You may have heard buzzings of a Facebook exodus on May 31. People are upset, and Facebook refuses to listen. Mark Zuckerberg is useless and greedy and powerful, like always, but now there’s an option. So many people are talking about leaving, and for the first time there is an effort to move from the Pharaoh-ruled desert to the promised land. But who will lead us there and where is the promised land?

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1. Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey- Twitter

Twitter is the fastest growing Social Networking site with 300,000 new users signing up each day. Twitter is very unlikely to give away all of your personal information, because it doesn’t ask for any to register. If you set your profile to private, then your information, tweets, replies, etc. are all exempted from twitter search. Twitter has caused some controversy recently when they announced that they were going to start archiving tweets. However, tweeting things that you don’t want people to see is actually the opposite purpose Twitter was built for, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you like the system.

Privacy Policy Length: 1,230 words.

2. Tom Anderson- Myspace

Tom has been everyone’s friend for a long time, but since Facebook really took off, no one has suffered as much as the people on MySpace. With people rapidly leaving the site over the past two years, it’s actually surprising that MySpace would be in the conversation of places that people flee to. But MySpace has long had a history of letting users control their experience and have a smaller privacy policy than facebook. Actually, it’s half the length. Tom wants to be your friend again, and now would be the time to mend that fence.

Privacy Policy: 2,329 Words

3. Maxwell, Daniel, Raphael and Ilya- Diaspora

A group of NYU students decided that they were going to use their summer vacation to code an open source alternative to Facebook. Diaspora will be a self hosted Facebook alternative, where your photos, videos, chat and posts stay on your personal computer. They asked for donations to raise $10k for initial expenses. They ended up raising more than $120,000. Diaspora, though poorly named, has obvious interest and potential to be the next big deal online.

Privacy Policy: Not yet written, though inevitably impossibly short.

4. Matthew Milan, Joseph Dee-

Though not a new social network to replace your old addiction, is more like an Alcoholics Anonymous for Facebook users. Already 11,000 people have committed to deleting their facebook accounts on May 31. The orchestrators are just two guys that are tired of being bullied by Mark Zuckerberg. You can go to their site and commit to quit if you’d like.

5. David Karp- Tumblr.

If I could convince someone to leave facebook and go anywhere, it’d be to Tumblr. The most beautiful micro-blogging platform available, it’s also one of the easiest to make private. David Karp is the anti-Zuckerberg. A 23-year-old who lives in NYC and keeps an active feed on his life on his blog and cares deeply about the user’s experience. I’m actually a little embarrassed that I forgot to include Tumblr in my infographic, because they’ve got the second shortest and it’s based on Automattic. This is a great Facebook alternative.
Privacy Policy: 1,483 words, starts with the phrase “Tumblr, Inc. (“Tumblr”) takes the private nature of your personal information very seriously.” These guys are all-stars.

Final Thoughts

I’m probably not going to leave facebook anytime soon. It’s the internet- why would I be shocked that my information is public. However, my time on Facebook has become very limited over the last few months, so giving up wouldn’t actually be a huge deal. What do you think? Are you going to kick the habit?

About the Author: Chris Kirkham produces videos, infographics and blogs for Classes and Careers and a couple other sites. He earned a BS in Communication. He likes the Utah Jazz, Daniel Tosh, HTML5 and good, old school punk rock.

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