A skincare product many people like to use is a deep cleaner from Clear Care that leaves your skin feeling tingly and cold. It is a nice, clean feeling but I have wondered how much the feeling actually does. It feels like it completely opens up your pores, but that could be some sort of chemical reaction that simply is there for that feeling and not because the skin cleanser is actually opening up any pores. I haven’t noticed a significant drop in acne since I started using it, at least not anymore than I experience with a cheap face wash. It may be a product you want to try once, but I am not sure it is worth the extra few dollars a month.

One person who should try using a deep cleaner is Kousta Koufus. He is a NBA basketball player, but he has bad acne. Look, I am a big fan of his, and especially of the Jazz, but why are you getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and you still have acne? It isn’t an incurable disease or something like that. Just wash your face, or maybe try a dermatologist. It will make him look quite a bit better, and help him in his dating life.

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