Hey, Marcus Varner here! Every week, I interview interesting folks from different careers to find out about their jobs, how they got there, and whatever else they want to talk about. Scott Johnson (left) and one of his fans (right) | Classes and Careers

This week, I interview Scott Johnson to discuss his career as a marketing manager for a net production company and his night job as a popular web site personality at MyExtraLife.com. His site, which includes a running comic strip, forums, numerous weekly podcasts, contests, and news from the worlds of comic books, science fiction, movies, video games, and hi tech gear, has become a virtual hub for “everything geek.”

Overflowing with career wisdom and touches of humor, Scott talks about doing what you love, diversifying your work experience, and becoming a jack of all trades employers can’t stand to let go. To listen, download Part 1 of our interview below. Watch for Part 2 tomorrow. Enjoy!

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