Something I have learned from experience is to make sure to protect my eyes when in the sun and skiing. I never used to wear sunglasses when hiking or doing anything else outside and then it hit me; I would usually get headaches and feel sick when exposed to lots of light because I wasn’t wearing any eye protection. It wasn’t as if I was actively not wearing eye protection, it was just that I would forget. Also, my friend is suffering from a growth on her eye that was caused by the sun. If she doesn’t get it removed and shield her eyes from the sun, she could go blind.

Now I wear sunglasses or goggles when I am skiing. Since then I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of sickness I feel when I am outside for a long time. I no longer get migraines or experience snow-blindness, and I am protecting my vision for the future. Make sure you do the same!

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