It is easy to day dream about how nice it would be to get worker’s compensation when you really aren’t injured. You could watch all the movies you have ever missed, spend time with your family, and enjoy the “good life.”  However, this isn’t the case at all, and there are some things you should know if you are considering making a false worker’s compensation claim. First, you are essentially stealing from all of your co-workers and everyone who contributes to worker’s comp. Second, it is a crime to do this, so don’t even consider it. You will be caught, and then you won’t be anywhere near the “good life.”

Fraud is so rampant in the news these days. It seems like when the economy goes bad, people are more easily deceived, and there are a lot more people willing to take advantage of misguided hope. Even some celebrities are losing their cool, like the former figure skating world champ who was recently arrested for being in the middle of a drug scheme. It is sad that when times get tough, we often turn to deception to get by.

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