we get it right? Which majors would you place these heroes in? What do think about our “Justice League: The College Years” idea? Tell us in the comments below!

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