Yes, Lost is hurtling toward its series finale this Sunday. Losties everywhere will be armed with a TiVo and several boxes of Kleenex, eager to find out (among other things) how the castaways defeat Smokie, who will be Jacob’s replacement, and what the heck the Island really is.

If you are just jumping on the bandwagon, well, I hate to tell you this but you’re a little too late. But for all those who have sort of hung in there and remember some kind of time travel action going on, we’ve created this timeline infographic which tracks the time-jumping exploits of our Island castaways. Click here to see and explore the infographic at its full size or click on the image below to see a medium-sized version.

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About the Author: Marcus Varner writes articles and blogs for Classes and Careers and numerous other sites. He earned a BA in English and a MBA in Marketing from Brigham Young University. He loves trivia, especially regarding comics, movies, books, science, and history.

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