Construction is an interesting business because it is very cyclical. When times are good, you can make millions of dollars if you are an efficient, hard working company, but when times are bad, it is nearly impossible to find business and get a steady income. The aftermath of the housing crisis has left a lot of construction out in the cold, since we have a large surplus of houses and buildings that either were not sold or have been foreclosed and are now open for resale.  Without any housing growth, there isn’t a need for house construction.

However, it looks the housing market is turning back up. Home prices have hit all time lows, and slowly but surely more and more buyers are turning out. I am not saying we are out of this mess at all yet, but the end is near. Recently, I read an article talking about how new developments are able to sell houses again because so mayn state and federal tax breaks are available to home buyers and home builders, and those savings plus rock bottom prices add up.

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